Searching For Truth In Wayne

This article will be appearing on the front page of tomorrow's issue (2/13/2008) of Main Line Life. To my knowledge, an article like this has never appeared in a newspaper before. Never. Not in the United States, and not in the World. This is what journalism should be. Honest, with no agenda. I would like to give Jeff Cobb my sincerest thanks. You have shown courage and integrity the likes of which haven't been seen in journalism for a very long time. I would like to thank Main Line Life for publishing this article. Hopefully more newspapers across the country, and the world will follow your example. Thank you to Jaime, and everyone at the Anthony Wayne Theater. You have been such a big help. Congratulations, and a HUGE thank you to Betsy Metz for making all of this possible. You are a true American Hero. - Jon

Searching for truth in Wayne
Documentaries question official explanations of the Sept. 11 attacks.

By Jeff Cobb

They realize their topic is big; its implications disturbing, but they are compelled by inner conviction.

On Tuesday nights in downtown Wayne, since Jan. 1, Betsy Metz, of Devon, and Jon Gold, of Plymouth Meeting have been sponsoring documentaries at the Wayne Theater that dispute the official explanations of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.

They intend to show the videos through February and describe themselves as everyday citizens accruing out-of-pocket costs. Theirs is one effort among several around the country attempting to spur interest and they plan to donate all proceeds to the “FealGood Foundation.”

While, as with any controversy, there are those who discount the credibility of its proponents, their movement has grown, and continues to mount evidence asserting that the truth about the attacks was deliberately concealed.

Included in their numbers are professional architects, structural engineers, physicists, college professors, airline pilots, military officials, journalists, New York firefighters, emergency service personnel, government officials and workers from many levels, and more.

Their allegation? Insufficient investigations were conducted into the destruction of these buildings, and the – now seldom mentioned by the press – WTC 7 building that also collapsed at "near free fall speed into its own footprint."

That 47-story, steel-reinforced structure was not struck by an airplane but did catch fire from the Twin Towers 300 feet away.

Unexplained, however, was how the description of WTC 7’s collapse was fed to major news outlets well in advance of its actual falling.

Jane Stanley, a BBC news reporter, appeared live that day with the building standing in full view behind her, as she was describing it in past tense as already having collapsed. A seven minute, 15 second video clip of her report has been widely circulated on YouTube as particularly damning evidence among hundreds of smoking guns. Other news sources also described the collapse of the building while it still stood.

Up until Sept. 11, no steel-reinforced buildings had collapsed due to fire.

But Gold and Metz are clear, that they do not need to "go there" in order for their suspicions to have been aroused.

They said they realize how outlandish what they are implying could sound, and they avoid the term “conspiracy theory” as one filled with negative connotations.

Their motivations, they said, are first out of sympathy for the 2,900-plus that died that day, the many family members left behind, and secondarily, for the sick and dying 9/11 first responders.

So rather than focusing on speculations, Metz and Gold insist on sticking first to the facts: events that cannot be disputed.

For example, they cite the Bush administration’s initial reluctance to investigate the matter more fully.

In the days following the attacks, it was reportedly decided that just $3 million would be enough to finance the investigation, while money allocated to the inquiry into the Clinton-Lewinsky affair had been estimated at no less than $40 million.

It was not until grieving family members who formed a 12-person “steering committee” pressured Washington legislators that they increased the budget to $14 million and formed the 9/11 Commission 441 days after the attack.

“Why wouldn’t the President of the United States of all people want to know how and why that happened so as to makes sure it never happened again?” Metz said, “Yet they were the ones, who according to the families were their biggest adversary.”

Critics of the 9/11 Commission have since called it a “sham” that did not dig deep enough. An estimated 70 percent of the questions posed by the steering committee were not answered.

According to a recent book titled, The Commission by New York Times reporter Phil Shenon, the families’ fears may have been justified when they called for Executive Director Philip Zelikow’s resignation at the time of the 9/11 Commission. Apparently he had closer ties to the White House than even they realized.

It is suggested this may explain why reams of eyewitness testimony, including from first responders that might have suggested foul play were omitted from the official record.

Accounts of numerous explosions in the basement and on other floors – despite the absence of known explosive sources – were squelched by those entrusted to provide answers to the American people, say critics.

And attempts by “whistleblowers” offering contradictory testimony, such as Sibel Edmonds, Coleen Rowley and Robert Wright were suppressed as well.

Also undisputed was the initial reaction by White House officials to the attacks.

Then National Security Advisor Condoleezza Rice, Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, and President Bush himself all said no one could have imagined anyone assuming control of aircraft and using them as guided missiles.

