Listen in on GCN today for great political insights on election, 9/11 Truth activism
Amazingly perceptive analysis of the primaries by Tarpley, who convinces Jeff Rense that Hitlery Clinton is the lesser of three evil options -
the other two being Obama with Dr. Zbig Strangelove's war on Russia program in foreign policy and hyper-reactionary social agenda
and the GOP ticket of psychotic McCain with foreign agent Lieberman
The clou is where he shows that Obama is unelectable because he appeals only to a tiny group of wealthy liberal Democrats
That's the worst thing about Obama - he will give the White House back to the fascist Republican party
This all fits in with Tarpley's paradigm of the 36 or 40 year party realignment cycle which is now upon us
With Hitlery, this will realign away from the horrible southern strategy that has ruined the US since Nixon
It will be a new alignment of a "bi-coastal, urban southwestern coalition" which will be a much more positive force for the next cycle.
With McCain we go into another fascist cycle.
The US has alternated between positive and negative 40 year cycles. We've never had two bad ones in a row.
So another bad cycle could be catastrophic (like the one we are in isn't already!)
Tune in to become an astute political scientist in one easy lesson!
You can also try and record shows off GCN.

Also available from Rense archives by subscription

Tarpley will then be on today at 4-5 pm Eastern today with Dr. Deagle, Nutrimedical Report, Network 4
or catch it later on

I just talked to him on the phone, he's in great form, so listen in, this is great stuff -
which candidate can best resist becoming a puppet of the CIA and the finance oligarchy?
What should the 9/11 Truth Movement do in the primary campaigns?

BTW Tarpley told me that in Noam Chomski's latest book, Interventions, Chomsky says the 9/11 Truth Movement has been paid for by the government!
So where's my check? Lost in the mail?
Where's Chomsky's check? In the US Defense budget!
MIT is regularly in the top 10 recipients of defense funds.

What a laugh. Talk about psychological transference, pointing the finger at others for one's own behavior, what better example could you find?

By the way too, I'm looking high and low for a 9/11 Truth Video with Spanish sound. I think maybe In Plane Site has it but I couldn't get the Spanish track to work. Loose Change with Spanish subtitles is available on the Internet. But we need Spanish audio too. Our movement has neglected Hispanics.

A 9/11activist wrote me:

"Many people in Nicaragua can not read since the U.S, closed most schools in the country and returned Nicaragua to a dictatorship, via the World Bank, in 1990, and thus Spanish sub titles would be useless for them. Many people in Nicaragua are greatly concerned that this country will be in a major recession due to the World Bank this month saying that if Nicaragua dares to increase the min. hourly salary above 27 cents they will negate their $600,000,000 loan.... people are very anxious to get your information"



"Vote for Hilary"...?

"Vote for Hilary"...? "Cindy Sheehan is a "wretched individual" and "appalling liar"?

Who comes up with this stuff?
Arabesque: 911 Truth

Hey John...

The Clinton administration had the option of switching off a major part of the "Al Qaeda" patsy operation, but instead opted to keep the ball in play in Bosnia and Kosovo;

Even though Clinton did not rise for the Iraqi-bait following the OKC bombing;

...he consistently maintains the "Al Qaeda" myth while on the road with Hillary, and is likely to continue doing so, even if a new Philip Agee (RIP) or Ralph McGehee or Victor Ostrovsky were to step up and say, "I was their handler". (I'm becoming more inclined to think the handlers were actually Black Network types, or Octopus boys, which makes focusing on a specific nationality kind of moot... perhaps the new motto should be, "9/11 Was An International Job!")

I'm not sure why Clinton didn't go with the flow on OKC, but he didn't exactly pursue the truth either. With Bill Clinton at her side during her Presidency, isn't it likely that she will perpetuate the "Al Qaeda" myth with gusto? I think so.

Voting for a Republican right now is inexplicable.

Obama and Zbig... what a combo. Can't endorse that.

I don't see a real choice here. The Republicans and Democrats will both give us war. Hillary and Obama will both likely start with Iran, and who is to say that a conflict with Iran won't spiral into a conflict with Russia, whither Hillary is in office or Obama?

What about all the voting anomalies? The primary was rife with them, and Mark Crispin Miller is pretty sure that NH was stolen;

How much real choice do people have when confronted with digital voting machines?

I don't think it's worth the time to stress about which marionette sits in the White House for the next 4 years. All we can really do is get the word out, IMO.

Cynthia McKinney is about the only one I give a damn about right now.

Greater evils and lesser puppets

You say, "I don't think it's worth the time to stress about which marionette sits in the White House for the next 4 years. All we can really do is get the word out, IMO."

