California Convergence in San Diego

San Diego February 10 2008

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California Convergence on Truth Revolution Radio: MP3

An activist roundtable on the eve of the California Convergence in San Diego. With Luke Rudkowski from We Are Change, Abby and David from San Diego 9/11 Truth, Bruno, Katy and Jeremy from We Are Change LA and host Cosmos from - broadcast live from Abby's bedroom! Join us in SF on May 11!

The Eleventh Day of Every Month

Sorry to be adolescent, but I plugged this

at Reddit as 9/11 Truthers are Hot.

Thank U for the Sunny Pix!

San Diego giving 9/11 Truth some style! Yeah, I was just as bad...a fantasy of a 9/11 Babes calendar fleeted momentarily through my thoughts!

You definitely succeeded in making 9/11 Truth seem like fun! Great Job!

Thank you for the pix!

...don't believe them!

The slide show is great

I really wish I could be with you guys . . . I especially liked "WTC7 = WTF"


San Diego just plane rocks.....!!!!

My goodness, I sure wish I lived closer.....great job everybody.


San Diego has never seen anything like this! 130 of us!


it brought tears to my eyes

thank you

America needs police help urgently Show it high up with flag.

Herblay France

Bonjour ,

Great photos.

America needs international police investigation help urgently on 911 and this is an easy way we can show it.High up so that all can see or in ours hands as on the photo. Military men will appreciate our method ?

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And in other news....

San Diego truthers are pretty cute!


Great work!

San Diego rocks.

You guys and gals are such an inspiration every time. Your exuberance and passion are infectious.
My only wish is that I could trade places with you. Don't you ever get bored of endless summer weather?
I've got 5' of snow on my lawn and expecting more this weekend. If anyone wants to trade places I will pay for the return plane fare;-)
BTW as an amateur photographer I have to say the image under the arches is a classic piece. I would like a hi res copy so I can use it as my desk top background on my laptop so that whenever I open it people will be compelled to look and inquire.
Nice work.