These statements were later contradicted by other administration and military sources, and it was shown the Pentagon had circulated anti-terrorism training booklets with a drawing of the Twin Towers in the crosshairs. The Pentagon was also the subject of mock war game projections called the “Mass Casualty Exercise” (MASCAL) Oct. 24 to Oct. 28, 2000. In this anti-terrorist training scenario held by the Office of the Secretary of Defense, readiness was tested based on a hypothetical airplane being crashed into its center courtyard. Photographs of this facsimile of an anticipated disaster are publicly available.

So did officials know or didn’t they?

Were they truly unaware, or incompetent, or complicit?

These are the questions of Metz, Gold, and many others, not least of which are the family members who never received bodies to bury.

“We want them to have closure,” Gold said, “How dare they deny them closure?”

Gold said it is remarkable how the resultant “War On Terror” began with the accusation of Osama bin Laden, who while on the FBI’s most wanted list, has not been indicted for the actual crime of the Sept. 11 attacks.

This coupled with other pretexts, such as alleged weapons of mass destruction in Iraq were also soon presented to justify that country’s invasion.

Gold also cited a 2000 document titled “Rebuilding America’s Defenses,” the result of a “neoconservative” think tank called the Project For The New American Century. Members include Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz, and many other prominent members and former members of the Bush Administration. The study postulated ways to aggressively increase and assert America’s power globally. A pretext “like a new Pearl Harbor” was written in this now publicly available document as being needed to rally support by the American people.

“These people are not incompetent, they wanted to go to war, they went to war; they wanted to make billions for their corporate friends, they managed to make billions for their corporate friends,” Gold said.

But just when the implications started to sound really far out and frightening, Gold stopped himself, and came back to his core message.

“I want truth, accountability and justice,” said Gold who has researched the topic for the last five years. “I am furious at the American people for being apathetic to this.”
A new, independent investigation would be in order, he said.

Of the 9/11 Commission Report, some have accepted the official story on face value, he said, but he and other thinking people are saying things just don’t add up.

For more, visit:,,, Several video documentaries are available online, and the Internet is replete with information.

Congratulations on this, Jon

Congratulations on this, Jon and Betsy.



I hope we can get a permalink to the story tomorrow on so that we can pass this story around the web tomorrow. I agree. This is huge. The story is written excellently with the right stuff. The turn of events up there in Wayne has been astounding. Just goes to show.. Jon & Betsy. You guys rock.

Onwards. hopefully we can drive a lot of traffic and link to a permalink on the website tomorrow. It doesn't look like they require registration which is good as well. Peace.

Let's do it.


Said the story will be online tomorrow (Thursday).

Here's the front page...

And here's the link to the online version of the story...

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Awesome work, Jon

And a huge thanks to Jeff Cobb for his courage.

Excellent article....

It's a very well-written article!

“I want truth, accountability and justice,” said Gold who has researched the topic for the last five years. “I am furious at the American people for being apathetic to this.”

I couldn't agree more. The American public would rather discuss sports or television or the next new gadget! It's severely disappointing!

While the American couch potato--myself included--can't muster the awareness nevertheless take responsibility for our festering fascist foreign policy aimed at global domination and subjugation at home, our government revenue is used to slaughter millions and rape the world of its resources, simply because the oligarchs want them!

It's a sad state of affairs!

...don't believe them!

Way to go, Jon!



Willie Nelson comes out for 9/11 truth, the head electrical engineer of the WTC buildings comes out for truth, and "The Shell Game" hits the NY Times best seller list . . .

AND NOW THIS !!! All within about one week.

Last month the Japanese opposition said 9/11 was an inside job on national TV.

I saw William Krystol (PNAC) on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart tonight . . . AND HE LOOKED LIKE A NERVOUS WRECK !!


GO TEAM !! GO !!

Excellent breakthrough made by Jon & the others involved!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here:

What an intelligent article.

What an intelligent article. Good work guys.

Excellent. Send a copy to George Monbiot guardian journalist ?

Herblay FRANCE

Bonjour ,

Excellent article. I am going to use it here in France. Perhaps it would be worrth sending a copy to journalists like George Monbiot at the Guardian UK so that they can see some real journalism and that we are not all ill with his so called 9/11 virus sweeping the world,,2007519,00.html

I am going to send a translated copy to some french jourlalists.

Thank you Jeff Coff.

Can someone please post here a scanned copy of the news article also with the front page having the name "Main Line Life"



You two are kicking ass

Turning the main line around is not easy stuff & your efforts deserves God's rewards.


Hi John -

I took the photo Jon posted here (above? below?) with my iPhone in my Jeep in Bryn Mawr, PA (I need to remember this visual for posterity's sake) - will send you some more directly to your email address, but the text won't be legible. I'll see if my kids know how to scan it . . .

Bought 30 issues an hour ago - Five each at six different locations. Don't want to deplete the area's supply. : )

Let me know if you want an original copy.