The second sentence is my slogan too, that's why I'm publishing 911 truth books and that's why I'm also posting Tarpley's message which is actually quite important too.
You know I got into the activist scene first through the issue of the ethnic cleansing of Palestine so I'm no fan of a Zionist like Hitlery Clinton. I even offer Hitlery - Warmonger stickers on my website.

But after this 8-year nightmare, how can you say it doesn't matter who is in the White House?

In his talk, Webster pointed out that 8 years ago we also had a puppet running for president on empty phrases like a humble foreign policy, compassionate conservatism, no foreign wars, and he did exactly the opposite.

So you can't listen to what they say, you have to look at the candidate's advisers - and with Obama you not only have Brzezinski, but a guy named Liebman as head economic adviser who wants to privatize social security.

The worst thing says Tarpley is that Obama can't win the presidency. If he is nominated he'll be another McGovern or Mondale. So a vote for Obama is a vote for McCain-Lieberman - you know, bomb bomb bomb Iran.

We have three evils to choose from and the Republican one is the worst, of course, including for the Palestinians, since Lieberman is probably Mossad.

The Clintons have more background to be their own people rather than complete puppets. Anyway, we had it a lot better under Bill than under Bush, never mind the right-wing propaganda.

This talk by Webster is the most enlightening piece of political commentary I've seen in a long time. It's like an instant degree in U.S. political science.

He's now written it up and you can read the synopsis at

And yes he does call on us to run our own Congressional candidacies, like Cynthia. But also to get the word out to our Democratic-voting neighbors about what will happen if Obama wins the nomination.

I'll try again...

The Neocons must go. That's a foregone conclusion. Ergo, McCain is not even a consideration. Paul is a great idea specifically because of his stance on the constitution, but because of his economic policies, and his turn-of-the-century attitude towards abortion, he won't win the Presidency, IMO.

So then its Obama v. Clinton.

Both will give us war with Iran.

One has Russia as the endgame, but once the belligerence starts, it is not going to matter much. if Russia, or Russia and China decide to hit back, jig's up.

I don't believe that just because Hillary is in the White House, that Russia would NOT hit the US or US interests in retaliation. I think it's a false choice. None of the Presidential candidates besides Ron Paul has said shit about the Constitution, or rolling back the P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act or associated Acts, leaving me with the impression that all of them are totally hot on grabbing the Imperial Presidency and running with it.

9/11 didn't happen under President Gore, but considering the amount of planning that went into 9/11, can anyone really say that it wouldn't have?

A new False Flag attack under Hillary, Obama, or McCain is going to be bad news for this country. At this point I can't visualize any of them saying, "Hey, wait a minute, maybe we should investigate this..." They will hit Iran, and possibly declare Martial Law here. Considering the revelations from the InfraGard whistleblowers, we may not have to wait for the next President.

All 3 of them are AIPAC approved, and that's a fact:

Therefore, all three possible Presidents will be pushed hard to attack Iran by AIPAC aka The Israel Lobby:

The US Military-Industrial-Congressional-Think-Tank-Complex sure isn't going to spoil the fun.

Vote Green. Vote McKinney.

Word on the street is that the big money has already decided that it will be McCain v. Hillary. Even Republicans are reconciling themselves to this;

Wednesday, February 06, 2008
Super Tuesday Perceptions

"I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today"
- Whimpy, "Popeye"

"Corporation tee-shirt, stupid bloody Tuesday.
Man, you been a naughty boy, you let your face grow long.
I am the eggman, they are the eggmen."
- John Lennon, "I am the Walrus"

In the wake of the events of yesterday, I must commit some observations to words for public display. Yesterday, February 5th, 2008, was a day in which 24 states held their presidential primaries.

As someone who has been campaigning for office for much of the past year- which includes reaching out to various different politically-minded individuals, groups and organizations with discrete and disparate beliefs- I must trust my own observations as having credence from focused study.

Hillary Clinton and John McCain surged to unexpected victories a day ago; we will see them in a general election nearly a full year from now in November and Clinton will be the next president. Period. Get used to it. Somehow, this is exactly what the election looked like over a year ago before the whole process of debates and campaigning began. This spectacle should be stultifying to endure in the seasons ahead; Hillary is widely hated- almost as much as President Bush is today- and McCain is woefully out of touch, the unelectable 2008 version of Bob Dole.

The difficulty I have in reconciling the Clinton/McCain showdown comes from what I see on the ground in physical reality, and what I see online.


I got an excited myspace message that said in Truckee, California, there were huge Ron Paul signs all over I-80 in the snow.

I got a text message saying to vote for Ron Paul. Later that day I did.

The Union paper in Grass Valley, which dates back to the 1860s, had a bold headline declaring that the races were wide open and that there was large voter interest in Nevada County. I know this to be true from watching swarms of people descend on the Nevada County Elections office weeks ago for the voter registration deadline.

