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Today's Brian Lehrer show on WNYC. Major, major opportunity here

Inside the 9/11 Commission
Philip Shenon, investigative reporter at the New York Times, discusses his new book which he says details the shortcomings of the 9/11 commission.

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Off Topic

Last night I attended a reception at my 9/11 truth buddy Janette MacKinlay's house. It was a book sale on a new 9/11 book written by some clown named Sander Hicks. This joker has all the answers. Avoid him like the plague. These dis-info agents are so easy to spot. By the way the name of the book is "Who Killed Dr. Graham".It really pisses me off when I see someone try to make a buck on the 9/11 tragedy.

Why again...

Why again do you think Sander Hicks is a dis-info agent?

Make a buck of the 9/11 Tragedy?

People who make billions off the 9/11 tragedy irritate me to no end.

Give me

all the minus votes you want but I always say what is on my mind and when I see first hand some shill trying to capitalize on 9/11 I go nuts. I don't know about the rest of you but my life is totally devoted to cracking 9/11 and see that justice is done. As far as I am concerned all other issues shrink to insignificance next to 9/11 truth. The entire future of this planet rides on the out come. I just won't stand around and watch some punk make a buck on 9/11.

Radio Interview

Listened to Philip Shenon . . . it "felt" like his take on the matter reinforces the "Bush is incompetent" narrative and that Zelicow was trying to keep this silent.

No truther activity spotted on this wave length this morning.

Over and out . . . . .