Philip Zelikow Grilled By Panel On Democracy Now

EXCLUSIVE: Former 9/11 Commission Chief Philip Zelikow on Allegations He Secretly Allowed Karl Rove & White House to Influence 9/11 Probe

Earlier in the week, we spoke to Philip Shenon, author of “The Commission: The Uncensored History of the 9/11 Investigation.” Shenon suggested that Philip Zelikow—the executive director of the 9/11 Commission—sought to minimize the Bush administration’s responsibility for failing to prevent the September 11th attacks. Shenon also revealed that Karl Rove repeatedly called Zelikow during the probe. Today Zelikow responds in his first broadcast interview since the publication of Shenon’s book.


Interesting defense by Z. It sounded a little like the Shenon book may have been a straw man for him to knock down. Also wondering how Amy G. is getting these big exclusives with what should be the other side. I sent DN! a note suggesting that it's time to hear from Griffin on the subject.


Don't expect a response. I know first hand how unwilling they are to reply to those seeking truth about 9/11. They won't express their disagreement, they simply will not respond.

"there’s no there there"

Says Zelikow. I agree. We already knew the 9/11 Commission was a fraud. This is just reinforcing the fraud. What's important is what they already admitted in the 2004 report, and which we didn't pick up on until the CIA said it destroyed tapes - there was no reliable evidence for most of their report, which was based on supposed interrogations. The question of torture is somewhat of a red herring, as Paul Craig Roberts said, because we don't really know that they exist and said anything at all. We do know that if they said anything, it was the product of torture and as such has no evidentiary value.

Holy Batman Decoder Ring!

You both make very interesting points. Maybe Zelikow sees the writing on the wall that says, "tag your it". He did look nervous. Watch his eyes.

Zelikow deserves to be nervous! Good!

Zeliknow cowardice surfacing under closer exmanination? I hope, he doesn't sleep well!

...don't believe them!

Mukasey looks a little uncomfortable

in the video here, where he tells John Conyers he won't prosecute admitted torturers because they relied on a Justice Department opinion:

Should be...

An easy enough lie to prove...

There are no phone logs for the Commission. There are no phone—the Commission had no phone logs. So I couldn’t tell her not to keep logs in a situation where the Commission didn’t have phone logs.

According to Shenon...

Well, what I can tell you is that in 2003, Karl Rove called Zelikow a number of times at the commission. We know this because there are phone logs recording Rove’s calls in.


And there’s an odd development thereafter, which is Zelikow calls in his secretary, shuts the door and informs her that she is no longer to keep phone logs of his contacts with the White House.

So who's lying? Zelikow or Shenon?

Edit:"Did you tell her not to keep logs of your White House calls?

PHILIP ZELIKOW: Yes, well, if someone will just go talk to the chief lawyer of the Commission, you don’t have to rely on my account of this. I mean, there other people who have knowledge of these facts. And there’s no there there."

The 9/11 Commission may not have kept official logs, but she may have kept personal phone logs. Like messages. He may have spun it.

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Dog and pony show.

What is the real purpose of this Zelikow/Shenon dog and pony show?

Shenon is selling a book, what is Zelikow getting out of this?

Guilty as charged

Guilty as charged.
"How do you know they were tortured?" he says.
Well the CIA says they were waterboarded.
He looked as nervous as David Frum confronted by WeAreChange LA
The people Amy had on the panel were great.
Maybe a crack of hope.

That's a good result

Raising the torture issue, I mean. I'm listening now and hope to hear her ask the obvious question -- how do you know what they said is true if they were tortured? An even better question would be - how do you know what they said, or if they said anything, since you had no access to them and the CIA says it destroyed tapes?

I watched DN this am and was shocked and dismayed by the way Goodman let Zelikow get away with his lies intact. Zelikow lied 18 ways to the middle. It's as plain as day that he succeeded, along with the treachery/corruption of keane/hamilton in torpedoing the entire investigation. She should have hammered him [and allocated more than the pathetic 9 minutes to the story] on the strength of her interview of Shenon on Tuesday. Add to this the tremendous body of information provided by DRG in his book on the 9/11 commission whitewash. Therefore we should all undertake a letter writing campaign aimed at her producers which provides them with all the pertinent info relating to how corrupt this 9/11 omission group really was.

jack gordon

Show "When the 9/11 Commission was former, I organized a mass movement" by BillDouglas

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