Sander Hicks: "Attacked at Stanford!"

I was attacked by National Review online, just as I was speaking at Stanford Law School, about “Civil Rights in the Post-9/11 World.”

I spoke from the heart about my experiences publishing and writing on topics taboo to the American media establishment. I spoke about the police assault against me when I asked now-failed candidate Rudy Giuliani about the 9/11 anomalies. I talked about 9/11, and the FBI linked death of Dr. David Graham.

This is an interesting development. The NR critique is defamatory, and calls my argument “deranged.” But that’s a cheap shot, and it lacks gravitas. Critics of better moral character would take on my facts, not attack me personally...

...Yesterday, there was also an attack from Stanford neo-cons, who somehow hacked into the campus-wide list-serv, and spammed the entire campus with a protest against my speech. One of the neo-cons has now been suspended from being able to use Stanford list-servs...

Full article;

Hicks attacked

This doesn't surprise me in the least. This dis-info agent is nothing but a rude clown. Lucky for Hicks I have very good control of my temper other wise he would have a fat lip after his "Spiritual" speech at Janette's house the other night. This guy is bad news and should not be considered a member of the 9/11 truth movement. He is a NWO plant. Trust me on that one. He is also after a fast buck with his so called 9/11 truth book.

Agree, MD.

Hicks never passed the 'smell' test. And this was before the laughable "Graham Report".

Can you guys be a bit more specific about what's disinfo?

Or do you consider any research into the 19 alleged hijackers to be
politically incorrect?

I believe Sander's position on them is that they were patsies.

Needed Repeating

I'm sorry, I chuckled when I read this comment from another site regarding Hick's attack...
It needed repeating! "Hang in there Sander"!

neocon children.
following the suggestions/dictates from their parents…
all wannabe elites…..
unaware that they are simply the current crop of middle managers…dupes.

10-4 mad dog

I know I'm just volunteering for negative votes and a hidden post as well, but Sander's always rubbed me the wrong way. Aside from Alex Jones, he's the most self-centered individual I can think of who's still active in this movement. These guys are in it for the cash, period, end of story. Who's to say they haven't had incredible offers from cointelpro-types. You really think they have the moral integrity to resist a paycheck greater than everything they've earned so far, with the only requirement being that they keep it up?

You hit the nail on the head.

I am one of the most easy going people in the movement yet I could see through this phony right off the the bat. You are right orAntilogic, he is one of the most self-centered, egotistical a-holes I have yet to come across. I am sure the Stanford students caught his act right away. In my opinion he makes Alex Jones look like Mr. Humility.

Being his fan in username

You reminded me to buy some more stuff from the infowars store.

Stanford observations......

Stanford is pretty far out there. They've got the Stanford Transhumanist Association. They had the Singularity Summit --just last year! A quote from the link below:

"The coming merger of human and machine intelligence will mark the next stage in the evolution of life."

(Twilight Zone music please)

Look at some of this stuff from Stanford? It's purported to be defensive but most of us here suspect otherwise!

The Day After is a freakish article with an overview of "a what-if" three nukes went off in major cities (Washington AC/DC, New Delhi and Berlin) over a period of months! It then poses a fourth hypothetical nuclear detonation in Los Angeles! It's strange because of its rather specific hypotheses!

There's more....a workshop....using the hypothetical of a nuclear detonation at near ground level by terrorists in a major American city. I'm certain it was in related materials that Portland OR became concerned over, when a map of part of their city turned up in one of these publications!

The Day After Worshop. It's truly disconcerting when you see this much planning and it wasn't hard to find online!

If they tell you it was terrorists, please....
...don't believe them!

the website & Berkeley protest

I kind of wonder why his website links to a Fetzer / Bollyn story on the front page that is about Wellstone. Is the website not updated, or does he think this is meaningful news?

The Berkeley protest was pretty intense tonight. The rightwing was over the top with their attack signs.

Some of my pictures are here:

Other non MSM-prowar-biased coverage is here:

The MSM wants to spin it as Berkeley hates the military to try to shut them up. Berkeley merely does not want recruitment going on for an illegal war with lies being told to Berkeley youth to coerce them into joining.

