A Valentine's Day Civil Disobedience Display For Bill Clinton In Milwaukee, WI

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I just attended a political rally for Hillary Clinton with Bill Clinton as the speaker in Milwaukee, WI at the Italian Community Center. I got about 20 feet away from Bill when I pulled out my Take A Stand For 9/11 Truth sign I had wrapped around my upper body under my sweatshirt. I interrupted Bill's speech (peaceful civil disobedience is in order when it comes to 9/11 Truth) and yelled at Bill that 9/11 Truth is here, and we are not going away. I said this because of Bill's response to another 9/11 Truther who used peaceful civil disobedience at a previous political rally. Bill told that 9/11 Truth to go away at the end of his BS response. I then proceeded to leave the hall without giving Bill a chance to respond to me because I didn't want to hear his "19 terrorist did it" line of bull. As I was leaving I was entertained with a chorus of Hillary! Hillary! Hillary! from the crowd. I had my video camera with me but I messed up and I didn't record the beginning. I only caught the ending chorus as I was leaving. There were many newscamera people there so I'm sure they caught my act.

As I walked outside I was greeted by some law enforcement people that were trying to block my walk to my car because one of Bill's associates wanted to talk with me. He knew my name because he told me what my name was and said something like I'm famous around here. I told him and the law enforcement officers that I didn't want to talk to this guy and that they had no right to block me from reaching my car. One officer even put his hand on my shoulder lightly to try and stop me from passing him. I told them I did nothing against the law and that I used my right of freedom of expression. Someone said it was a private rally and I disagreed with him. If it was private they should of stopped me at the table I had to pass by before entering the hall. Bill's associate then gave up and they let me proceed to my car.

I'm a firm believer in peaceful civil disobedience to get our message out. I know there are those that say this is not the way to do it, but I disagree. We have a very small platform except for the internet, DVD's, books, and what we do on the streets to get our message out. I think the public needs to see more peaceful confrontations like this. We must speak 'truth to power' and hope we plant more seeds into those that are failing to grasp the truth. Each time we do something like this it sinks a little deeper into the minds of the unbelievers. If they here it enough they just might come out of there shell and really take a good look at all the evidence that's available and realize they've been lied to. Again, I'm sorry about not getting the video. I have a picture of me with the sign I used in the attachments. This picture was not taken at the rally.

P.S. CORRECTION FEB. 15TH, 2008 I want to make a correction about the guy that wanted to talk to me after I left the hall where Bill Clinton had spoke in Milwaukee on Feb. 14th.. I thought it was one of Bill Clinton's associates and I was wrong. Today, Feb. 15th I went to another campaign rally for McCain only this time I wanted to stay outside and display my signs. I met this same guy outside Serb Hall where the rally for McCain was and we talked. It turns out he's a Milwaukee police detective and he was very gracious with me. He had been to my site previously and he complimented me about the site and the effort/passion I put into my activism. He told me he had a talk with the other policeman that had put his hand lightly on my shoulder after I left. Looks like I have some respect and a law enforcement officer that knows our constitution. Thumbs up for this guy.
Take Care Matt

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The Clinton is gang is

The Clinton is gang is notorious. I was pulled from the crowd and arrested back in September when he was in NYC. Keep your chin up patriot.

Great work, Matt!

Any live campaign event where this doesn't happen is a missed opportunity.

Anybody who's planning to do truth squad actions like this is welcome to email me and I'll send you a free INSIDE JOB plastic roll banner sign -- it's easy to fold up and get past security. http://www.911blogger.com/node/10077


Right On Matt

I fully support your right to free speech!!

Bill's glib response should be challenged at every turn. He is overly confident if you ask me. He sees 9/11 as easy pickens!

We aren't going away Bill this is a marathon not a sprint. You are gonna eat those words bubba.

"Now, I have to go back to work on my State of the Union speech. And I worked on it until pretty late last night. But I want to say one thing to the American people. I want you to listen to me. I'm going to say this again: I did not have sexual relations with that woman, Miss Lewinsky. I never told anybody to lie, not a single time; never. These allegations are false. And I need to go back to work for the American people. Thank you."

What a douche!

Well done

Polite civil disobedience is necessary and productive.

Obnoxious civil disobedience is not.

Three rules of public speaking:

Be brief

Be brilliant

Be gone

You're 3 for 3


Thanks Matt.

I don't care if it is considered polite or obnoxious.. I'm glad someone is doing it while most other Americans are on the couch or have their head buried in the sand. And as far as being brilliant. Well that's pretty hard to achieve. The more civil acts of disobedience the better and it warms my heart to know there are people out there doing it. Like Kevin said. It would be ashame if these events went by without someone like you attending and demanding the truth.

Great Work for CD!

