Ron Paul Announces Intention Of Organizing Massive Rally In Washington D.C. This Summer

Tuesday February 12, 2008
Ron Paul Announces His Intention Of Holding A Massive Rally In Washington D.C. On July 4th (Details TBD)

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Make it there this July

Make it there this July whether you like Ron Paul or not, this will be the definitive People's Anti Establishment rally of our times. The anti-war and impeachment gang are encouraged to join in

This is for all of us

This fight isn't over, it's just getting going. Maybe rallies all across the US in front of state capitols. we need this. We should all get behind whatever rally this becomes. The media has done everything to keep this message from being heard and it makes me sick. Don't ever give up on Ron Paul, we need to just double all our efforts.

What's the agenda?

Dismissing evidence of Uncle Sam's 911 psy-op?

Plans to re-launch the John Birch society?

A meeting on how to reform the Republican party from within?

A disquisition on the impossibility of the libertarian economic model to exist in the real world?

Ought to be a hoot!

You forgot a couple...

1. If it's a Ron Paul rally, impeachment of any Republican is not part of the agenda.

2. Exposure of election theft will not be pursued.

9/11 Truth has opened more minds in 7 years than that politician has in his entire career anyway.

No voices will be silenced

at a Ron Paul event. He isn't trying to control us, he just wants us to all get together and let the elites know that we're tired of this bull-shit.

Is this about 9/11 truth or finding the least evil Republican?

Why would I support a politician that mocks 9/11 Truth? Showing up at a political rally to be counted is an individuals public endorsement the politician involved, right?

"Not being silenced" is an incredibly low standard by which to choose what political rallies to support. If you are implying that Ron Paul should be confronted in the same manner that We Are Change confronted Rockefeller, then ok, go for it. I would love to see that.

It is especially hard to figure why any truth activist would support Paul when there is a different candidate running for president that has a proven track record of presenting evidence of US Government COMPLICITY in the events on September 11th.

Fully aware truth activists support Cynthia McKinney.

As a reminder ...
Ron Paul is far from deserving any truth activists endorsement for these reasons.

He refers to truth activists as "bizarre", openly supports the "foreign terrorists" boogey man. Supports (reluctantly) the idea of government INEPTNESS on 9/11, ridicules questions about complicity.

He will not support impeachment of Bush or Cheney.

He will not mention election theft.

He does not support universal health care.
(ask the first responders if they want health care)

Does Paul have some good points?
Sure, but I refuse to pander to the lesser of evils, especially when there is a better option available.

Don't support him then

He would never stop a 9/11 truth parade or send the police after us. I don't need him to support me, I need him to support the constitution of the United States of America.

The Bill of Rights especially.

Don't be so short-sighted

9/11 Truth is much more than just the truth about 9/11.

Ron Paul is much more than just the "least evil republican".

What if we expose the truth with Obama as president? How's this going to play out? We still have the Patriot Act in place, which he voted for. We still have the war in Iraq, which he voted to fund. We still have the Iran problem, which he would not rule out a nuclear strike on!

What changed? Say they get Bush & Cheney for 9/11. Who cares? That's only the tip if the iceberg. We need to gut the system. What Ron Paul is talking about is massive change, civil disobedience, and ultimately, freedom- not just some new faces in D.C. with old promises.

Wake up! Who cares what you think about abortion. This is a fight for our country and our very freedom. See the big picture and not just one symptom of the problem.


since when is universal health care something we should support? I for one am against it. I don't want a DMV-type organization in charge of my healthcare. Our government can't even help with a disaster like Katrina. What makes you think they would be able to take care of our health care? Oh yeah, I forgot: we just need the RIGHT people in D.C. working for us!

Gosh I thought...

This website was subtitled "Paying Attention To 9/11 Related News"!?
Ron Paul has made it very clear that he will have nothing to do with 9/11 Truth. So this announcement is in no way related to 9/11 Truth. It is an insult to truth activists to have it on the front page.

Who mentioned Obama?
Cynthia McKinney makes Ron Paul look like the Republican he is. Party loyalty means more to him than his responsibilities as a member of congress (refuses to impeach a fellow Repuke, even Cheney).

Personally I do not care about universal health care, I take responsibility for my own health & am far healthier than people than buy in to allopathic medicine. However the first responders are in desperate need of help and they would have had it if they lived in Cuba. Think about them, not yourself.
It is a bit telling that you would choose to harp on that point. Got anything to say about the others?

