Update from Congressman Robert Wexler's office

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I recently received this very inspiring update from Congressman Robert Wexler's office.

Dear Eloy,

Today, thanks in great part to your advocacy and persistence, the House of Representatives took a major, tangible step towards holding the Bush Administration accountable.

In a vote on the House floor, we acted to enforce the law and our Constitution, and hold former White House Counsel Harriet Miers and White House Chief of Staff Josh Bolten in Contempt of Congress. (Please click here to watch my speech on the House Floor calling for contempt.)

Bolten and Miers have ignored congressional subpoenas for nine months and thumbed their noses at Congress and the American people.

Executive privilege has never permitted officials to avoid appearing altogether when subpoenaed. This behavior is unprecedented and outrageous.

Now, these two renegade officials must face up to their blatant disregard of the law and constitution.

Our message of accountability for Bush/Cheney is finally resonating on Capitol Hill.

Judiciary Chairman John Conyers fought hard to bring this to a vote, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi herself took the floor to support contempt.

While Democrats may not all agree on how to press this Administration, one thing is clear:

Today, Congress has asserted its rights under the Constitution.

We must not back down.

We must never cede the rights of the Congress to the Executive.

I am pleased to inform you that today's legislation allows Congress to bypass the Attorney General (who has stated to me this week that he would not enforce contempt) and immediately take action in the courts. (Click here to see me confront the Attorney General on contempt last week.)

Today, Congress finally defended the Constitution and our rights as an equal branch of government.

Yours truly,

Congressman Robert Wexler

Where is Wexler on 9/11 Truth ??

We have a NY Times best selling author that has come out swinging for 9/11 truth and his efforts have been censored.

Now we have a Congressperson we have edged to a point far from where Steve Alten is, who is given space.

I'm not understanding what's going on here.


Below is a message I just got from a 9/11 activist I respect GREATLY! I hope this message is not hidden.

Here's my review of "The Shell Game" and why I urge everyone to buy it, to support it, immediately.

And wow! Here also are my responses to fellow 9/11 Truth activists who are suspicious and critical of the author's motives.

One in particular articulates an objection to supporting the book on the basis of its "artificial constructs of peak oil, global warming, and Islamic terrorists." I think that's an intelligent phrase, "artificial constructs." But the 9/11 Truth worker admits she did not read all of the book, as haven't others who are critical.

Please allow me to share my reasoning to heartily support it, based on having read all of it and taken meticulous notes.

Background: My own work on 9/11 research (link at the bottom) came about almost immediately -- because I simply could not believe Muslims would do a one-day attack on America and therefore "justify" invasions of their lands! Seemed to me like a frame-up right from the get-go, especially since early reports from Mohammed Atta's neighbors in Florida made it clear that he and gang (their wild life-style) was NOT that of "Muslim fundamentalists."

And indeed, for all who have looked into it, that's how the evidence has played out. Also, seeing how egregiously and murderously Muslims are being treated, it therefore has been hard for me to see any fault on their part, on the geopolitical scene.

However -- first, just regarding human nature -- I've reluctantly learned over my lifetime that there are good guys and bad guys in every faction on Earth. There ARE wholesome and spiritually minded soldiers in the American military, from the grunts to the generals And there ARE outright murderers/rapists/evildoers. There ARE wise and kind and peace-working Muslims in each sect. And there ARE aggressive and theocratic blowback people who are bent on doing great harm.

What I like about Alten's book is that -- well, frankly, some Americans would call him a traitor because of how thoroughly he exposes American evil-doing (and warns of more to come if we don't stop them)! And how sympathetically he tells the back-stories of the bomb-carriers from Iraq whose lives have been ripped apart by American aggression. (Totally unjustified since Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11.)

The author also presents some Shi'a and Sunni dialogue that is highly educational on those particular differences, which even becomes amusing in a human-endearing sense. In others words -- if it were you, Dear Reader, you too might do what they've decided to do. Whereas most American literature demonizes Muslims, he humanizes them. I feel he has done a great service in this regard.

He even WELL presents the point-of-view of a grown-up child of Japanese extraction, now nuclear scientist, whose mom's family was vaporized at Nagasaki.

