Pacifica’s Dennis Bernstein To Host more 911 Truth Stories

Pacifica’s Dennis Bernstein To Host more 911 Truth Stories

Radio station KPFA, a Pacifica affiliate in Berkeley California, has an award winning show on the afternoons called Flashpoints, hosted by long time radio producer and author, Dennis Bernstein
On February 6, Dennis aired portions of the Michael Parenti talk that first appeared here at 911blogger. Parenti’s attack on the Bush lies around the events of September 11, 2001 were included in the broadcast. According to the Flashpoints web site; “Investigative reporter, radio host, human rights advocate and poet Dennis Bernstein is a regular contributor to Pacifica's Democracy Now, and Associate Producer of Pacific News Service. He is currently cohost of KPFA's Flashpoints News Magazine, and is a frequent commentator on WBAI airwaves.”
In the next week, Dennis told me that plans to interview David Ray Griffin. This is a big step forward in breaking the left media blockade on 911 truth reportage. Dennis also expressed an interest in playing portions of the upcoming “TruthBurn” video that I am currently working on. Given Dennis’ reputation and contacts within the Pacifica network, these can be viewed as major left media developments.
The show can be downloaded and archived accessed at

Good Lord, it's certainly more than time for this already!

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Yes, my sentiments entirely

Yes, my sentiments entirely "Good Lord, it's certainly more than time for this already!"

Parenti needs to listen to "On the road again" by Willie Nelson. Then have a long hard think and do like Willie Nelson, I'll then shut up about it.

MP3 Audio Clip - Dennis Bernstein & Mike Ravel

Thursday February 7, 2008
Dennis Bernstein Speaks With Mike Ravel Who Says Our Electoral System Is Bought And Paid For (2 Meg - 6 Min Clip)

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DRG On Flashpoints TODAY 5pm PST

According to the KPFA website, this interview will air this evening at 5pm.

Thanks for the heads-up, John!

Film screening exposes 9/11 'myths'

Film screening exposes 9/11 'myths'
Shannon Tolson
Article Last Updated: 02/07/2008 12:11:19 PM PST

CLEARLAKE -- Second Sunday Cinema kicks off its second year of free films for the Lake County community on Sunday, Feb. 10, with what is arguably the best documentary about the attack on the World Trade Center: "9/11: The Myth and the Reality." This is only the second film on 9/11 that SSC has screened to date. This writer, who has vetted many a film on 9/11, found the steady compilation of facts in opposition to "stories," riveting and compelling, even stunning.

SSC is sensitive to the fact that when many people hear of another film about 9/11 their immediate assumption is, "Oh no, not another movie about conspiracy theories!'" If this is your concern, please know that this documentary is not a "conspiracy theory" film. The focus of this movie is Professor Emeritus of Philosophy of Theology and Religion David Ray Griffin as he speaks to standing-room-only crowds at the Commonwealth Club of San Francisco and at the Grand Theater in Oakland. The video is enhanced with archival footage and graphics.

Thanks Yarrow

It was a damn good interview