Brian Haw marches from London to Oxford, with prominent 9/11 presence

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Protester marches in

Friday 8th February 2008

PARLIAMENT Square peace protester Brian Haw took his campaign on the road by walking 60 miles from London to Oxford.

Mr Haw, who began a peace camp outside the Houses of Parliament in 2001, reached the city last night, pictured, to address the Oxford Union.

In a recreation of the famous 1933 debate entitled This house would under no circumstance fight for its King and country, Mr Haw spoke in favour of the motion.

A group of about 20 supporters, aged from eight to 61, walked with Mr Haw since Monday, staying in churches and with Quakers along the way.

Mr Haw said: "Oxford is an important city and a great place to come for a debate. I want to get people together and walking for peace all over the country - hopefully this will be the first of many.

"We've all had blisters but everyone does when you do a walk like this.

"I've had a very pleasant reaction from people passing by and it has been a lovely walk along the A40, although the footpaths need to be upgraded."

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Keep him in batteries

"You can't keep a good man down."

We Are Change UK, Brian Haw Beaten & Arrested

Let's hope that they can keep him in batteries for his megaphone.

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The idea for the extended 60

The idea for the extended 60 mile stroll actually came from a member of We Are Change UK. And was partly organised by We Are Change UK. :) Watch this space for some amazing footage!


Great job, wish I could have been there for it. Hope to see some video footage soon..

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