All of the issues that Ron Paul is willing to speak the truth about are less mind-opening than 9/11 truth. That is why I call him a gate-keeper.

Not only will i not support him, but i will try to inform all honest truth activists about why he should be ignored & why our energy is better spent promoting 9/11 Truth.

Why I'm interested in this

A large gathering in Washington D.C. of people who really do want change. A great opportunity for people to spread 9/11 truth.

Suggest an alternative. I'm really at a loss . . . the New World Order with their trillion dollar bull horn leading the sheeple over the cliff.

"Perfection is the enemy of progress"

Apologies if my viewpoint seems Harsh...

I do think we are on the same team afterall. I could go into my personal experience of how Paul has been fracturing the local 9/11 truth movement, but I think my above posts are enough, for now. The entire extra-long political race this (and last) year is being used to divert peoples attention, IMO. I really do believe that 9/11 Truth trumps politics.

If you are looking for a large gathering to go to over the July 4th weekend try the Gathering of the Tribes, it's an American tradition. Every year 15 or 20 thousand people gather in a National Park, a different one every year. It won't be much of an opportunity to spread 9/11 truth because most everyone there will already know. But if you're looking to recharge, it's guaranteed to be more fun than a weekend in DC. The information for this year has not been posted yet, but eventually it will be reachable through here:
(yeah, I know the site looks crappy & the language takes some getting used to)

If you're looking for political rallies to insert your message into, seems like most any would do. The Obama crowd might even make for a soft target, it would be interesting to try subtle approaches on the McCain crowd. And yes, the Paul crowd is very receptive to 9/11 Truth even if the candidate is not.

"The First Step Towards Freedom Is Knowing You're Being Lied To"

Some good points you make there

I think that, though the Ron Paul campaign temporarily diverted some people from the 9/11 truth movement, in the long run it'll pay greater dividends.

That's because a whole lot of political novices joined into the Ron Paul campaign, and many of them learned two important things:

1) The MSM is a colossal disinformation/concealment operation on behalf of the elites; and

2) Because many of these novice volunteers met 9/11 truth supporters for the first time and thereby learned things about 9/11 they'd never heard before -- thanks to their contacts and networking in the Paul campaign -- the 9/11 truth movement will be greatly enriched and enlarged in the coming months and years at a rate that wouldn't've occurred otherwise.

Frankly, I never believed for a second that Ron Paul would be inaugurated president on 1/20/09. (In the unlikely event that his election would ever have become probable, the power elites would stop at nothing -- including murder -- to prevent that. Fortunately for those elites in the short term, their Project Mockingbird tactic of shutting the campaign out of the MSM was enough to do the trick.) That wasn't the point so far as I was concerned. The point was to rouse, network, inform, and organize people in the way that the Internet facilitates like never before in history.

9/11 truth and other goods things will defeat the elite parasites that feed upon the people. But it'll take some years. Be pessimistic in the short term but optimistic in the long. The hard work we do now, thankless though it often seems, is laying the foundation for the giant payoffs we'll see 8–15 years from now.

MP3 Audio Clip - Ron Paul and Paul Garmin

Thursday June 21, 2007
Ron Paul Talks About Government Run Investigations Such As the 9/11


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4th of July not possible

I think a "Grand March" for Ron Paul in Washington is a great idea... but I can tell you with absolute certainty that a rally on the 4th of July is not possible.
The simple matter is that to have an event in Washington you have to have a permit from the Park Service and that day is already taken.
Furthermore, even if you could get a permit for the 4th (which you can't) it would be a bad choice since the Paul rally would be dwarfed and smothered by the 4th of July celebrations. There would be no way to move people in and out of the city since all ground transport is gridlocked much of the day, especially around the evening fireworks display. Even if a million Paul supporters showed up, who could tell?

Pick another day.


I agree with you, have you

I agree with you, have you thought of any other days within that time frame, July or early August? August 12th is International Youth Day, though that is a limited theme for the rally. Flag Day is June 14th, that's a good one but it might be too soon in order to organize a large rally. Bastille Day is July 14th, that's freedom but that's France. The best option might be the Summer equinox on June 21, symbolic because it signifies a mid point, the turning point of the year. It also lands on a Saturday which is probably the best day of the week for a DC rally. Plus it is three weeks into June which give the rally time to organize.

