The war of Pakistan will have to wait- How the DGSE thwarted a new wave of "Al-CIAduh" Attacks in Europe

Note- this is a rough translation (babelfish) of an article that was just drawn to my attention by an activist in Europe, if anyone could do a better job at translating it- please do so!!! (Carol Brouillet)

The war of Pakistan will have to wait
How the DGSE thwarted a new wave of "Al-CIAduh" Attacks in Europe
by Thierry Meyssan*

A vast campaign of islamist atttacks should have terrorized Europe between the 20 and 28th of January. It was thwarted by the French DGSE and its counterpart, the Spanish CNI, under the supervision of Shine Rodríguez Zapatero. But these attacks were awaited needed by NATO to be able to intervene militarily in Pakistan. Thierry Meyssan reveals the shadowy parts of this failed attempt.

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February 7, 2008

Threats on Europe

The European press largely accounted for the dismantling of an islamist terrorist network, January 18, 2008. On the instructions of the Pakistani emir Baitullah Mehsud, six kamikazes and five accomplices were on the point of making three attacks within 48 hours in Barcelona, in two coaches of line 3 of the subway, in an unidentified shopping center and at the mosque of Ciutat Vella. This operation would have marked the beginning of a new wave of attacks on Portugal, in France, in Germany and in the United Kingdom. The new one was announced by the Minister of Interior Department, Alfredo Perez Rubalcaba, which placed all the security forces of his country in state of alert [1]. Spain was already targeted, March 11, 2004, by a series of attacks in suburban trains in Madrid, which killed 191 and wounded more than 1800.

The catch [2] was made possible thanks to the information given by a young man, intended to sacrifice himself during an attack, who escaped with comrades and spontaneously confessed to the police force. Three accomplices fled towards France where they are wanted[3]. Exceptional means were deployed to find a second team, which would have been charged to manufacture the explosives [4].

The chief of the Catalan cell, Maroof Ahmed Mirza, had been trained during four years in a madrasa (Koranic school) extremist in Pakistan. He was followed by several Western services of information. The French " services" had observed his arrival on their territory and had prevented their Spanish counterparts of the Central Nacional de Inteligencia (CNI) of his installation in Catalonia. Those had found its trace in disinherited suburbs, Raval, where he had become Imam of the mosque of the street of the hospital. To give the exchange, it evolved/moved with its men within a small non-violent Moslem community in Barcelona [5]. They were claimed of Jamaat Al-Tabligh Wal-Dawa (Congregation for the propagation and preaching), an organization appeared in 1927, in British India, attached to the theological current deobandi.

According to the testimony of the repentent young person (indicated in the verbal ones of investigation under the pseudonym of " F-1 "), he would have been selected to die with two other companions in an attack in Frankfurt, but at the last moment, the plans would have been modified. He should have taken part in the operation of Barcelona and would have been replaced in Frankfurt by certain Akeel Abassi. Judge Ismael Moreno, in charge of the case, also heard the others challenged. On the whole, they are nine Pakistani and an Indian (or can be eight Pakistani, Bengali and an Indian [6]), presenting similar profiles at those of young marked people to be responsible for the attacks of London, which resulted in 52 deaths on July 7, 2005 [7].

Press A abundantly reproduced the following extract of the official reports.
- One of the jihadists addressing itself to F-1 : " Why didn't you complete your formation in Pakistan ? "
- F-1 (pilot protected) : " Because I was sick and I have to return ".
- the jihadist : " You like to the emir Baitullah Mehsud much. It likes you as much as if you had finished your preparation, it would have made of you an expert in explosives rather than a kamikaze ".
- F-1 : " Which difference is there between a kamikaze and an expert in explosives ? "
- the jihadist : " There are three different groups : planners, those which manufacture the bombs and the kamikazes " [8].

Actually, F-1 would be an agent of the services of French external information (DGSE), infiltrated in the networks jihadists. The French soldiers would have held an emergency meeting with their Spanish counterparts, in Christmas in Madrid. The president of the Spanish government, Shine Rodríguez Zapatero, would have been personally informed of the danger, but he would not be told details to avoid the iimplications[9]. The haul would have been decided within sight of the collective prayer of the members of the commando and their ritual purification, indicators of one passage to the imminent act [10].

Six other individuals, tracked by Central Nacional de Coordinación Antiterrorista Spanish, were stopped on January 24 with the British airport of Gatwick, while the Center for the Protection of National Infrastructure of the service of counter-terrorism (MI5) launched an opinion of alarm : this team of planners was to start another cell kamikaze which would have made an attack in the Channel tunnel [11].

