9/11 Truth Let Down — Bill Moyers Punks Out and Engages in Intellectual Dishonesty

I made a post last week suggesting people head over to Bill Moyers Journal blog and vote for one of David Ray Griffin's books for their "contest" for what book, other than the Bible (typical Xtiancentricity — I didn't see anyone call them on that, and no other religious books were counted in the final report — that's probably telling as well), that "we" would take and/or the next president should take with him/her to the White House.


The "results" were going to be reported on this week's show. And they were. But Bill Moyers punked out and took the lesser, low road rather than the high road. Instead of being the brave, courageous man many think him to be, and garnering a special place for himself in history, he went Ron Paul on us.

Although we got an off hand, indirect, non-specific mention by Bill Moyers, and you can see DRG's "Debunking 9/11 Debunking" several times during a montage of the replies being scrolled on the screen, that was the best they could do. The mention was this:

"We detected only one organized campaign behind a certain book and we disqualified it as a result."

How convenient.

So, instead of intelligently and logically thinking that a group of several hundred people (I don't know the exact count) are passionate, dedicated and committed enough to take the time to en masse suggest a single book that simply (obviously) represented the 9/11 Truth and Justice issue and perhaps that makes it something they should seriously consider and let people know about, they instead (ostensibly) chose to use that as an excuse to disregard and dismiss the whole thing.

And so they commented on a bunch of mamby-pamby mostly semi-worthless or worse books, only a few of which had any real zing to them. (apparently "If I Ran The Zoo" by Dr. Seuss is worthy of mention over any of the other 9/11 Truth and Justice and related books by DRG and others that were mentioned in the replies)

This was intellectual dishonesty to the max, if not worse, perpetrated by Bill Moyers on himself and on us all. (and also smacked of infotainment, as well)

Shame on him. Although, at this point, I doubt if he has any real sense of shame. Others have claimed that he is a sell-out and a so-called "left gatekeeper", and people like me have stood up for him. But perhaps he really did only come back because he wanted a new car, or he got hit real hard in the real estate market investment scandal and lost his "retirement", or who knows what. But he obviously did not come back to "make a difference" and "because he was needed" like he claimed and implied.

I figured they would do something like this. But it was worth a try. Even I didn't think Bill Moyers would sink this low.

But, we can hope that people will wonder "what book did they disqualify" and go look on the blog (assuming they didn't delete all of the entries — I don't think they did) and perhaps that will make some more people aware and informed who wouldn't have been so otherwise. (and we can always hope that there was some subconscious effect from the several mentions visible during the screen montage, which, I suppose, if you want to be "anti-paranoid" one could wonder if 'they' did that on purpose because someone there thought otherWise and wanted to give us a shout out (or it could be random coincidence))

Isn't there anyone with backbone and balls around these days in positions where they can make a real difference? Or are they all effectively, if not actually, worthless like Bill Moyers and his ilk?


I sent it what i considered some damn good recomendations for DRG. A good dozen. Yes it's bullshit
that our media is controled. But it's like i tell my son. When your in the right , you can fight with all your heart. Never give up !
With millions of people like you the truth will be told. You can't hit a home run if you sit on the bench.

He is just a scared old man.




Years ago, Moyers also lent a credible voice to those warning about America's "secret government." Tracing the advent of our secretive and often grossly unethical national security state to the National Security Act of 1947, Moyers chronicled coups, dirty tricks and other blowback-inciting activities. Citing at least eight documented plans to kill Castro (including a plan to lace his cigars with LSD), Moyers also reported on the CIA’s use of the Mafia to conduct assassinations.

"It’s a chilling thought," Moyers said, "made more chilling by the assassination of John Kennedy. The accusations linger. In some minds, the suspicions persist of a dark unsolved conspiracy behind his murder. You can dismiss them, as many of us do, but knowing now what our secret government planned for Castro, the possibility remains: Once we decide that anything goes, anything can come home to haunt us."

That line about the JFK

That line about the JFK assassination always seemed like a dodge to me. He is well aware of the tsunami of information about the JFK assassination that demonstrates direct cover-up by US intelligence. He leaves the impression that he is NOT one of the believers in a higher conspiracy.

He is willing to expose aspects of "secret government" when it is can be laid at the doorstep of Republicans, but not when it implicated his boss, LBJ. Father George Bush came off squeaky clean in "The Secret Government" (despite clear evidence of his being the executive point man), and accountability for the outrage was reduced to "What did Ronnie know and when did he know it?" I recently heard an address he gave to a graduating class of journalists. He was touting his "boldest" television work, but never mentioned TSG, which many would consider the hardest hitting thing he ever did. It's too dangerous for people to think about with 9/11 truth peeking just beneath the surface, when one considers he flatly stated that the shadow govermnent possesses an entire miltary establishment and intelligence apparatus unknown to lawmakers and citizens alike. I suppose that's why the full version is repeatedly yanked off Google Video.

I Commend PheonixRising and All of Us For Our Effort

but as I pointed out, Moyers is CFR and Bilderberger.

Nevertheless I posted several "Debunking" recommendations in hopes.....

Let's keep looking for opportunities like this. Our efforts are having a cumulative effect.

BRAVO! PheonixRising


This was a fun campaign to participate in and apparently we got their attention to say the least. The water cooler talk around the office has been infiltrated. The staff has to deal with the fact even though they chose not to air the piece publicly.

I will be willing and excited to participate in the next opportunity we have to swarm to a cause like this in the future. Let's consider this a success and hold strong until the next event. Peace.

Keep us posted Phoenix. Keep your eyes open. I appreciated this campaign.