9/11 Truth Needs to Reach Out to Hispanic World, Minorities

A wistful recollection remains with me from the Los Angeles Grand Jury for 9/11 Truth two years ago.

A Mexican wedding was in progress in another part of the hall. We activists brushed shoulders with the Hispanic guests in the common areas, without exchanging words or scarcely even glances, as if moving in separate dimensions. Surely our issue could be vital to them, too? I racked my brains to think of what might bridge the gap, only to come up against a feeling that to them, we must seem hopelessly white middle-class, and our issue an arcane matter of concern only to an infighting gringo faction.

Yet any nation is naturally more apt than the Anglo-American to recognize 9/11 for what it is: an instrument for projecting the empire. Hispanics have a historical consciousness of deception and war provocation from the Norteamericano wars on Mexico in 1846 and Spain in 1898. So each time I had a 9/11 book that was selling well – first The War on Freedom and later 9/11 Synthetic Terror – I had high hopes of finding a Spanish publisher, but it hasn't been easy.

About a year ago a Spanish-speaking newspaperman in Long Island, Luis Aguilar, contacted me about translating 9/11 Synthetic Terror into Spanish, and he completed the work several months later. Argentine author and NWO critic Walter Graziano suggested the Spanish title, 11-S Falso Terrorismo. But there was still no Spanish publisher, not even after I attended the Guadalajara book fair. Then one of my activist customers who was planning a trip to Nicaragua urged me to go ahead and print it myself.

So I did it, put it up on Lulu.com, a self-publishing website where you can print one book at a time, and sent a couple copies to Nicaragua. It's for sale there at the actual cost of printing. It was gratifying when our 9/11 activist wrote, "people are very anxious to get your information here." They don't really need our critiques of imperialism to know they are under the boot, but the facts about 9/11 are something they can use!

The other day we sold the first copy of 11-S Falso Terrorismo on Amazon, to a Spanish-surname couple in the eastern U.S. (The book is on sale on Amazon for 19.95 and for 18.98 on my website, waronfreedom.org.) Recently a literary agent in Barcelona became interested too.

The 9/11 Truth movement has neglected a powerful potential ally in the Hispanic community. More DVD's in Spanish would be especially helpful. The only one I know of is In Plane Site (although I can't get the Spanish audio track to work on my player), and Loose Change is on youtube in a Spanish-subtitle version.

The word from Nicaragua is that there is a real need for a Spanish 9/11 Truth sound track:

"Many people in Nicaragua can not read since the U.S. closed most schools in the country and returned Nicaragua to a dictatorship, via the World Bank, in 1990, and thus Spanish sub-titles would be useless for them. Many people in Nicaragua are greatly concerned that this country will be in a major recession due to the World Bank this month saying that if Nicaragua dares to increase the min. hourly salary above 27 cents they will negate their $600,000,000 loan."

27 cents an hour! Work half a day and you can just buy a $1 dollar DVD.

At the same time, my efforts to reach out to the English speakers in my profession of book publishing have been sadly disappointing. For the second time I have been suspended on a flimsy technicality from pub-forum, a chat list of small publishers that prides itself on its water-cooler tolerance for political comment. In spite of my most strenuous presentations on and off over a year or two, not one out of a membership of 450 has voiced support. At first they ridiculed me, now they largely ignore me.

The Anglos, by and large, do not want to know.

We should devote more of our efforts to our Spanish neighbors who already know from their history books what it means to be set up by a false terrorist plot to be attacked and despoiled.

Of course, the outbursts of Mexiphobia or hostility to immigrants to be seen occasionally on some 9/11 chat lists are a great disservice to spreading our message. That kind of thing could entrap our movement forever in a helpless little white, middle-class bubble.

Instead, we ought to be working on articulating reasons why 9/11 truth activism can lead to a better life for minorities in the USA. How could minorities use 9/11 Truth as a crowbar to achieve their goals? That's something worth thinking about. A while back a Zogby poll which had a results breakdown by race showed that awareness of the 9/11 lie was much higher among minorities in the New York area.

This is our natural constituency, and we need to get in touch with it.

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Reaching out to minorities


I know for a fact that William Rodriguez has been all over Spanish Language TV.
Loose Change 2E was screened for two solid weeks in Cuba.
A Cuban man at Dealey plaza told me all about it.
I also know a lot of the best 9/11 films are dubbed or subtitled in Spanish on Google and YouTube.

Maybe an upcoming event for the N Texas group will be to distribute Spanish subtitled DVDs around Dallas.

How to market 9/11 Truth to these groups?

Yes I've tried to get in touch with Wm R about this.

As for what's in it for minorities, I guess same as for the rest of us -

spending most of the nation's wealth on the War of Terror doesn't leave much for other needs.

So called defense budget when it's really the DOA, the Department of Attack.

Plus the fake terror lie has been used to massively tighten up immigration rules