Unwelcome Guests: 9/11: The Myth of the 21st Century Pt I of III

Get over to Radio 4 All and check out the load of 911 audio.


For those of you unfamilliar with Unwelcome Guests, it is a weekly 2 hour show that focuses on issues that matter. Lynn Gary produces it and always has great 911 coverage as it comes up.

As this show says "Unwelcome Guests Radio has given us at least thirty one hour shows in six years, seriously questioning and investigating the Myth of 9/11".

This show is labeled one of three.

Time to top up the ole iPod!


Unwelcome Guests in an

Unwelcome Guests in an indispensable source for alternative information. They have an incredible archive filled with incredible shows. It's a fantastic and encyclopedic source.


Probably the best political radio show on the net :-)


Outstanding, Lyn Garry has done amazing work in pulling all the material she broadcasts together.

Looks Interesting....

...I'll have to check these out! Here's a more direct link if you're experiencing trouble accessing?

Unwelcome Guests

...don't believe them!

Lynn Gary

I would say that Lynn Gary provides the absolute best alternative media available. There are hundreds of programs, all available for free download and distribution, all on the most radical topics imaginable, in my opinion. Her programs on patriarchy and feminism are of my most favorite.

Unwelcome Guests is now

Unwelcome Guests is now offline. I cannot get to their DB. I wonder why?