All the European services of information were placed on a state of alert, the more so as these events coincided with the European tour of the Pakistani president, Pervez Musharraf (Brussels, Paris, London, Davos) [12]. The high profile trip during which the head of state was surrounded a cloud of American spin doctors, to build an image of a polished and accessible leader. Unfortunately his authoritative reflexes re-appeared each time that one asked about the indépendence of the judges of his country or the possible implication of his political party - the PML-Q- in the assassination of Benazir Bhutto.

Moreover, the events of Barcelona took place in the context of many threats :
January 3, certain Murabit Muwaded (i.e. " the combatant for the unit ") posted in Arabic on the forum of islamist site a message promising " to put a term at the continuation of the ambitions of president Sarkozy in the Maghreb countries " and to cause " a collapse of French ̱economy at the international level ".
January 5, the CIA in charge of supervising the communications of the Bin Laden network located on Internet noticed the threats " against Paris and its Bertrand Delanoe mayor " which called for" the fall of Nicolas Sarkozy ".
January 10 of the Portuguese air controllers intercepted a message on the short waves making terrorist threats on Paris [13].
January 21, the Parisian one forgot in " " a discussion with " the black widow ", old leading of Al-Qaida, announcing that France would be punished for its allegiance in America [14].
January 24, a message posted on the forum of the Internet site, this time signed " Al-Qaida in Great Britain ", required a withdrawal of the British troops of Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as the release of the " captive Moslems " of the prison of high safety of Belmarsh. It indicated Gordon Brown and Tony Blair like targets.

Baitullah Mehsud
February 5, Nigel Inkster, the former deputy manager of the British secret service (MI6) presented in London the long awaited annual report of International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS). On this occasion, it " confirmed " that Baitullah Meshud had organized the assassination of the former Pakistani Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, in December 2007. M. Inskter appointed the néo-taliban chief like the new public enemy n°1 of the Occident to replace Usama Bin Laden and d’Abou Moussab Al-Zarkaoui [15].

Retain this name well : Baitullah Mehsud. It will animate your media nightmares during the next years.

Baitullah Mehsud is known for a long time as a Pashtun Warlord operating in Waziristan (Pakistani, frontier tribal zone of Afghanistan). Two years ago, he had negotiated the local cease-fire and was then presented by his American friends like a " peace maker" [16]. Changing his image, he made his mark on the world scene, December 28, 2007, when the spokesman of the Pakistani Minister of Interior Department declared : " We have reports/ratios of information indicating that the leader of Al-Qaida, Baitullah Meshud, is behind the assassination [ of Benazir Bhutto ]. We have just received an interception of information which was recorded this morning and in which Baitullah Meshud congratulates its people to have to carry out this loose act " [17]. Supreme dedication, the General Michael V Hayden, director of the CIA, declared in its turn : " [ the assassination of Mrs. Bhutto ] was perpetrated by a network around Baitullah Meshud. We do not have any reason to doubt it " [18].

One does not know large thing of Meshud, except the short biography that devoted it to him last month Jamestown Foundation [19]. If its period pro-Custom overlooked there, it is learned there that it would have sworn allegiance with Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader, and that he would be with the head of an army of 20 000 men, for the majority resulting from his clan, of which one until had never suspected the width there. It would prohibit the images, which would explain why one does not have any photography of him. It however had the good idea to grant in January an interview to Shahid Nadeem will d’Al-Jazeera. From where it is known that it would have begun his classes in the Soviet army before joining the talibans [20].

The Texan agency - Statfor established a bond between the sect of the suspects of Barcelona and preceding businesses of terrorism [21]. Jamaat Al-Tabligh Wal-Dawa which count today 70 to 80 million members what would make of it the most important Moslem brotherhood in the world. Two tens of its members would be implied in the attacks of London of July 2005 [22], the following project with liquid explosives in August 2006 [23], and in the attacks on Glasgow of July 2007.

The back of the decoration
The business of Barcelona is exceptional and it is imagined that the governments Spanish and British cordially thanked the Directorate-General for external safety (DGSE) French - and particularly their daring F-1- agent to have thwarted these plots and to have saved so many innocent lives.

It of it is nothing. Because there was a second level of handling.

