PSST! Over Here!

There is an ongoing Request for Comment on the proposed renaming of the Wikipedia article 9/11 conspiracy theories to '911 alternative theories.' Naturally the RFC is being spammed by the resident sophists and shills, so we need your help. Here is the latest comment:

"Strong support in favor of renaming. The title is objectively pejorative, as evinced by the fact that many editors who oppose the change have pointed out it accurately describes folklore and urban legend; however, these are not the subject of the article. Moreover it abuses the term 'theory,' by prescribing the colloquial meaning of that word while some of the contents address theories in the scientific sense. The term 'Conspiracy theories' excludes scientific theories, but accurately describes the plot that is the subject of the 9/11 attacks article. However, the term 'Alternative theories' potentially embraces both folkore and science, but like the article excludes the mainstream theory. Hence '9/11 alternative theories' is a more accurate title."

Personally I am in favor of merging the two articles, "September 11, 2001 attacks" and "9/11 conspiracy theories' under a more neutral title such as 'Allegations of responsibility' for 9/11, however that has not been proposed; and the article Responsibility for the September 11, 2001 attacks already exists, although it is poorly updated and takes the government's story at face value! So perhaps something should be done about that one too.

On Wikipedia the threshold for inclusion is verifiability by reliable sources. It is also dedicated to a neutral point of view. However the policy on reliable sources specifically excludes so-called 'extremist sources,' which are "organizations and individuals that are widely acknowledged as extremist, whether of a political, religious or anti-religious, racist, or other nature." The policies of "notability" and "exceptional claims require exceptional sources" and "undue weight" have twisted the notion of neutrality into the very definition of bias. The truth is alive and well on Wikipedia and it is known as 'prominence,' while falsehood is known as 'fringe theory.'