Richard D. Brinkman
Richard D. Brinkman www.edmonton911truth.com
I strongly promote Civil Information as our first tool to use to reach our community with the issues of 9/11 and for the call of a new investigation.
Sometimes we have no other choice such as this example, and find ourselves resorting to civil disobedience. (Its a judgement call ) I applaud you for your bravery and especially your civilness. My question is how many inquiring minds were you able to do a one on one talk regarding 9/11 after your CD?
How many converts did you make on Yes We Need to re Investigate? Did you make the news and if so, how many people have awaken to 9/11 being an inside job? I'm not trying to be critical Matt but this is important to know how many people have open there eyes on 9/11? In the same breath...How many people were turned off to the question of 9/11?

Solidarity for truth!
Respectfully yours Richard.


I don't think you can really predict before hand ,or often even after, if your actions are going to repel people from the truth or attract them. I'd just follow your heart on that. And I'm glad you didn't stick around to talk to people. Sounds like getting your ass out of there was a great idea in this case.

Thanks for your write up of the event. It was fun to read and I'd like to see you covered on the news or at least on a YouTube video, but the description was pretty exhilarating too. I know my heart rate would have been exploding in those circumstances. I applaud you.


Your chances of getting 'converts' is better if you are polite.

We are trying to get people to deal with something they don't want to deal with.

Obnoxious gives them an excuse to call us kooks and write us off.


They have that excuse anyway. I admit being polite may be the superior way of getting converts, but being offensive may also be necessary and shouldn't necessarily be shied away from. Questioning to the point of not enough action is the worst tactic in my opinion. I'd rather take the brash actions that get attention and then digest the results afterward. Nothing is worse than inaction out of fear of being "obnoxious" or analysis paralysis.

It just really turned me off when people were criticizing the Bill Maher people. I agree, analyze it, and make it better, more effective for the future, but don't criticize the few actions we have going for us, unless you are going to come up with better, more polite, effective things that are going to get done. My main point is that it is hard to go out like Matt did and take an action. The nerves etc. And then to get the warnings or critical advice just seems counterproductive. Live up. Stand up for our rights etc. When we go too far we'll know, but we haven't even come close to that line in my opinion. People like Matt need our support not our warnings. Strong emotions aren't bad, even if the weak or average consider them obnoxious.

Well-said. I

Well-said. I agree.

JFK on secrecy and the press

Re: being offensive may also be necessary


We can defend 911 truth to the point of inaction.

The public eats this stuff up anyway, why are we scared of it?

Bunch of Jerry Springer inbred retards.

I totally concur with

I totally concur with Richard.

While i applaud your desire and willingness to take a stand, and your courage, i feel civil disruption amongst a crowd of brainwashed fanatics is a waste of time and effort and potentially counter productive. THEY just use it against us. I think more is accomplished in a day of talking to average people in a civil way and presenting them with facts and allowing them to investigate and make up their own minds than in creating a spectacle and trying to be a martyr. As well, if you are not invited to speak and questions are not solicited, then you are wrong to interrupt and people will give you no attention or negative attention at best.

9.11 Truth must learn marketing and public relations skills and know the ways and means of the enemy. We must sell the truth, not yell the truth. Confrontation begets confrontation. Civility begets civility (usually). Be the bearers of light and truth, peace and justice, and let them come to their own conclusions. Ramming it down their throats will attract nor sway no one, but rather turn them off and confirm what they are told "9/11 Truthers are kooks".

www.FV911Truth.org ...Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth ...Civil Information!

I think that some people

I think that some people (such as myself) have problems with the bullhorn approach when it comes to potential allies. I don't think it helps to yell at people, even so-called left gatekeepers.

That said, I think what you did was great. Clinton is an establishment tool, and nothing short of a conversion experience will bring him over to the light. He deserves everything you dished out, and worse.

Thanks for your courage!

Good job! Moreover, how can our elections this November be

anything but a farce & a sham, because most people do not know that 9/11 was an inside job??? How can people choose a candidate without knowing these facts??? Any election in November will be bogus without all the cards laid out on the table!!!

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Way to go!

we have to show them that we are each a small sqadron of a LARGE army!


Thank you

Thank you Matt for being there! I am reading the book Who Will Tell The People - The Betrayal of American Democracy which is a very good (and sad) read. In the intro the author discusses how people in our dying democracy feel powerless and that "sometimes citizens are reduced to flamboyant forms of street theater or even physical disruption in order to make their point." Of course I thought of those of us who are swimming up stream and trying to get out a very unpopular message. I salute everyone willing to get out on the street or into the various venues to make our voice and message heard. I do believe we must be thoughtful and smart with how we proceed with this method, but we have limited avenues in which to share the truth and we must use each and every one of them.

You got guts....

...and guts is enough! Great work. Just in the last couple of years, I've completely changed my mind about the Clinton's. Anybody read the Clinton Casualties? Wow.

Clinton loves Republicans

Never could understand that, and supported him as a lifelong, son-of-a-steelworker Democrat, but "Uniter not Divider" and "NAFTA is a good idea" really don't cut it from where I sit.

Most Politicians are lawyers, and THANKFULLY so, or the Republican Establishment would have already abolished the Bill of Rights.

Look at the divided Congress.

Every topic stonewalled in Congress by a buncha Republicans, including this criminal immunity for the criminal lapdogs of the Republican Tyranny.

