New Flyer for The Shell Game

Since writing "New York Times Bestselling Author Aims at 9/11 Coverup with Both Barrels Blazing", I haven't done much to push The Shell Game.

Indeed, I tend to back efforts that I think have momentum, or that can be given momentum to have a real effect.

However, now that the book has broken onto the New York Times bestseller list, there is a real chance to create momentum for 9/11 truth.

Whatever you think about peak oil (I'm totally agnostic) or Alten's views on certain subjects, you have to admit that any book that would get naive Americans* questioning false flags is a big plus.

Here is the new flyer Alten has just released:

I personally encourage everyone to pass out flyers (as well as continue on with your other 9/11 activism).

* I.e. Americans that have not been exposed to very many of the actual facts concerning 9/11.

Good article, but where is the "attached new flyer Alten has

just released?" Am I missing something?

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Thanks for adding the link, G.W. It wasn't there earlier this


I think this book would be especially good for newbies!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

Shell Game is an excellent

Shell Game is an excellent book. I highly recommend it.


I cant wait to read it!!

"911 was an Inside Job"


What makes this SOOO exciting is that when "The Shell Game" author, Steve Alten was on mainstream AM talk radio in metro Philadelphia for example last week . . . he said:
- We need a new 9/11 investigation
- We need an investigation into the War Games held on 9/11
- We need an investigation into the Stand Down order Cheney gave on 9/11
- Americans need to stop scorning the 9/11 Truth Movement Activists, and everyone should support their work

Alten went on to chastise Bill Clinton for attacking 9/11 truthers, and re-iterated that 9/11 Truth Movement Activists are the true patriots of the 21 century, and all Americans should support their important work.


We could have Alten on mainstream talk show after mainstream talk show, day after day after day, saying the above. THAT WOULD BE LIKE A NON-VIOLENT ATOM BOMB OF CONSCIOUSNESS IGNITED IN THE AMERICAN PSYCHE, THAT WOULD BE THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO THEM.

After 6 years of corporate media slandering and attacking anyone who spoke for 9/11 truth, we'd have Steve Alten out there telling Americans that WE ARE HEROES, AND 9/11 TRUTH ACTION IS SOMETHING ALL AMERICANS SHOULD SUPPORT.

Our movement is big enough now to drive a book to #1 on the NY Times best seller list. This is very do-able. In fact we are big enough to make it break all sales records and rocket Alten onto talk show after talk show. The man is a lion for truth. We need him out there! has many resources you can use to spread through the internet, and if it doesn't have the pdf flyer yet, it will soon. But the 90 second "911Truth video trailer" and the 90 second "Oil War Trailer" should be posted, emailed, blogged, etc. etc. in any way you can find to get it out.

a false flag thriller for the mainstream

I am almost half way through reading it.. It does take you for a ride. I can only read so much at a time.. to absorb the nonfiction research and creative incredible story character line.

Thumbs way up for me.. even at this point..

And Alten endorses and utilizes 9/11 truthers into the movement.

- jonathan

ps.. note the Feb. 6, 2008 issue at Flyby News on the direction of Iran to bypass the dollar stranglehold.. and do you recall the rush to war when Hussein wanted to change its oil currencies to the Euro. This tale is very purposeful; I will download flyers to have at the 9/11 events that I will be attending.. thanks for all who support such efforts, too.

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Peak Oil

Isn't the debate is over when the most right wing broadsheet in the UK is saying: "Peak Oil" is morphing into "Peak Food".