Principal Electrical Engineer for WTC: "Fuel and Planes Alone Did NOT Bring the Towers Down"

Richard F. Humenn, PE was the Senior Project Design Engineer for electrical systems for the entire World Trade Center, and he had 60 people working under him. In other words, he was the guy in charge of all electrical at the WTC. A retired licensed professional engineer, he was certified by the States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington, D.C.

Humenn stated to Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth:

On September 11, I watched the live TV broadcast of the progressive collapse of the World Trade Towers with disbelief, as the mass and strength of the structure should have survived the localized damage caused by the planes and burning jet fuel.

I viewed the presentation of Richard Gage and other related material, which compels me to believe that the fuel and planes alone did not bring the Towers down. I, therefore, support the proposal to form an international group of professionals to investigate all plausible causes for the virtual freefall and the almost total destruction of the WTC structures.

Humenn also recently gave a two-hour recorded interview to an attorney and former law school professor (a transcript of the interview will soon be posted to In that interview, Humenn expressed his opinion that the Twin Towers were intentionally demolished. (He stated that he could not believe the U.S. government could have done such a thing; however, he was not asked about rogue elements within the government).

Few engineers have as much first-hand knowledge of the Twin Towers as Humenn, so his opinion carries some weight. As he explains, "Though an electrical engineer by trade, I was also very familiar with the structures and their conceptual design parameters."

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Good for him to speak out,

Good for him to speak out, but he needs to fix the typo in his personal profile. It looks unprofessional. GW corrected it in his blog, however.


The momentum has shifted

More professionals will join as they feel the fear of reprisal lifting.

Another example of the PROFOUND INFLUENCE AE911TRUTH.ORG HAS !!

Richard Gage is a hero of the 9/11 truth movement. I'm so glad to see linked at so that as that NY Times best selling novel brings eyes to the site, they see

I spent countless hours emailing to physics and engineering departments across the world . . . and now as The Shell Game's popularity increases, people come to find linked there, rather than me having to work my tail off to get more eyes to s critically important work.

TOGETHER, the veils are dropping. TOGETHER the waters of truth are becoming too massive for the powers that be to suppress much longer.

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Damn conspiracy theorists!


Yeah, they seem to be popping up everywhere these days...

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The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.


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Did you have a chance to listen to the interview I sent you?

Real Engineers Speak Out

This is great news that Richard Humenn is calling for an "international group of professionals to investigate all plausible causes for the virtual freefall and the almost total destruction of the WTC structures." Let's assume that by "professionals" he means professional engineers and not professional politicians or professional think-tank members, as per the so-called 9/11 Commission.

Okay, here's my proposal in support of this cause. Can somebody out there put together a videograph grouping of, say, about 20 videos of known computer-controlled demolitions together with a video of WTC Building 7? The idea would be to show these to the general public, both on the Internet and in theaters, and ask "Can anybody identify which of these building collapses is a World Trade center building?" If the collapses are shown one after the other -- or perhaps even side-by-side -- I seriously doubt there would be more than two or three in a hundred who could correctly identify the WTC 7 collapse.

Why? Obviously because the collapse of WTC 7 looks exactly like your typical computer-controlled demolition. Now, if it looks exactly like your typical computer-controlled demolition, the most probable explanation for that would be that it is your typical computer-controlled demolition.

The videograph voice-over would then challenge the audience with something like: "Okay, if anybody out there has a more probable explanation, based on sound engineering principles -- not political or religious rhetoric -- for how WTC 7 collapsed, please present your case now."

At this point I believe the case would be won and the official fiction of the 9/11 Commission would be exposed for what it truly is, nothing more than cheap government propaganda. Why am I so confident? Because there is simply no reasonable argument that any engineer has put forth so far for the total collapse of WTC 7, with synchronous truss failures on each floor with each floor failing perfectly in sequence.

Finally, the voice-over could explain that if all you had to do to collapse a building totally and neatly within its own footprint was to start a few small fires on a few floors and then just sit back and watch it implode, then all the demolition companies would quickly be put out of business by imbecile arsonists who could provide the same demolition services at 5 percent of the cost. Clearly, this is never going to happen. People who believe the official fiction of 9/11 believe it for one reason only: They simply can't get their mind around the fact that there are rogues within our official government who intentionally lie to the public in order to accomplish their rogue agenda that they know the public would otherwise never support.

Visit for the story of high-tech turned against us.

Rephrasing suggestion + question

"if all you had to do to collapse a building totally and neatly within its own footprint was to start a few small fires on a few floors and then just sit back and watch it implode"

I suggest you rephrase that as

"if all you had to do to collapse a building totally (so that every floor is completely destroyed) was to start a few fires on a few floors, cut one or two columns randomly, and then just sit back and watch it implode"

That would cover NIST's theorizing that the breaking of a single column led to the destruction of the entire building. In addition, the building didn't fall exactly within its own footprint. But, of course, neither does any CD.

Does anyone have a clear idea of how the columns went in the lowest floors of WTC 7? In the comments section of the important and popular WTC 7 video below, one debunker wrote last week that the 80 columns did not go all the way to the ground.

Better Yet

Wouldn't it be great if you could convince a demolition company to agree to a controlled demo experiment.

Ask if the demo company could as closely as possible copy the destruction of WTC 1 & 2. cut some columns explode a similar amount of fuel and let us watch the result!!

I seriously doubt we would witness a total symetrical global collapse.