Wow, it does look pretty intense....

Thanks for getting me up to speed with the links! It does appear to be far more intense than I would've anticipated!

It's a very interesting issue and pretty aggressive measure by Berkeley! I can't believe, there are so many for this war which is clearly in the interest of only a very few!

Join the marines and what? You get free vaccinations (anthrax, who knows what else?), accomodatiions in the swatiska-shaped barracks in Coronado, multiple tours, possible termination if you sour on the war, loss of bonus if injured and don't fulfill your tour and throw in du (depleted uranium), IEDs, snipers with .50 caliber rifles firing at you from who knows where? It's strictly a sci-fi horror trip to enlist!

What next? They'll propose a Blackwater recruiting center instead?

Marine recruiters...
...don't believe them!

important action

There aren't so many for the war, they just descend on Berkeley from all the local suburban areas, organized by a rightwing mainstream media icon via 'Move America Forward'. Whereas on our side the people were all just from Berkeley and adjacent areas. A lot of the pro-war people are pretty vicious and stupid, if you read their signs. But some are just really angered about the military being rejected. The City Council got death threats and it was all very intense (financially), so their response is not surprising.

Audio of the comments during the meeting are here, much better than the protests or the Council position --

Just thought I'd lighten the mood a little by posting...

this video from one of the possible Stanford neo-con attackers. Enjoy...

"If I had just paid $20 million for the NIST report, I'd be asking for a refund!... The trouble with the NIST Report is that it isn’t even science because it's not capable of being verified or negated!"
-Dr. Frank Greening

About HIcks

in 2004 NY 911 Truth was able to secure a historic church - Riverside Church - in Harlem NYC - to hold a 911 truth event. This church was where Dr. Martin Luther King made his famous "beyond Vietnam" speech.

even more encouraging - we managed to get ex-weapons inspector Scott Ritter to agree to appear and speak. this was huge!!

in the lead-up to this event the NY group worked harder than i have EVER seen this group work before to promote an event. we paid out of pocket expenses to professionally print literature and invitations that we handed out everywhere we could. the literature we prepared was balanced and mature. the effort we made phenomenal. we attended ANSWER and United For Peace and Justice events to invite everyone we could. we spent countless hours at ground zero and Union Square park handing out invitations. we prepared press kits that we distributed to all of the media. (in those days there was a completely airtight media blackout on 911 Truth) many of our banners read: End the Media Blackout on 911.

just a few weeks before the event we held a meeting at Columbia University to discuss our plans. Sander Hicks showed up. i had never heard of him. he was a complete stranger - yet certain members of the NY group suddenly voted to make him our keynote speaker!! i have no idea why. but - at the time i was a quiet member of the group who went along with whatever the majority wanted. but i was perplexed as t o why a complete stranger would be given this privilage.

the agreement was that he would prepare a speech and slideshow.

on the day of the event we drew 800 people. it appeared to be a huge success - despite the protests outside the church being waged by Nico Haupt and Angie D'Urso who were handing out literature attacking out guests.

and then Sander Hicks spoke.

it was something out of the Twillight Zone. he had no slideshow. he discussed NONE of the research we had all agreed upon - instead choosing to reference obscure articles from HUSTLER MAGAZINE. (in a church - LOL!!) his delivery vascilated from whispering (so no one could hear him) to screaming. Over half the audience walked out - many with their hands over their ears. i shit you not. no exaggeration. Many of the activists involved in organizing this event were reduced to tears. Finally - mercifully - Jamie Hecht (From the Wilderness) walked on stage and literally pulled him off.

it was a tremendous defeat.

to this day i do not know how and why Sander Hicks suddenly appeared - a virtual stranger - and given the reigns over this event. but he single handedly scuttled the entire opportunity. his rambling histrionics and non-sensicle speech defied explanation.

but - was i surprised years later to discover that Dr Fetzer was appearing at Hick's coffee house in Brooklyn? no. no suprise there.