Every Republican standing blocking the light of day into the darkness of Conservative Tyranny.

Bill Clinton should be harassed for the rest of his days.

Just for sitting next to Drug-Running CIA Gee-Oh-Tyrant GHWB.

Bill Clinton should have his voice squelched every time he opens his mouth and for the rest of his life.

Do you not know that Bill

Do you not know that Bill Clinton was involved in drug running? Also, he has been involved in the murders of numerous people. You should do some research. It will keep you busy for quite a while, though.

Press Release & Audio of Bill Clinton's Milwaukee Speech

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

I just found audio from WTMJ Milwaukee radio station http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/15601317.html of Clinton's speech in Milwaukee and it captured my civil disobedience display and Clinton's remarks after I left the hall. Give me a little time and I'll have it up on the internet. Here's a press release they did:
Battleground Wisconsin
By Erik Bilstad

Story Created: Feb 13, 2008

Story Updated: Feb 14, 2008

Bill Clinton's entire speeches at
• the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee. (40+ minutes.)
• the Waukesha County Expo Center. (48+ minutes.)

Wisconsin Primary Coverage:
• Obama in Waukesha
• Huckabee's Not Quitting
• McCain on a VP
• Huckabee Sang at Lambeau Field
• Where's Everyone Heading?
• Oshkosh Becomes Political Epicenter
• Bill Clinton, Huckabee Fight Snow Today
• Rep. Kind: Scrap Superdelegates

Former President Bill Clinton never mentioned Barack Obama by name when Clinton spoke in support of his wife Hillary's presidential campaign at the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee.

The former president did say the two remaining Democratic candidates are fairly similar.

But he noted the big difference of Senator Clinton's experience.

Speaking before a few hundred at the ICC, Clinton says his wife's been doing this for a while.

"She's passed bills to get body armor to our troops quicker, over the opposition of the White House," said Mr. Clinton, bills that guarantee that somebody from the Wisconsin National Guard or Reserves is sent overseas and they get hurt, when they get home now, for life, they're entitled to the same exact health care that regular military personnel get."

"She passed a bill to give their families the Family Medical Leave Law, something they didn't have."

The former president said voters should ask themselves which candidate will leave America better off when they're done, which provides a better future for children, and who will help bring this world together.

Economy, Iraq, and a 9-11 Heckler

Mr. Clinton brought up the economy, how it needs to be brought back to the way it was during, as he put it, "our eight years."

He also again, touted experience, stating that Hillary Clinton has it.

President Clinton also brought up Iraq, comparing it to neighbors who stay at his house, and never leave.

"If your neighbor's house burned down, and your neighbor had no place to go, you would take him or her in, even if they had to sleep on the sofa, a week, a month, maybe even six months." said Mr. Clinton.

"But if they stay there five years, they just took the path of least resistance."

That comment brought laughter from those gathered at the ICC.

"We're laughing, but this is an apt analogy."

A protestor, from "9-11 Truth," did interrupt the proceedings. Clinton responded by saying that anyone who thinks 9-11 was an inside job needs to vote for another candidate.

Clinton will speak in Waukesha at the Expo Center later today.

Well done Matt

The US draws little admiration from the rest of the world these days. As an inhabitant of the 'rest of the world' can I say that guys like you are changing this.

No matter about the video, the picture says it all.

Couldn't agree more...

"I'm a firm believer in peaceful civil disobedience to get our message out. I know there are those that say this is not the way to do it, but I disagree.

We have a very small platform except for the internet, DVD's, books, and what we do on the streets to get our message out. I think the public needs to see more peaceful confrontations like this. We must speak 'truth to power' and hope we plant more seeds into those that are failing to grasp the truth. Each time we do something like this it sinks a little deeper into the minds of the unbelievers.

If they here it enough they just might come out of there shell and really take a good look at all the evidence that's available and realize they've been lied to."

I couldn't agree more!

It really is the case, Americans are too preoccupied with making a living in a deteriorating economy! Many of them have actually lost the facility for engaging in critical thought. They are simply too tired and stressed.

I also believe, if it is repeated enough it will creep into the subconscious where it will make its way to the surface! If it's broken down into easily digestible segments, truth will prevail. Reality has a way of winning out in the end!

Hats off to more good work!

...don't believe them!

Audio Of Civil Disobedience Display For Bill Clinton On 9/11 Tru

When the student is ready the teacher will come.

C:\Program Files\Yahoo SiteBuilder\sites\ts911t.org\sitebuilder\preview\CivilDisobedienceForBillClintonOn911Truth.html

Valentine's Day Civil Disobedience Display(Audio)For Bill Clinton On 9/11 TruthThis audio was taken by WTMJ Radio 620AM in Milwaukee on the morning of February 14th, 2008. Bill Clinton came to the Italian Community Center in Milwaukee to campaign for his wife Hillary. As I finished yelling out my 9/11 Truth statement Bill Clinton said, "Just get him out of here" which didn't happen. When I was through with my civil disobedience display for 9/11 Truth I left the hall by myself, with no help, because I wanted to leave. Take Care Matt