Psychopaths, Ponerology, & 9/11: Laura Knight-Jadczyk on Dynamic Duo Friday 2/15

My recent essay Twilight of the Psychopaths generated a whole lot of discussion. That conversation will continue on Dynamic Duo Friday, 2/15/08, 4-6 pm CT, Network 4

I will be interviewing Laura Knight-Jadczyk, a pioneer in the application of ponerology (the study of political psychopathy) to 9/11.

Laura edited Lobaczewski's book Political Ponerology, which argues that the tendency of psychopaths to rise to the top of power hierarchies sometimes gets out of control, leading to the infection of the body politic and the development of a psychopathic state. That, according to Lobaczewski, is what happened in Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia; and, according to Laura, it is happening right now in Bush's USA. Check out Laura's interview:

Laura has warned me that she is a controversial figure in the 9/11 community, which is fine with me--as you may have noticed, I don't shy away from controversy.

Call-in number: 1-866-582-9933

Complete radio schedule: (William Rodriguez will be my RBN guest Saturday--upcoming shows feature Jesse Ventura, an encore by Lynn Margulis, and many more interesting folks)

The Cassiopaea Cult

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"Who are the brain police?" -Frank Zappa

I sure wouldn't want to interview anybody who has done good work in one area (ponerology, in this case) but who holds views that I disagree with, or that sound bizarre enough to be easy to sound-bite-slander, in other areas.

That might expose my poor, innocent listeners to ideas that haven't been pre-approved by the 9/11 truth thought police.

But seriously, folks: I do not invite guests because they hold views that I endorse, or that I think you should endorse. I invite guests who promise an interesting conversation. I'm halfway through the interview with Laura, and am pleased to report that this is one of the more interesting conversations I've had.

Don't worry, I won't join her "cult," any more than I'll join the cult of the 9/11 thought police. I like to think for myself, and I like to think my listeners are also capable of thinking for themselves -- at least enough to get over the endless ad-hominem attacks of the thought police, and listen to ideas without negative preconceptions based on the identity of the person espousing them (the ad-hominem fallacy).