Barry Zwicker on TVO

Sorry for the last minute notice here but you can download the podcast also.
Barry Zwicker will be on TV Ontario with Steve Paikin.
Steve is an intelligent, objective and reasonable host.
Let's hope he gives our guy a fair shake.
It looks like he will be going up against psychologists, not physicists or scientist.


Apathy Supports the Status Quo

They're throwing the "paranoia" shrinks at Zwicker. I hope Zwicker counters with the math on Building 7. Not much to psychoanalyze there. Just get out a calculator and a stop watch and it's obvious the resistance in the building was artifically removed or else you don't believe in math.

I'd urge everyone to not allow yourself to be dragged into trying to explain all the possiblities of this issue, but rather just have them do the math or shut up and accept your findings. There's no way around it. Once we've established that Building No. 7 was brought down by a controlled demolition then the other pieces will fit the puzzle of their minds.

It's a shame

they counter evidence with psychology.

Please post a video of this show, if you have one.

Check out comments.

If Paikin was out to discredit Zwicker and Truthers by extension he has failed judging by the comments.
I think we need to ask him to revisit the topic with a focus not on the "conspiracy" angle but on the science and facts and the very real possibility that 9/11 was the Bush administration's Reichstag fire.
Here is where we can make suggestions.
Judging by the comments, the Truth is on the move. Lets get behind and push.