Also, the reporter's name is Jeff Cobb (he's the News Editor at Main Line Life) - again, it's hard to make out the text, I know . . . . Here's his email address if anyone wants to send him any comments or thanks:

Here's to Truth!! (Cheers) Going out to celebrate tonight . . .


P.S. If ANYONE wants an original newspaper, email me your mailing address at, while supplies last . . .

Sent Mr. Cobb an email

Sent Mr. Cobb an email thanking him for reminding us what a 'free press" looks like.

“On the altar of God, I swear eternal hostility against all forms of tyranny over the mind of man."--Thomas Jefferson

well done

On the front page, credible, and... well done!

The more people who keep writing and speaking out, the less the facts can be ignored.
Arabesque: 911 Truth

The first public response . . . .

Dear Editor,
What an amazing story Jeff Cobb has given us on the front page of this week's Main Life Life, "Searching for Truth in Wayne," February 13. Mr. Cobb looks for stories of people making a difference in the community, and he certainly found one in the story of Betsy Metz and Jon Gold financing the showing of 9/11 Truth movies at the Wayne cinema Tuesday evenings this winter. The story is remarkable but told objectively, as Metz and Gold are also trying to do, focusing on "facts that cannot be disputed." Thank you for bringing this story to the attention of our community.

Surprisingly, I was not able to find the story in the online version of your paper today. I trust you will add it to the paper online so that more people can benefit from Mr. Cobb's writing, which is one of the best things about The Main Line Life.

Jane D.
Bryn Mawr, PA 19010


When you have the chance, you should take a copy & give it to Father Pete, who is the head of Villanova. I'm not sure he is an activist, but he is a friendly ,approachable guy & maybe he can direct you to some organization within the school, that could champion the cause.

You are doing great, solid work!

Hi t*o*p . . .Do you know

Hi t*o*p . . .

Do you know Father Pete's full name? Should I put a package of a few books and dvd's together for him?
Maybe I'll be brave one day and just walk over to the campus to see if I could have a few minutes with him . . .

Thank you for your very kind words.


Very nice.

Even nicer the geographic region where it's being printed.

Good job!


I've been told that Jeff Cobb's article will again appear next week in a sister publication of Main Line Life, The Suburban & Wayne Times, and also possibly a third newspaper, the Main Line Times.

Also, this afternoon, I received a phone call from Dom Giordano, a radio talk show host broadcasting from the Philadelphia area to 38 states and Canada on 1210 am (9pm -12am weeknights), a CBS station.

A listener had sent him Jeff's article - apparently it was discussed on Dom's show last night. He invited Jon & me on for his show tonight from 9:30-10:00pm.

It wasn't too bad, I think, all things considered . . . Dom was a bit more polite than Sean Hannity . . . haha, but I think we held our own. I think.

Check out the site for the weekday hosts . ., or

His byline . . . "I’m A Vegetarian…But Not A Whiney Liberal One."

If anyone comes across the audio, if it's not ever posted above, could you let Jon or me know?

Thanks so much -



Did our best. It is not easy talking to that kind of host. They try to frame what you're saying, they ask you questions they know you don't know the answers to (to make you look stupid), etc... Overall, I'd say we kicked his @ss. Of course, I'm biased.

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Betsy and I...

Were on National Radio tonight. Dom Giordano. His show apparently reaches 38 states, and Canada. He is on a station that carries Michael Smerconish, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh. I didn't know what to expect from him because I'd never heard of him. I took some time today to listen to his recent interview with Valerie Plame. He seemed like a reasonable fellow. It turns out that he was more like a Hannity/O'Reilly/Beck/Gibson/Carlson wannabe. Unfortunately, I don't know if there are archives available of the show or not. If someone is good at finding that kind of thing, could you give it a go please? I was nervous at the beginning, but Betsy was a rock. We may have stumbled a little (not at all really), but overall, I'd say we did VERY well. We had two callers call in. Someone who yelled at us, and someone on our side who was extremely well spoken. He turned out to be a friend of mine. I didn't know it was him at the time, or that he was going to call in, but I'm grateful that he did. It's difficult interviewing with someone else because you sometimes have a tendency to talk over one another. I got Sibel Edmonds, Coleen Rowley, Robert Wright, the latest news about Zelikow, the families, the responders, and a few other things out, and made some good points, and I'll let Betsy tell you what she talked about. He was very intent on understanding where the money was coming from as if to portray it as a scam in some way. Betsy was completely up front with him in that regard, and I think she made the right decision. When he started asking those questions, I was thinking to myself, "What business is it of yours how much this is costing?" I'm glad I'm not the one that responded because he could have taken that statement and made it appear as if our funding was "devious" in some way. Congratulations to Betsy again.

Edit: I just got a call from Bob McIlvaine, and he said we did well.

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Great work Jon

Everybody forward this to all our local media. Very well done.