Willie Nelson's 9/11 Conspiracy Charge EXPOSE MEDIA COVER UP & the Tim Russert Factor


Willie Nelson recently came out to join hundreds of high level military, intelligence, engineering and architectural professionals who are now demanding a new 9/11 investigation and many now convinced that 9/11 was an inside job. OH, YOU HADN'T HEARD ABOUT THE HUNDREDS OF MILITARY, INTELLIGENCE, ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE EXPERTS . . . WHO SAY WE'VE BEEN LIED TO ABOUT 9/11 ??

What a shock?! Because the below website has offered their statements and concerns to mainstream media. Gosh, wonder why they haven't informed you/us . . . hmmmm.


Although Willie Nelson’s charges of a 9/11 conspiracy and government manipulation of elections, etc., were explosive . . . the corporate media except for a brief mention on abc.com . . . ignored Willie’s charges. Quite different from when nearly the entire corporate media corp goose-stepped together in attacking Charlie Sheen and Rosie O'Donnell mercilessly when they dared question 9/11. Perhaps Willie is so universally loved by Americans . . . that corporate media is afraid to act like thugs with Willie. Or, perhaps they are sensing a sea change, where 9/11 truth has so permeated the mass culture (see Scripps Howard poll showing 36% of Americans know 9/11 was an inside job), that they are now petrified and terrified, no longer sure what to do.

Video of Willie interview on Alex Jones National Radio Show:


ONE LONE Texas local TV affiliate picks up on Willie's comments:


This should be no surprise for anyone who’s been following the corporate media’s behavior regarding the 9/11 cover up. In the sands of history today’s corporate media behavior regarding the ongoing media cover up of the government’s lies of 9/11, will be exposed as one of the worst propaganda crimes in history. These crimes of omission and distortion by our media are perhaps most quintessentially illustrated by Tim Russert of Meet the Press’s behavior in a landmark interview with Jack Blood on his radio program.

When Jack Blood begins to press Tim Russert on the glaring lies around 9/11, Russert childishly begins pushing buttons on his phone, trying to pretend there is something wrong with their connection. This short interview will go down as a historic exposure of our criminal corporate media’s participation in a mass media cover up of the government crimes of 9/11.

Tim Russert, from Meet the Press, on Jack Blood Radio Deadline Live - LISTEN TO THIS AMAZING INTERVIEW:


Show "Well, it's been a banner week..." by Mel

Abandon Away, then

If you reject C.D. and fake Osama, you must be wiser than our top experts, Mel. (ie., Prof. Bruce Lawrence, who says the Confession video is bogus. "It is not him.")

Here's a side-by-side close up comparison between 'The Confessor' and 'Osama Bin Laden.'

I suppose the top European Demolition expert is also wrong about Building 7 being a C.D. too?? And all the engineers and architects, physicists, etc.

Here's a side-by-side comparison between WTC 7 and a known demolition:

**The Willie Nelson story was a very good thing for us, and my hat's off to him for having courage enough to say what he did. I find it very telling that the media has not latched onto it like they did with Rosie O'Donnel. His remarks obviously pose a threat for the cover-up... Good work, Willie!

Show "Did you bother to read the Fatty bin Laden article I cited?" by Mel

This Mel fella is one of those "911 puritans" who insults anyone

This Mel fella is one of those "911 puritans" who insults anyone knew to the movement who knows less then him . . . and serves to drive away anyone new from coming to 9/11 truth positions.

Over 6 years I've seen 3 groups that cause my eyebrows to raise:

This Mel guy falls in the #3 catagory.

Here's the deal folks. A mass movement for a new investigation is a messy thing. It will involve many people with many reasons for demanding a new investigation. When the Mel's of the movement start insulting anyone new to the movement to keep it small and pure . . .

. . . they are not helping the movement. They are hurting the movement.

Show "It's simple..." by Mel

How do you mean that?

You write, "First we start off with Willie Nelson stating that the Twin Towers' collapse looked like a Vegas-style Hotel demolition, which is utter nonsense."