Driving across the State during the day, which is normal for me, I passed through Berkeley on the I-80 freeway. The footbridge near University avenue, over the freeway, was clogged with excited, waving people with signs reading OBAMA OBAMA OBAMA RON PAUL RON PAUL RON PAUL OBAMA RON PAUL and so on; it was enough to create a small traffic jam. Motorists honked gleefully. Love it or hate it, Berkeley is impassioned about its politics.

In San Francisco, in the Mission District, heart of the Latino Community and near the site of the first Spanish Mission settled centuries ago, the 16th and Mission intersection was fully ringed with supporters walking along with OBAMA signs; some homemade, others of varying designs. People were shouting and honking; it was almost as if the war was over. There was an electric buzz in the air.

In Oakland, I went to vote at the same polling station I've used for years, at a small church in West Oakland. I've never ever had to wait in line there; but yesterday, I did, as solemn lines of young African American men proudly gathered to vote in what was likely their first primary election- or any election- ever; guess who they were there to vote for. A broad smile was on my face; to see these disenfranchised young men suddenly show at the polls- even if we disagree on candidates and politics- was inspiring. Standing in line, we silently nodded at each other out of respect as people do when passing on the street in Oakland, and it had more of a sense of community and brotherhood to it than ever. For a moment, I was prouder than ever to be a U.S. citizen walking out of there with my 'I Voted' sticker. We voted on paper ballots that were fed into an electronic machine.

It is clear that on the ground, there has been a strong pattern pointing to the two candidates mentioned repeatedly above. Obama/Paul.

If we look at the internet, this race has been purely Obama/Paul for a half year now, easy. Places like youtube, myspace- enormous mainstream social networks with many tens of millions of users- this has been as evident as can be. If we look at that perplexing 'Yahoo Buzz' quotient, it says the same thing, Ron Paul and Barrack Obama have been runaway favorites online. In my entire lifetime, I have never seen anything as remotely intense as the unprecedented grassroots outpouring of support for Ron Paul online; it was real enough for his campaign to set fundraising records. I find it hard to balance the idea that the GOP fundraising leader in the last quarter- ended just a month ago- was placing far behind other candidates who have already left the race.

Northern California has always been my home, and I regularly traverse from the mountains through the foothills through the State Capitol to the Bay Area and back, taking me through wide demographic regions, from urban decay to lush wilderness to vast farmlands; from historical districts to glistening new shopping malls. My friends are rich, poor, young, old, conservative, liberal and so on, across much of what we understand to be our national political spectrum. California has approximately 30 million inhabitants.

As a Republican politician, I have met many different folks from my party. I know of many Mitt Romney supporters; I expected him to win the state, with the key California Republican Assembly endorsement; I see his signs around, his bumper stickers proudly displayed. I encounter Huckabee supporters. I know folks who are Tom Tancredo fans. I know people who deeply respect Duncan Hunter. Rudy Giuliani is huge in our state. And, of course, I know many, many Ron Paul supporters; for months, the California Ron Paul meetup groups had larger attendance than the GOP county committee meetings; I see more Ron Paul signs than all other candidates combined. I don't know any folks who have been pushing McCain; I never see McCain signs or bumper stickers or buttons or anything. When people speak of McCain, it's like they're talking about cold, coagulated and unsalted mashed potatoes with no gravy; he even looks like that sometimes. And he won our state solidly. Did I miss something? Hello? Everyone's had enough of the war in Iraq and the guy who wants to expand the war on terror wins? I can't wait to pour over the precinct polling data. Do all of my travels through Tahoe, Gold Country, Sacramento, Oakland, San Francisco and so on deceive me? Is there another Republican Party in the state that I'm somehow unaware of?

I watched over an hour of evening news last night after the polls closed, on the local Fox News affiliate. Ron Paul was never mentioned by name or in onscreen data, he did not exist, he was an unperson. John Edwards and Rudy Giuliani, who have already dropped out of the race, had their images and vote counts flash by fairly frequently. Camera crews at the local Barrack Obama campaign party showed a large but slightly dejected crowd milling around anxiously in huge ballroom; they lost unexpectedly in California, despite showing huge, openly perceptible foot support and strong pre-election polling numbers. Get this- the Grateful Dead played a sold-out reunion benefit concert this past Monday in San Francisco to endorse Obama- and they've never endorsed a candidate like that ever in 40 years. Camera crews at the local election night Clinton rally showed a handful of folks standing around some non-event space, nothing at all like a crowd; I saw more people at the polling place in West Oakland. The same phenomenon was evident when the camera crews were at the McCain party, which had about a dozen people and looked like it was in someone's small, private office. I am unable to demonstrate any legitimate following for Clinton or McCain in California that would justify their dominant victories yesterday; indeed, months ago I once stumbled by accident into a Clinton fundraiser party in San Francisco that cleared out an otherwise busy nightspot, it was like people repellent, go figure.