The attentive reader perhaps already became suspicious in front of the alarmist media countryside which preceded these terrorist attacks. He will have noticed confusion between current wahhabite and déobandi. He will have perhaps smiled in front of the threats of " the black widow ", pretending old leading d’Al-Qaïda, whereas this mobility - affirm the same media refuses any political role with the women. He will have wondered about this Mashud which passes the day to the following day named ’"peace maker" to that of ’" public enemy n°1 ". And if seen his interview on Al-Jazeera, he will remember these comments of the journalist : " He is a very simple man. He has a heavily armed guard, but he does not behave like an inaccessible chief. In his village, he is at his place. Contrary to certain foreign Al-Qaida combatants, he does not hide ". In short, he seems to be unaware of his new role of malicious planet gear and does not fear to become the target of CIA attacks.

The moment when the mask falls.

The six terrorists of the cell of planning stopped by Scotland Yard with the airport of Gatwick, January 24, were lengthily questioned by British against-espionage (MI5) in the center of high safety of Paddington Green. Surprised : one were the younger brother, three others the nephews, and the two last of the direct collaborators of Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain, president of Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-i-Azam (PML-Q), the political party of president Pervez Musharraf. All this small world joined the continuation of Pervez Musharraf, awaited in London. They did not have any explanation to be brought on their passage to Barcelona. After the baggage check, the State prevailed. They were discreetly expelled towards Islamabad (Pakistan) by the first flight available tandis that Scotland Yard evoked a mistake (but then, why to expel them ?) [24].

If it had not been thwarted on January 19, the scenario of terror would have been as follows : the first two days of the voyage of Pervez Musharraf in Europe (on January 20-21 in Brussels and Paris), the first cell made 48 hours of carnage in Barcelona. January 22, the Pakistani president being toujous in Paris, one second cell operated there. Between the 23 and 25, whereas M. Musharraf orated with the economic Forum of Davos, of the bombs exploded in Frankfurt. And at the time of its stay in London (of the 26 to the 28), an attack devastated the Channel tunnel.

From Pakistan, Baitullah Mehsud asserted this terror campaign. Granting interviews to the European press, Pervez Musharraf denounced the killer of Benazir Bhutto and called the US forces armed with the assistance. Already secretly returned on the spot, the admiral Mike McConell, general manager of the US information, and the General Michael Heyden, director of the CIA, directed an operation against Meshud. Unfortunately, they missed it little, but killed its assistant, the Libyan Abu Laith Al-Libi, January 31 (this last point was nevertheless concluded at the laid down date, question of making profitable displacement). The same day, George W. Bush beat the drum by making a speech in Las Vegas on the total war with terrorism. February 1, in Paris, Nicolas Sarkozy called in a start of the Occident by receiving the secretary-general of NATO. The following day in London, Gordon Brown and Dick Cheney answered this call since the residence of Chequers.

February 5 International Institute for Strategic Studies published a report which came at the right moment to evaluate the extent of the Meshud threat. The Ministers for NATO, joined together February the 7 and 8 in Vilnius (Lithuania), decided to extend the operations of the Alliance of Afghanistan to Pakistan.

Policy fiction ? Not. In addition to the diary of the personalities above is exact, remember how, in 1978, the national adviser of safety of the United States, Zbignew Brzezinski [25] brought to Beirut a young golden delicious servant boy, Usama Bin Laden, to make of him the chief of the insurrection anticommunist in Afghanistan [26] ; how this last recruited mercenaries in the mediums sunnites extremists to carry out the war against Soviètiques ; how he constituted a true mobility around him with the joint assistance of the United States, the British, the Saudi, then Pakistan. Also remember the role of the secret service Pakistani (ISI) in the formation of the muhajadeen, then the Taliban, and of the personnel of Al-Qaida [27]. Remember the role of the General Mahmoud Ahmad (directing of the ISI) in the organization of the attacks of September 11, 2001, while at the same time he was present in Washington on that day [28].

Note that International Institute for Strategic Studies of London had been the only not-governmental organization to write a report/ratio accrediting the fable of the weapons of massive destruction in Iraq and that it became Master in the art of the intoxication [29].
Note that the Jamestown Foundation which diffuses the main part of information on Baitullah Mehsud is directed by the inoxidable Zbignew Brzezinski, in addition to being special adviser of Barack Obama, the only candidate with the presidency of the United States which calls with a military intervention in Pakistan.

Thus, the French and Spanish military secret service, and Shine Rodríguez Zapatero, did not only prevent attacks in Europe, they prevented (or at least differed) a military operation of NATO in Pakistan to which they are viscéralement opposite.

Thierry Meyssan

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