What I heard Nelson tell Alex Jones was that "there are similarities" to Vegas demolitions. I didn't catch him saying that the Twin Tower collapses were exactly like the latter. If we can agree on that, then it seems overwrought and picayune to then call Nelson's remark "utter nonsense."

Imprecise or simplistic, sure. Sloppy, maybe. But "utter nonsense"? Come on.

Nobody expects a pop singer to bring a load of scholarly discernment to this discussion. The fact is, the WTC collapses intuitively (to those who haven't carefully studied CDs) look like CDs -- because they are CDs. They aren't conventional CDs, but they're obviously CDs.

Yes, "debunking experts" can leap on Nelson's imprecision to confuse the public about Nelson's commonsense observation. Indeed, the so-called debunkers will leap on anything, no matter how carefully framed, to confuse the public. That's called sophistry, and it can't be stopped.

What's more important is to get ever more people aware of, thinking about, and looking at 9/11. Because what the "debunkers" and their bosses seek first and foremost is to have no discussion at all about 9/11 truth.

Elsewhere, you link to Bill O'Reilly on this matter. But notice that O'Reilly makes no attempt to substantively refute Nelson. He just sneers that this is supposed to mean that Nelson is unpatriotic. Well, anyone inclined to take it on faith from O'Reilly that 9/11 truth is unpatriotic is unlikely to be receptive to 9/11 truth anyway. But O'Reilly did something that the vast majority of news media talking heads never do: Let viewers know that there is a 9/11 truth movement.

Most people, and I do mean most...

...can not, and will not, accept that 9/11 was anything other than what the corp media told them it was. And having someone 'famous' come on and spout nonsense about the tower collapses (and it IS nonsense...there was nothing about the Twin Tower explosions that looked even remotely like a conventional CD) just bolsters the convictions of the official story believers.

And Bill O'Reilly didn't need to refute Willie. He did fine all by himself. I have nothing further to add on this topic. Further down, Citizen Pawn does a far more eloquent job of expressing my own sentiments than I could ever hope to.

What's with these straw men?

I don't know what you're talking about.

Nelson never said they looked like "conventional" CDs. Indeed, it would be out of character for him to even initiate such vocabulary.

The WTC CDs look very much like CDs, which is hardly surprising, since they are CDs.

What you mean by "nothing about the Twin Tower explosions that looked even remotely like a conventional CD" is quite the mystery. Scholars like Griffin and Gage have systematically listed the identifying characteristics of CDs, and they're all there.

There were two things about the WTC CDs that are different from conventional CDs that the average person watching the news coverage could have noticed (there are some other differences too, like the channels of thermite-spawned molten steel, but hardly anyone casually viewing MSM footage would spot them):

1) The collapses start from the top and/or the areas of the jetliner collisions; and

2) The buildings pretty thoroughly pulverize into dust as they begin to collapse much more so than occurs in a conventional CD. (As a result of thermite charges.)

The second actually lends further support to the CD thesis, so the pseudo-debunkers are unlikely to point out the second.

The first point is easily explained: (A) a CD can be made to initiate anywhere; (B) a small minority of conventional CDs do begin at the top, something that can be readily documented; and (C) the planners of 9/11 wanted the collapses to look like they arose out of the areas of impact to minimize public suspicion.

Nelson wasn't "spouting nonsense," though someone around here is, what with his overwrought indignation and straw man arguments.

You wrote that you "have nothing further to add on this topic." I heartily agree with that, and look forward to you making good on that.

You said...

You wrote that you "have nothing further to add on this topic." I heartily agree with that, and look forward to you making good on that.

Let's be honest here: You absolutely do NOT look forward to me making good on that. You are checking back here regularly in the hopes that I'll respond to you so can waste more time trying prove you are right. And you'd like nothing better than for me to submit to your and Willie's assertion that the towers' collapses looked 'similar' (I've changed the word) to a Las Vega (conventional?) CD.

Here's the pertinent quote from Willie's speech:

"I saw those towers fall, and I seen an implosion in Las Vegas, uhh, there was too much similarity between the two.... The day it happened, I saw one fall, and it was just so symmetrical, that I said wait a minute, I just saw that last week at the, you know, uh, casino over in Las Vegas, and you see these implosions all the time...."