Show "yeah" by pduveen

If we have the rally on June

If we have the rally on June 21, the equinox, the first day of Summer, we can call it The Summer of Change Rally. The will carry the momentum throughout the whole summer leading up to the elections.

August ?

I would think August would be a good time. On the down side, it can be hot-as-hell in DC in August, on the upside, there is less traffic etc. since Washingtonians traditionally take vacation in August.
Also, having the March just before the RNC convention means it will be fresh in peoples memory which may give Paul more influence at the convention.

We're just speculating... who will actually be making the decision as to the date? Ron Paul's campaign committee I presume.

And i agree with you ....

June 21st is best date. It's a weekend, not a holiday, gives time to prepare and do this right, school's out, it's warmer in June ( I'm from Fl cant stand cold not that i matter ha ha) . There are a few sites set up to vote for this here's one
As for the people who want to argue that Ron Paul is not on the truth movement's side , well you just stay at home and play on ur computer while the rest of us take action and try to make a differance. Oh and i happen to be a " fully aware" truth activist and the day
Cynthia McKinney organizes a huge march on Washington i'll be there that day too.

"We are going to keep up this fight till the end, till the very end... They took it from the top to the bottom. We're gonna take it from the bottom to the top!" -Dan Wallace

June is too soon for

June is too soon for organizing, July competes with the 4th, August sounds just right.

Ron Pauls' Birthday

Ron Pauls' birthday is August 20th. Too bad it's also a Wednesday.

you know.... on the people

you know....

on the people talking about the subject of it being on july 4
i was thinking that maybe they timed it===when willie nelson went public with his 911 scepticism

it was on super tuesday-----where i wasnt around a computer

i didnt know about it til today
the "controlled opposition/only blame the "us govt" bullshit of alex jones

Some guys are planning a general strike on tax day, 4/15/08!

Looks VERY interesting:

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

I think our collective State Capitols would work

Every State in the Union, from NY to California, and all stats in between, have a huge Ron Paul rally all on the same day, thru out the country. This would force the msm to address us and our important message, and it would be easier for everyone to participate. Who's with me....? OK, let's GOOOOOOOOOOOO! {Animal house...lololol}

Rally at CNN Headquarters


The two faces of Ron Paul

RP is an OCTer [Official Conspiracy Theory believer] "19 Arabs did it".
He is avidly against the truth.
He led people to believe he supported the Truth Movement.

RP on Paul Garmin radio interview: 6-21-07
They did one investigation …. they didn't mention the third building that went down.
Government investigations ……. tend to be more cover-ups more than anything else.

RP on John Gibson show 9-14-07
Gibson: Will you state right here and now that you completely disavow this 911 Truth Movement and the whole idea that the U.S. government was in on the 911 attacks?
RP: Yes, I do.

RP on Glen Beck show 12-18-07
He flat denied he had never heard of the 'conspiracy theories' Glen mentioned.
He called them "bizarre" and "preposterous".
RP: "I don't believe that at all."

He is friends with Alex Jones and appears on his radio program.
He is either deaf, willfully ignorant or a liar.

So why are you promoting a devout OCTer on a 911 Truth web site?
His 'revolution' blog warriors turned people away from impeachment, saying
"It won't accomplish anything." or "Cheney's only got a year left."
Those lines are right out of Karl Rove's play book.

How wrong can you get?

Cheney and Bush must be held accountable for the CRIME of lying us into a WAR!

Not hopefully next year, NOW....!

It's not important what Ron Paul THINKS happened!

Do you think Obama is going to allow a real 9/11 investigation to happen? HA!
RP is on record saying he'd be for a new investigation. THAT is all that matters. If we expect the government to investigate themselves and come up with anything but another set of lies then we are living in la la land. WE the people need to investigate. If you're waiting for the "right" government to do this, you will be waiting a long, long time.

Give it up

RP would support an investigation about the "incompetence" of the Government, NOT the many holes in the OCT that he endorses.

We are not waiting for the Govt. to investigate itself again, we are pushing for an INDEPENDENT investigation into the OCT.

RP DOES NOT support us or this effort!


He does support us. He said he is FOR a new, independent investigation. It's up to US to run it, not Ron Paul or whoever is president.

Do you think there is a candidate left who will support a new investigation?