But Alten does not hold back when Muslims/Arabs do function or have functioned as outright terrorists, nor does he hold back when Americans (Christians, Jews, whoever) likewise function as criminals and terrorists. You do learn that the chief protagonist in the book (and his Valerie Plame-like wife) are Jewish, due to the mention of a rabbi conducting a family funeral. But in a very dramatic scene, this man does not hesitate to call an aide to Israeli-American Richard Perle "a maggot!"

True, Alten does not address any of Israel's specific machinations that many of us have discovered behind 9/11. But he certainly roughs up the neo-cons in America who are deeply politically connected to Israel. And as I have elsewhere emphasized, this book is not ABOUT all the facts of 9/11. It's about a 9/11-like-event in the near future -- a much worse one -- which in reality IS likely to happen -- and which the author desperately wants an educated public to help prevent.

This page-turner novel has no requirement to present "what really happened" -- especially not ALL that really happened -- on that September day in 2001. But it does provide DOZENS of factual news items and testimonies pertaining to 9/11 which most Americans don't know -- and which leave the reader with no doubt it was an inside job. The reader inevitably KNOWS: The powers-that-be did it once, and they are planning to do it again!

There is even a discourse, page 77, which NAMES NAMES regarding who exactly blocked the intel informing that 9/11 was about to occur! And who then -- were promoted!

This book is therefore incalculably valuable to the 9/11 Truth movement, and I agree with the author's current promos that there is an urgent need for it to be widely read and discussed NOW as a deterrent to the real plots probably in motion -- such as a martial law crackdown in the U.S. and the cancellation of a presidential election.

The problem with people who have not read the whole book is that they miss out on all the context which effectively educates on all the points of view. And therefore such reviewers/critics are not being fair to the author who has so conscientiously researched and addressed more than enough key elements in this compelling and extremely important story.

As for peak oil and global warming being artificial constructs, even though Steve Alten is deeply earnest and well-documented in his concerns on these fronts, and even though I was exposed throughout the book to his excellent problem/solution-oriented characters' dialogues and political speeches on these topics -- some speeches are quite visionary! -- I nevertheless have come away as yet unpersuaded about peak oil -- because of my own research into it.

However: this idea does dominate our world and drives our geopolitical policies. Thus it is a highly valid premise for the unfolding of Political Plots, past and present.

As for global warming, his sincerity about preserving this planet for our children is unimpeachable. And his passion for clean energy is inspiring and educational -- including his information about Dick Cheney deliberately derailing such efforts as far back as the 1970's. I feel that what Alten has to say on this topic is worth reading, regardless of our own as-yet-unformed, or even adamant point of view, to the contrary.

Regarding criticism of his promotional efforts on the book, now urgently going around -- what he's doing is a Paul-Revere type warning that the neo-cons are NO DOUBT plotting an attack on American soil again -- far worse ones. That this will indeed mean martial law upon all of us Truth-Workers, and All Citizens -- AND the cancellation of the upcoming election. (In the book, it's 2012 -- but in reality? I would say 2008!)

So! SORRY if Paul Revere galloping around and yelling about all the danger we're in is seen as some sort of author's self-serving prance through the park!

In my opinion, Alten has already done SO MUCH WORK -- yet now he feels further driven to continue to STRIVE and make sure the public GETS the warnings -- and GETS all of the educational insights behind them.

His well-laid-out plan to guide Truth-Workers on possibly how to do this, is also a service. We don't have to take time and ponder how to go about it. If we want to help with his urgent message to humanity, he's come up with some means for us to use, if we so choose. (Below.)

Such solution-oriented thinking (and providing!) is also a delightful factor in his book. It's not just a big fearful rant about what's happened to us and what worse is likely coming. The author is a Guide and a Teacher regarding what we can possibly do about it.

For all these reasons, I feel that author Steve Alten deserves enormous support and respect. And for the sake of all humanity, his book NEEDS to be a success.