Here's your (and Willie's) mathematics ( '~' means approximately equal to):

(Twin Towers: EXPLOSION from the TOP DOWN) ~ (Conventional Las Vegas-style CD: IMPLOSION from the BOTTOM UP)

Not in my math book.

Perhaps it's my use of the phrase "spouting nonsense" that bothers you. Fair enough...it's a little harsh, but it's the first phrase that came to my mind when I listened to the clip.

And could you please clarify your post a little for me, and for anyone else following this thread. I'd like to see the following:

1) Something that "readily documents" a CD that started from the top (I know the one you're going to provide, but please make it available to everyone else).
2) Evidence that thermite charges are used to "pulverize concrete" on a massive scale, as opposed to what they are normally used for, which is as a very focused cutting charge. Read the first sentence of the Wiki entry on thermite: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thermite
3) The photographic evidence for "channels of thermite-spawned molten steel". And you must provide evidence that said molten STEEL is THERMITE-spawned, as you claim. The lawyers want to see it.

I figured you'd...

...be a no-show.

You're one of the "Truthers" for which "Truth" is optional.

Sorry, I thought this was supposed to be a serious discussion

You know, when I first saw people attacking you here, I thought they were simply impatient and overly harsh. Now that I see what you're up to, they were being way too charitable.

"Let's be honest here: You absolutely do NOT look forward to me making good on that. You are checking back here regularly in the hopes that I'll respond to you so can waste more time trying prove you are right."

Wow. That's the worst garbage I've ever spotted posted here on this site, and there's a fair amount of it here. (BTW, I usually only come to this site every few days.)

Basically, you're stuck on the fact that CDs generally start bottom up, when the WTCs didn't. You haven't added any fact or concept or clarification that contradicts what I (and countless others before me: I make absolutely no claim to originality in these matters) have already posted. That's a topic that's long been discussed to death on this website, of course. I thought I'd lay it out one more time to see if you had some deeper point to make, but you didn't.

Regular visitors to this site have seen the video of a top-down CD. They also know that there's absolutely nothing physically preventing a CD from being top-down if the demolition planners so choose.

All these other matters you're now bringing in have been discussed ad nauseum on this website, and your senseless rants obviously aren't going to sated by further engaging with you. It's apparent that someone here is either mentally ill or else a hostile infiltrator seeking to demoralize visitors here, perhaps by turning off newcomers. So I'm done talking with you now. It's time for me to return to serious discussion. Ta ta.


Brian WeAreChange

WeAreChange confronts Tim Russert


WEARECHANGE ARE MY HEROES. I'm so glad that Steve Alten, author of "The Shell Game" (see 90 second 911 truth trailer of the book in article above), is going on mainstream radio and saying that "THE 9/11 TRUTH MOVEMENT ACTIVISTS ARE THE PATRIOTS OF THE 21ST CENTURY, AND ALL AMERICANS SHOULD SUPPORT THEIR WORK!"

With Alten telling mainstream America to support WEARECHANGE, wearechange can only grow and grow, and Russert and the other rats will have NO WHERE to HIDE!


Cant Believe it either

I too can't believe that people are still going with the "Fatty Bin Laden" line. Mike Rivero does it also. The question isn't that it was Bin Ladens FACE, because it was. The issue is the interpretation of his words and the AUDIO. That and the fact that it was taped during a possible sting operation which raises more questions on his whereabouts at the time of the tape or soon after.

Oh well. It takes some of the Truth Movement months to let go of even the most debunked stuff because people don't keep their research up to date. They still have placards and posters from 2004 it seems.

Thank you, CP.

I emailed Mike Rivero the 'Fatty' bin Laden debunking link twice some months ago. Not sure what his position is on it anymore, but I can't find any links on his site that make the fat claim.

We cannot afford to give the debunkers any B.S., and I would like to know who it is that votes my posts down. These people should be placed on the 'highly suspicious persons' list.

Ya See,Mel....

