WeAreChange interviews Jim LaPenna, 9/11 First Responder

Please donate to the upcoming First Responder money bomb this Saturday, Feb. 16 2008.


Beautiful, Brian!

how very moving. i love these guys!
blessings, Jim LaPenna, and thank you for all you have done.
hug the little ones!

MP3 Audio Clip - National Public Radio

Wednesday January 23, 2008
New York Public Radio Reports About Rudy Giuliani And Air Quality Reports After 9/11

* source = http://www.wnyc.org/news/articles/92318

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One of the most profound, poignant interviews about the plight

of the ground zero volunteers I've ever seen!!! Everyone needs to watcht this!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

the highest expression of our humanity

People like Jim LaPenna teach us the true meaning of bravery, and what it means to give of yourself for others. Why is it that those who speak from the heart and strive for truth and justice must fight against poverty? - while those who murder and lie get insurance pay-outs and no-bid contracts in the billions.




I agree. Where the fuck did all that money go. Millions of Americans wrote checks and donated to those fundraisers. I remember the telethons and music specials encouraging the safe donations of money. Where the fuck did it go? I hate these assholes. I pray it works. The Pay It Forward process because people like Jim LaPenna and all the others deserve some god damn respect. And I agree how everyone is so fucking patriotic after the attacks etc, yet when the information comes out that people don't want to hear, their patriotism is nowhere to be found. It's bury your god damn head. And I appreciate people trying to be polite in their answers like Jim LaPenna said, but there are times when being polite is no longer necessary.

Great Video.

Every time I hear from a

Every time I hear from a First Resonder, I swear, I have to contain myself. I get so sad and so fuking angry at the same time, the strangest compulsion for radical action. Please don't forget the First Responders in their hour of need. Feb 16th is the donation day for the First Responders, don't forget to donate at FealGoodFoundation.com or at 1stresponders1st.com Any bit will make a difference.

Intense Interview

Thank you Brian for sharing that. It was very moving. It must have been a hard interview to handle in person. I was very moved by Jim's comment that he would do it the same way all over again (by being a first responder). What a courageous and compassionate human being. Best wishes to you both.


I'm glad I saw this testimonial! La Penna's story illustrates how divorced this regiime is from the American people! The present regime's agenda--whatever it is--in reality--doesn't include the interests of the American people.

We're on our own!

Jim La Penna lets you know that you...
...can't believe them!

Thank you!

Thank you for this effort. We dont have much to contribute, but did what we can. I also posted the information on our front page, so hopefully our traffic will help boost this fund drive. Best of luck...