Harassed At Border For 9/11 Truth Flyer


JC911Truth founder, director and organizer, Glenn Zarmanov was recently harassed on the American-Canadian border for his possession of fliers that prompt the reader to demand a new investigation and DVDs with similar content. While traveling on a visit to Montreal, Quebec, Zarmanov encountered hostility when a border-patrol agent remarked that the fliers and discs could be considered "objectionable material" and might be confiscated. Zarmanov was allowed into the country with his property, but was warned not to bring such material on subsequent visits. Zarmanov was questioned rigorously on his intentions for smuggling paper and plastic into Canada.

As if a thorough search of the vehicle in which the activist was traveling were not enough, the border-guard in question added insult to injury by stating:

"That sh*t [9/11 Truth] don't fly in Canada" and

"You are not welcome here. Americans are second-rate travelers."

In retrospect, Zarmanov should have taken this opportunity to file a complaint against the officer, resulting in his immediate demotion or removal. This kind of sheer contempt for people who offer positive change in the face of demoralizing evil is reprehensible and should be addressed. Had Zarmanov captured this particular officer's behavior on audio/video, there would be no doubt a national scandal concerning the treatment of certain "unpalatable" information as contraband.

9/11 Truth flies in Canada

Yeah, "that shit do fly in Canada."
Unfortunately it fly way below the radar.
We are doing what we can to support our American friends but the apathy and complacency is the same here as it is south of the border.

Re:harassed at the border

I have order 9/11 truth content from US distributors and found my mail open every time-- first time it was a large gouge in a paper bundle of flyers, the other package was so shredded that to keep it together, it arrived in a heavy cloth U.S. mailbag. I didn't know what I was getting!

Canadian Geese

"That sh*t [9/11 Truth] don't fly in Canada"


On May 26th the Toronto Star reported a national poll showing that 63% of Canadians "are convinced US leaders had 'prior knowledge' of the attacks yet declined to act. There was no US coverage of this startling poll or the facts supporting the Canadians' conclusions..." [I should also add that there was very little coverage by the Canadian MSM either]

Barry Zwicker on TVO

Barry Zwicker is on the Steve Paikin show on TVO in 10 minutes.
Listen live or download the podcast later.
Should be a phone in show.
My mistake. No live feed:(

Barrie Zwicker Rulez.He's a

Barrie Zwicker Rulez.
He's a CC (Cool Canadian).

If you haven't already read it, please consider reading Towers of Deception. Chapter 5 is available free online, it's in this chapter that Barrie exposes Noam Chomsky and his sophisticated methodologies of propaganda and deception.

Check it out:

Good comments in response to Paikin show.

I didn't get a chance to watch the show but from reading comments I don't think it was fair to Barry.
On the other hand, check out the comments regarding the show.

I am surprised at the quality of the comments. If Paikin's goal was to discredit 9/11 Truthers he failed miserably.
Still waiting for the podcast BTW

Can you provide online link

to this survey in the Toronto Star?


Can't seem to find the find the online link for the T.S. poll but here's zogby reporting it:


Was also cited in one of Griffin's books I believe.


Speaking as a Canadian and a member of The 911 Truth Movement, Halifax branch - 911 Truth Flies in Canada!

The Canadian that did that is a pig! An uninformed pig!

We shall prevail!

911 Was an Inside Job!

Never too late for justice

I would think it's not too late for Zarmanov to file a complaint about this. Each and every one of these types of instances should be followed up vigorously.

Canada Border Services should be chastised for having such assholes working for them, I'm ashamed that these egregious excuses for human flotsam are allowed to draw a paycheck and represent my country.



Interesting. The next time

Interesting. The next time this happens to someone, try to get the name and/or number of the border guard. I don't believe border guards are put in place to insult the other country's citizens.

I would think there is still time to file a complaint, I assume the license plate number of the car can be used to track down the booth and border guard that "inspected" this traveler to take disciplinary actions.

A good idea for anyone crossing a border in either direction

is to have a Flip Video style 60 minute digital flash camcorder turned on and hung around your neck when you go across. Just tell the border guard that you are video recording your border crossing for your own protection. That should dissuade them from being an asshole, but if they still are, you've got it on tape!

Detained in Canada for 911 truth

I had a very similar thing happen to me in winnipeg canada (which i now refer to as winniPIG ;-)

They detained me for an hour, at the winnipeg airport and had me in a series of 3 small rooms with 5 guards, after seeing my endgame dvd and i also had other 911 truth dvds. they said 'this is RADICAL', and took my items into another room to 'report this', in the female officers words. they then saw my infowars t shirt and thats when i started defending myself and 911 truth. "inside job?" they asked. I said "ABSOLUTELY IT WAS AN INSIDE JOB. told them about steve jones, bob bowman, paul craig roberts, etc. then i said IN AMERICA, NO ONE DICTATES TO US WHAT WE CAN WATCH, TALK ABOUT, READ OR BELIEVE'. one of the gards replied, 'oh, no not here either'- OK then,i said, then either let me go or send me out. at that point i didnt even want to be in their stinkin country. what a bunch of pigs man.

This event inspired me, After my vacation ,
to get even more vocal and i started http://911truthie.com , a local 911 truth group in my area which is half hour east of L.A. CAlifornia.

I was on the michael badnarik show on WTPRN.com with my Canadian friend Nathan to discuss this incident after it happened, it's on their archive.

Keep up the good fight,