Certainly looks like FOX was reading ahead on a script they were given that day!

(I first saw this on this morning.)

No visual time-stamp...

That's disappointing. The Internet Archive MPEGs should have a time-stamp encoded on their originals (invisible), just like the BBC stuff. That is, if the Archive has the original MPEGs.

It had already collapsed

It had already collapsed when she said that. The report happened at approximately 5:30 PM EST, if memory serves correctly. They simply re-played their tape.

Sorry to disappoint, guys. I don't think this video is correct.

Okay, you may have a good point there. Thanks.

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I think your correct.

I found this a long time ago, thought I had something.. but after doing the math it became clear that it was not so. If I remember right this report is about 6 minutes after the demolition of WTC7.

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

I served all the archive footage out on bittorrent for months

Uploaded about 10TB in that time. If someone wants to give me 300GB of public webspace I'd be happy to upload the entire archive. This clip is included.

(edited from my offer to mail hard drives around as I'm realizing I don't have time to handle the requests)

Jumbo Jets Can Not Demolish Skyscrapers.

Harley guy

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I think the Harley guy told Fixed News
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harley guy is Secret Service.

et tu ?

Yup, I always smell the "pig"-scent when I watch this clip.
@ jkeogh : thanks for all the news-footage...that was a damn nice share !
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Archive aircheck says 5:26:22 time of first report + tape replay

I downloaded the original aircheck from the Internet Archive, from and discovered that the sequence where the announcer says "we are just getting word from New York right now that another building has collapsed.." followed by the footage of WTC7 falling, occurs beginning at 34:52 into the file I downloaded.

The Archive says that this recording starts at 16:51:30 EDT, which means - assuming this timestamp is accurate - that this first report of WTC7's "collapse" was broadcast at 17:26:22 - if my math is right - well over 5 minutes AFTER the event.

The reliability of the Archive's aircheck timestamps was widely debated in the wake of the BBC's prior report of the collapse, and the consensus was it was pretty accurate. So the shot of WTC7 going down would indeed appear to be tape after the fact, not live, and hence this headline of FOX announcing the collapse prior to it happening does indeed appear to be false.

That doesn't take away, of course, from the fact that BBC, NBC, and CNN all certifiably reported the collapse prior to it happening, but this FOX footage is NOT another example of this phenomenon, clearly, reporting the event when you would expect them to, a few minutes after the fact.