Europe for 9/11 Truth Evening at the European Parliament !

Andreas von Bulow, Giulietto Chiesa, David Ray Griffin, Yukihisa Fujita will attend this historic evening where the Giulietto Chiesa's movie Zero. Perchè la versione ufficiale sull'11/9 è un falso will be projected and a debate will follow.

This historic event will happen on Tuesday, Feb 26th, and is the fruit of eight months of inquiry, documentaries and interviews conducted both in Europe and the USA.

More detailed information in french here:


Tuesday 26th of February seems to be the correct date, not 20th.

Babel Fish Electronic Translation

The Film "Zero inquires over September 11" 911 in the European Parliament of Brussels Evening organized by Italian Eurodéputé Giulietto Chiesa. Europe for an Independent Board of inquiry over September 11, 2001 Follow-up of a debate with Andreas von Bulow, Giulietto Chiesa, David Ray Griffin, Yukihisa Fujita. A few weeks after the Japanese Parliament, it is with the turn of Europe to begin the debate on what it really occurred on September 11, 2001. Whereas the journalists and political French continue to relay the version of the islamist plot defended by the Bush administration, Italian Eurodéputé, Giulietto Chiesa organizes one evening historical in the European Parliament of Brussels on next 26 February by proposing the projection of its film ZERO - Inchiesta sull' 11 settembre. This documentary is the fruit of eight month a collective work of investigations, reports and interviews in Europe and in the United States. It proposes all the inconsistencies, handling, omissions and lies of the official version. This evening will be followed of a debate with, inter alia, Giulietto Chiesa (journalist and Italian politician, Member of the Commission of investigation of the European Parliament on the secret prisons of the CIA), Andreas von Bulow (former German Minister and specialist in the secret service), pr. David Ray Griffin (author of four books of reference over September 11 and specialist in the processes of study) and Yukihisa Fujita (appointed Japanese). This initiative falls under the movement of resistance, now international, initiated by the families of the victims and which calls with the installation of an international and independent board of inquiry over September 11, 2001. ReOpen911 of course is associated this true event, and will make any possible sound to retransmit you the vidéos this extraordinary meeting.

Not open to public

According to the notes in the forum at this site, the viewing and subsequent panel discussion will not be open to the public, and von Bülow will not be there. Will Griffin?

More info??

I would immediately book a flight to Brussels if it was possible to participate at this event.
Can we be sure it is not open to the public?
Has anybody infos...
pls tell!!

This European Parliament post is on OpEdNews with also the Japan

At the OpEdNews link below it also has the video of the Japanese Parliament demanding 9/11 truth, and the link to the former Italian Prime Minister who called 9/11 an inside job, as well as Willie Nelson and a compilation of other breaking 9/11 truth issues and events:

Good Job Bill. I'm sending all over.


No campaign

The admin of the 911 Truth Europe site was "not aware of any MP campaign regarding this meeting".

If that really is so, something needs to be done about this, and quickly. This is a very important opportunity.

Parlez vous Anglais?

The website has an English-language page (well, sort of, anyway), but (other than me, just a little ago) nobody has posted there recently:

Good but . . .

It seems important so I hope it goes well.

The links suggest a mixture of viewpoints but my expectation is that there will be missteps, particularly around the Pentagon. I was concerned that an Eric Hufschmidt video is on the English page, with his suggestion that the hole at the Pentagon wasn't big enough and that there was no debris on the lawn -- if things get tough and too many are asking questions, all the DoD needs to do is run the video we've never seen and it taints everything else as being suspect evidence. It's important to underscore that many don't agree on the issue of the Pentagon.