As I'm sure you have already noticed, some people in this "movement" would rather cheer lead than be factual or accurate to the best of their ability. Intellectual laziness and irresponsibility are easier than backing up assertions or claims. It's further justified in their minds also when they see people like Alex Jones, Rivero, Blood, and Co., do the same. It gives them an excuse. The "GCN" Network and various characters underneath that umbrella, have no doubt been a cause of much MISINFO. Notice I didn't say DISINFO.

About Mike Rivero, I like him. But this is the guy that thinks that nothing fishy went on at the Pentagon, but then touts the "fatty bin laden" video as something other than what it was...a simple film with a bad camera and dubbed audio, fake "confessions, an inside camera man on a possible sting operation, and bad or suspect camera angles. But to some people it has to be MORE. Some things don't have enough "conspiracy" to it on it's own.

The odd thing is how people get voted down on this site, when they seem to be more factually accurate than the rest on the appliacable thread/blog post. I knew a long time ago that the majority of the "truth movement" would rather be FANATICS than be factual, or at least retract thoughts if they discovered their error. But I guess it's hard for someone to admit they were wrong for years, even though the accusation they throw out, if followed by courts and juries, would get someone thrown in prison or killed, if that case was based on pure conjecture. Thank God we have the burden of proof.

As far as your sentiments of "abandoning" the truth movement"...go ahead. Take a break from it all. And if you decide that you just want to go on with life because you can't take the FANS of 9/11 truth, don't blame you.

ABout the Willie Nelson thing though. He's just an old musician giving his opinion, nothing big there. But Alex Jones is a Star Fucker when it comes to "Who of certain status thinks 911 is an inside job now". That's the problem. Alex loves "big news". He loves sensationalism. Willie Nelson= American Icon. American Icon=Patriot. Willie Nelson thinks 911 was an inside job=Big News?

The Truth Movement Star Fucks all the time. Just take a second to browse through the "patriotsfor truth" sites. They Star Fuck in the world of Academica, and Star Fuck Hollywood sometimes too. They're "people" placed the banner of "truther" on people that in no way claimed to be. Saw it happen a lot when that website started out. If you even watched TV on 9/11, to them you were a TRUTHER! I'm exaggerating of course, but you get my point.

We love "proving" our case by showcasing who is with us...on our side. Sometimes it can backfire. Alex Jones and Co. think that if they keep on showcasing famous people that agree with us, that the dialog will be more "acceptable in the mainstream". Ha!! Screw Hollywood. They had their chance , as citizens like us, to catch up. They don't get a pass because they're busy reading movie scripts or writing songs and cruising the Red Carpet. It's been 7 years since that day.

I doubt Hollywood or "STARS" will be the ones to "break the Dam" like Alex keeps claiming. Stars won't do shit, citzens will. How the hell is catering to the masses working out for us so far?? lol. Seven years later? Indira Singh and Sibel Edmonds...they may have my ear. Bono and Carrot Top for 911 truth?? FUCK THAT.

"Truthers" always claim how America is asllep and full of "sheep". I call Bullshit on the Movement for that. You have a bunch of star struck Cultists in our movement..at the top..and at the bottom as faithful zealots for the HOORAHHH effect. Don't act like the "movement" is above the herd mentality. Many times I see nothing but bovine grass chewing on the old range. So who's asleep? We all are. It's called America.'

We are a debtor shopping mall that loves violence and BIG stuff to look cool in. We are everything we claim to hate, yes even the greatest of us. So even 911 "truth" will be tainted by the stench, it's almost unavoidable. TO truly "change" the world around you, en masse, on a conscious/social level..you need to revisit every belief you ever had about the spirit, about life itself, about total and unfiltered 100% self honesty and responsibility for ones own actions. Till then, we are all going through motions acting as if we sit on some higher plane of existence.

We are not and we have not. True change will come about when you are angry enough, disenfranchised enough, tired enough, or ENRAGED enough. We haven't reached that point. And since familiarity of a thing, makes that thing more acceptable...I'm afraid our window of empowerment has left us. It might take another catastrophe to ignite it again. INSHA Allah as they say. God willing if it does.