European Parliament Screening for Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11

MercuryMedia Acquires Rights To ‘Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11’

Embargoed Until 9th February 2008

London, UK – 9th February 2008 – Mercury Media today announced that they have acquired all world-wide distribution rights (ex Middle East, Belgium and Italy) for the HD-cam feature documentary ‘Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11’ from Italian production company Telemaco.

The film, dubbed ‘The Sensation At The Rome Film Festival’ has been re-edited with an English voice-over for Berlin 2008 where it will be screened as part of the market place offerings. In addition the European Parliament will screen the film on February 26th.

Zero is the first million+ Euro investigation into 9/11 and features interviews with Nobel prize winner Dario Fo, Gore Vidal, Moni Avadia and Giulietto Chiesa MEP, who is also a member of the Security and Defence Commission of the European Parliament.

The film is directed by, Franco Farcassi and Francesco Trento. Trento commented…..’This film was funded through direct contributions from the public. I believe what we have achieved justifies the many thousands of individual contributions we have received. I am very proud to have created a film which will initiate a reasoned debate into this, the most monstrous terrorist attack in history’.

Commenting for Mercury, Tim Sparke MD said: ‘Zero is arguably the most important film made this year. It proves conclusively that the official story of 9/11 is false and that whatever happened on that fateful day must be re-examined by an independent authority. It is our hope that the European Parliament will take up this challenge’.

He added: ‘We are confident that Zero will be screened world-wide theatrically, it is a beautifully crafted film, of incredible significance. We urge buyers to come to the Berlin Screening on 13th February at Parliament to see why we make these claims’.


About MercuryMedia
MercuryMedia International was set up by former Walt Disney/ABC, Thames Television, WTN and ITEL executive Tim Sparke in April 2000. Tim launched MercuryMedia to develop and distribute documentary programming for the international theatrical, television and DVD market. In eight years it has become a recognised source for the distribution of documentaries. In December Mercury launched its first Theatrical documentary ‘Loose Change Final Cut’ in the UK with Picture Houses UK and launches its vod site, in association with ‘The Independent’ Newspaper in the Spring of 2008.


Has anybody heard about this film ? I don think it has been discussed on here



Can you post a preview or any info on Zero?

Frangelico wisdom

Had to bring this clip back.

This proves, once again, that if you were to tie an Italian's hands behind their back, they could not talk.

Seriously, thanks for the teaser Joe.




Looks like 'you' saw the success of LCFC and bought the rights to ‘Zero: An Investigation Into 9/11’.

Since Zero is a European documentary it would, most likely, be better suited for Europeans, especially the European Parliament.

This is indeed, great news. My most profound thanks.

Keep us posted [often].

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"Since Zero is a European documentary it would, most likely, be better suited for Europeans"
Why is that ? because the soundtrack, most likely, doesn't contain rap-music ?
"Listen carefully now : DO NOT DESTROY OIL-WELLS" Dubya

Zero homepage

This is the website of Zero (in Italian):
At the Berlin International Film Festival (see, LCFC will be screened at the European Film Market on February 11th; see
Zero will be screened at the European Film Market in Berlin on February 13th; see

hooo-leee shit!

Thank you VAB

This much good news i can't take all at once.

It's Frangelico time!


Greater than Zero

It does sound promising!

Thanks VAB! On their website, there's a Zero Film trailer of an interview with Robert McIlvane, who is always compelling when I've seen him! His son was a victim on 9/11.

McIlvane offers his view, "it's not about any of the "isms," it's about the American and British control and domination of the world's resources." I'm a little surprised to see a reference to the global domination project.

Also, there's a list of contributors included in the documentary:
Giulietto Chiesa, Gore Vidal, Franco Cardini e Marina Montesano, Lidia Ravera, Gianni Vattimo, Claudio Fracassi, Jurgen Helsasser, Michel Chossudovsky, David Ray Griffin, Thierry Meyssan, Andreas von Bulow, Steven E. Jones, Enzo Modugno, Webster Griffin Tarpley, Barry Zwicker

All in all, it's pretty encouraging to see such worldwide interest! They realize the significance of 9/11!

It'd be nice to see a trailer with English subtitles on You Tube!

...don't believe them!

Show "It looks interesting but I" by Victronix

Meyssan is a 9-11 hero

Meyssan has done more for 9-1 Truth than anyone on this site. His investigation into the pentagon hit was at a time when few even knew about it or paid it any attention. his website: Hunt the Boeing..kick started a good many 911 truth sites.
Sorry Troll, there is plenty of evidence that a missile is the likely suspect, and not flight 77.

Meyssan may be Fetzer's

Meyssan may be Fetzer's hero, but others see him as someone who misdirected people to make assumptions without evidence.

Looks like

on Feb 28 David Ray Griffin will be among those speaking to the European Parliament in Brussels. This could be a watershed event, **if** they can get real attendance. It will be interesting to find out (if we can) how many Eurocrats show up.

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