Reclaiming The Viral Vernacular

Reclaiming the Viral Vernacular
The biggest problem that 9/11 truth activists face is the attack on language specifically left/right rational/intuition reality. Let me paraphrase some of yesterday’s mainstream political quotes. Mitt Rommney dropped out because he did’nt want to jeopardize losing the War on Terror. Tom DeLay stated that their was no science to support Global Warming. Anne Coulter won’t support McCain because he doesn’t support the swift boaters. And there are are tons more by every candidate that are jaw droppingly paralyzing. I find myself numbed to the core by this presidential campaign. And I wonder how will mainstream America ever get to a place where they can ever consider 9/11 truth with this kind of withering assult on the soul.? I’m sure a lot of you have experienced this. How have intelligent people’s views been so throughly warped? Is it to late to even start a correction process? I really wonder now if it is possible to pull the wool back? Do you? Yes! It all starts with 9/11. (Really it starts with the First World trade center bombing, into Oklahoma City, and 9/11)
Whenever anyone starts with this insane notion of War on Terror, the retort should be 9/11. When are we going to have a trial? Whenever anyone starts talking about Iraq, say immediately we have to have a 9/11 trial, not a commission. Whenever someone talks about Afghanistan, say we GOT to have a 9/11 trial. When your Mother, Father, Brother, Sister or whoever makes one of these preposterous claims, don’t fear making them socially uncomfortable, demand a new 9/11 trial. Remember this was the most sophisticated grandscale psychological op in history. It was designed to pit each of us against each other, and result in a social schism with no resolution. That is the only reason it has lasted so long and it is the strongest reason why it will continue if we are not preparesd to make others uncomfortable with the truth…Ask for a new 9/11 trial. The laguage must stop! War on Terror, Bad Guys! Islamofacism!, Radical islamic Extremism!, Stop them over there before they attack us over here!, etc.. A loud horn like the ones used at basketball games that go off for timeouts should go off and we say NO!...We need a 9/11 trial, PERIOD!