As I said at the beginning of this message, prepare for a Clinton administration.

You can take my comments as you choose, please, exercise your freedom and come to your own conclusions based on your own perceptions. I do not want to discourage people from taking part in our voting process, yet it seems that from what I'm writing above, it would be hard to have faith in it at this time; my mood is dejected, baffled and cynical today. Somehow- from the other reality I see on the television and in the large newspapers, the reality that isn't the one I see on the street- I had this sinking feeling lurking in the shadows: Clinton/McCain, no choice.

Going forward, we need to continue pushing our political process. We have to come up with a vigorous, transparent, citizen-driven recount system for every election at every precinct level, our future demands it. We should not wait for losing candidates to sue elections officials, which is apparently how our system works at this time.

I also must speak specifically to the Ron Paul rEVOLution, of which I have- like many of you- put so much faith and effort into. Our candidate has been swept under the rug, it's over. There will be no way to climb out of this hole, even if it was built on fraudulent media deception. For those of you who took the incredible inspiration of this time as motivation to make your first step into politics, please, see it as just that, a first step. Keep going and sometime in the future we will not just be making wobbly steps, but running. We've learned through Dr. Paul what messages are enormously empowering to young people, people who will grow up to become our future leaders. The freedom message is popular. The liberty message is popular. The Constitutional message is popular. Republicans shouldn't just say 'lower taxes,' they should say 'end the IRS.' We know Republicans can publicly oppose a policy of deficit-funded war that last forever. We know that sound economic policies are what we really want from the Federal Government. We've learned how to create political websites, profiles, signs, groups, mailing lists and more. All of these things will benefit us tremendously in the future if we remember and learn from and build on them. Keep going. Keep communicating your political insights with all of your new friends. Use and exercise your freedom or we will all lose it.

Oh, and once again, get ready for President Clinton. It kinda sounds familiar.


Even though nobody... nobody wants this, we're getting it.

I predicted a Clinton Presidency with a Wesley Clark VP in 2005;

But in retrospect, it seems likely that Clinton/Clark will act unilaterally if they damn well feel like it, Neocon or no.

McCain could wipe the floor with Obama

You say, "So then its Obama v. Clinton."
I'm talking about the GENERAL ELECTION. Democrat vs Republican.
It's not about who'd we'd like to have, it's about what will really happen, about which is the worst and which is the lesser evil.
The choice is Obama vs. McCain or Clinton vs. McCain.
Clinton should win big against McCain.
Obama has no support among the blue collar vote. The Republicans will swiftboat him. He could well be another GOP landslide candidate like McGovern or Mondale.
You could be right about Clinton as foregone conclusion, but the thing is, right now, it's pretty close on delegate counts, 1033 for her to 937 for Obama.
see - also the map there shows very clearly that Obama has been winning primaries in GOP states - midwest, deep south - so his 937 primary delegates will translate to zero in those regions. It will be McGovern IMHO.
I gather the media are trying to keep the Obama hype going coz he's a crypto republican.
Good point though about Wesley Clark. If there were any way to have Hillary take John Edwards as her running mate.
Wonkette thinks Hillary is pining for Edwards actually
Edwards at least has come out for a few things that are good for common people, like a freeze on foreclosures - too bad he didn't get the nomination instead of Skullbones Kerry last time.

Did you even read the article by Tarpley on this? It's really interesting.
Postgraduate degrees ahead of what you quoted above.

The punch line is that it's not about Hillary per se, it's about her helping this new southwest urban strategy come about - a progressive coalition to dominate politics for the next 40 years, away from the horrible southern strategy that has brought us so far into fascism.
Ok, this is not directly about 9/11 truth, this is the general election, so it's about whether we are going to have another 8 Bushist years, it's about the world we are going to live or die in.
So even if it's not overtly about 9/11, it affects everything you're talking about.

I'm not against voting for McKinney in the general election as a protest vote. I'm a registered Green myself, so I couldn't even vote in the Democratic primary. But I hope Hillary can carry California anyway in the General Election.

i like ron paul... but

i like ron paul... but realistically one of three people, obama, hillary, or mccain will be our next president. and even ron paul is on record saying he does not believe 911 was an inside job, so there is little reason to support him, other than because alex jones says so and those of us yet to cast our primary vote want to waste it.

hillary voted for the war in iraq, and has voted with the pro bomb iran side in every senate vote regarding this issue.

obama had the judgment to oppose iraq from day one, and has voted against aggression toward iran in all senate votes on the issue.

mccain = bush 4 more years

there should be little question