Connie Cook Smith

website and trailers dramatizing "The Shell Game," available from amazon.com for $17


how to rig an election through MESSAGE, "The Shell Game"s point exactly about our recent past, which leads to cancelling an election in our near future


Alten's current urgent promo:
"A few days ago, Michael Chertoff, head of Homeland Security, essentially told reporters that he fears the next 9/11, which could be a suitcase nuke. Yesterday, in threatening to veto a waterboarding ban, Bush said, and I quote, 'terrorists are planning new attacks on our country... that will make Sept. 11 pale by comparison.'

"If this plot isn't straight out of The SHELL GAME then you haven't read the book.

"Now add this little tidbit: Executive Order 12919 would place the United States under total Martial Law and Military Dictatorship in the event of another attack. This Executive Order allows the President to declare a National Emergency at any time, and freeze everything...including a national election. Congress is powerless to prevent such an Executive Dictatorship, as long as the President advises Congress in a timely matter...

These are just the facts...

If you "get it" by now and want to help Steve Alten promote, here is his plan:


E-mail your constituents. You can use excerpts of this e-mail, but do NOT use this as an OP ED from me. This MUST come from you, not me. If it comes from me it is self-serving. SELL THEM on the goal. Ask them to do 2 very simple things:
a) Buy as many copies of The SHELL GAME as they can afford, but at least one each week for two weeks. Use Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Borders (these report to the NY Times). Urge them to spread the word on their own lists to do the same.

b) Ask them to call into at least one local radio show and rave about the book as a MUST -READ. Liberal or conservative talk radio, morning zoos…it doesn’t matter. Every call reaches tens of thousands of listeners…for free! Push the plot of the book AND tie it to Bush and Chertoff's statements! EXPOSE THE CON NOW!!!

2. Now rinse and repeat. In other words, don’t do this ONCE. Contact them several times in different ways every week. Why? We only learn through REPETITION! Don't rest on the plains of hesitation.

3. Last, I URGE everyone receiving this e-mail to please post an OP ED about the next 9/11 event being seeded in the mainstream media by the Bushies. The more voices, the more people will listen. Guys, it can’t just keep coming from Bill Douglas. The guy is amazing (and he is NOT getting a dime!) but if Bill is the only one consistently posting, no one will pay attention after awhile. Take a page from Karl Rove. Same message, repeated over and over by different people!!!!


You can all check the Amazon ratings for The SHELL GAME. It changes 20 minutes after the hour. Actually seeing progress gets people EXCITED!
Every Wednesday night we’ll get the updated NY Times list.
Your OP EDs may just break through the media. Set a goal: 100 OP EDs by March 1st! THEN I WILL DO MY THING ON NATIONAL TV!


"The Shell Game" is a good way to create a template because I have a mass following, and a track record of best sellers. BUT, if the 9/11 truth movement can use this to create a force (just like the right wing does to drive Anne Coulter, etc.'s books to #1) . . . then the movement can see as "The Shell Game" rises on the NY Times charts and they hear me challenging the official 9/11 story on 9/11, through their work . . . that they have a power. Then this force can turn and expand to drive non-fiction 9/11 truth books and DVDs up and over the charts as they appear. David Ray Griffin's book will soon be out for example. If the 9/11 truth movement saw themselves with the power to drive "The Shell Game" to #1, because of their work, then when Griffin's book appears, that machine will be in place. How empowering would that be for the movement?

Guys, it’s called TEAM WORK with A PLAN. But it must come from all of you. Make no mistake, the window of opportunity is small and shrinking. March 1st is coming fast. And perhaps something even far worse...

Two weeks worth of sustained effort.

Every member on your list buys 2 books.

Every member calls a radio show.

Every leaders sends out an OP ED and you don't stop! You keep pounding that message over and over and over again like a Swift Boat Ad... and I promise you, at some juncture, the dam will break.

Guys, this isn't about selling a book or DVD, it's about saving democracy.

Give this two weeks and watch what happens!

Steve Alten, Ed.D.

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MP3 Audio Clip - Air America Radio

Saturday February 16, 2008
Air America Radio Host Richard Green replays statements by Keith Obermann, Robert Wexler and John Conyers regarding the Bush administration's attempt to gain immunity via legislation for the telecoms who have illegally listened to our phone calls and read our emails.

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