The power each of us wields by purchasing a (new) copy of The Shell Game

by Bill Douglas

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On February 6th, “The Shell Game,” an explosive 9/11 truth telling edu-tainment novel rose to #31 on the New York Times Best Seller List! What is amazing about this is that “The Shell Game” just barely hit the front placement in major book stores, airports, etc. across the nation on February 1st. Meaning that this book hit the big time before it was even commercially released in any real way. WHY?

Perhaps this question is best answered by the following message “The Shell Game” author, just sent to 9/11 truth activists who had worked hard to spread the word on the novel since reading preview copies:


TO: The real Patriots of the 21st century


Congratulations! Your efforts have caused The SHELL GAME to hit the NY Times best seller list, debuting at # 31 in only its second week! Here's what is really exciting: Barnes & Noble and Borders front table space only began Feb. 1. If we can continue to push it up the list into the top 10, the following dominoes will fall:

1. Supermarkets, drugstores, Targets, etc., will automatically BUY IN as they purchase off the NY Times list.

2. Major newspapers will ask for review copies and interviews.

3. Major shows like Letterman will be interested.

4. The top 10 best seller list is published each week in NATIONAL PAPERS. It is what people buy from. The potential to create a WAVE of mass sales is there, persuading the media and public alike.

And YES... sales COUNT on the list!

What does this mean to the 9/11 Truth Movement?

It means you just got yourself a crowbar to leverage open doors that have been slammed shut.

And I am not playing it safe. If you listened to my interview with former Senator Robert Rovner, I pull no punches. I let everyone know that YOU are the voice of patriotism, a voice that has been deliberately smeared by disinformation tactics because the powers-that-be fear the truth. The evidence is overwhelming that the Bushies committed TREASON! War games, put orders...Cheney issuing stand down orders in the bunker...we need a real investigation. Could the success of a novel do it?

Yes. . . . . [read on at page #2 to learn how and why]

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I've been getting lots of e-mail from readers, both Dems and Republicans, that are SHOCKED by the 9/11 revelations. They are disgusted and want to know more. Every time a book is sold and read, a mind is reprogrammed. Or de-brainwashed.

What's important now is NOT TO LET UP! Your efforts have given us momentum, but it can be so much more. A novel can reach the critical masses during a critical elections. A number 1 - 5 spot will add fuel to the movie potential (I already have a producer attached.) Oh...the new second editions list many of you in the ACKNOWLEDGMENTS.

I'm committed. For the record, I've already spent every dime I made on the book for the two book trailers (see ). And like you, I get my daily dosage of e-mail threats. Photos of my home on blogs. My private phone numbers. Stealing of private e-mails. Calls at 4am. Someone is certainly getting freaked out about the potential of a novel. To quote Tom Petty, "I won't back down."

I hope you won't either.

All of you have done so much and suffered for your efforts. I don't have to tell you that changing the mind-set of the masses is like pushing a boulder up a hill. The good news is that this tool has momentum.

KEEP PUSHING! The summit is visible.

Steve Alten

LOL why promote a book that

LOL why promote a book that is at best LIHOP-lite

this is a joke

Well, I admire your commitment, but I remain agnostic. ;-)

Mind, I need to find/read a copy...