"Onze Bouge" Herblay et Saint-Michel center Paris FRANCE the 9 et 10 February 2008

Herblay FRANCE

bonjour ,
. sorry I am late posting this "Onze Bouge" but as for a lot of you with the 911 truth movement who are working your guts out at your bread earning jobs, looking after your famiilies, we have little left to spend on the truth movement. When are the police and FBI going to be put on a real investigation of the 911 crime and let us get on living a normal life ?
. As the 11th of February fell on a Monday, at Herblay we avanced our "Onze Bouge" by a day so that we could touch more Herblaysiens. It was a sunny day and we talked to quite a lot of people on the market.
. One guy that I know for more than twenty years , syndicalist very engaged, very educated on geopolitics and who I agree with most of the time , could not accept that the towers were brought down by other than the airplanes and gravity. We told him about WTC7 which was not even hit by a plane so how did it fall ? This is the third Sunday he has talked with me about 911 and after 40 minutes with us this day I think he is at last having doubts on the official version. Hoping that the next time I see him he will have looked up about WTC7.
. Bob gave me more precisions on his invitation for some one with me to give an information in ten minutes on 911, to his friends at their monthly meeting on UFOs in Paris the first of april. We are going to pay attention that the UFOs will not be abusively used against our truth movement nor the date the 1st of april (april fools day). However the occasion is too good not to take it up. Mohsin, a good orator from http://news.reopen911.info/ has volunteered.
. http://www.les-repas-ufologiques.com/dates%20et%20le%20lieu.htm
. With a borrowed amateur camera which takes video, we had a first try at WeAreChange.org.FR interviewing Yves and myself. Do not think it is good enough to put on YouTube but hoping our next try will be more up to standards. We are looking out for any free or cheap equipement.
. I did not resee since December, the cameraman from the Canal+ (french national television ) who said that I could be invited on a programme dealing with the next possible IRAN war. He had told me that I would first have to have clearance with his boss. Still hoping to have his news and invitation.
. Great thanks to Yves and Moshin who came from Paris to be with me at Herblay this Sunday. Shows my fellow Herblaysiens that I am not alone. (As there is an absolute black out on the 911 truth movement by the French television, radio and newspapers we cannot blame the French for not knowing what is happening in the world on this subject.)
. Down below you have a copy of the tract that I gave out. If you have problems with the original links then you can use the copies (c) on my web site page
. http://mouv4x8.club.fr/11Sept01/A9902_Onze_Bouge_2008_Fevrier.html
Yves gave out the standard yellow tract which I will put up here once I type it up. Hoping that soon some other Herblaysiens will join me on giving our citizens the 911 information that they will not receive by the national mass media.

Yves , Mohsin and others from www.reopen911.info gave out flyers Saturday the 9 February in front of the famous Saint-Michel fountaine.
. http://www.clasohm.com/photodb/photo?photo_id=6768
The exchange they had was a great success and they will try to do this every week. Next time they will not forget to take a camera. They meet up with an expert in building demolition an talked with him for an hour. He agreed that the towers were brought down by explosives but he can not accept to give video testimony as he fears for his job.

Yours John

PS will have to clear up my text later in the week as I have to go now.








"ONZE BOUGE" each eleven of the month everywhere in the world: February 2008.

Last news concerning the movement of the truth on the 11th of September 2001 attacks .

The United States requires more men and means from Europe for the antiterrorist fight in Afghanistan whereas Afghan resistance is increasingly stronger against the aggressors °1 (c).
We will pay for the destruction of Afghanistan like that of Iraq and Yugoslavia. And soon an attack against Iran? °2 (c) George Bush is preparing us for it. The vth American fleet is ready. The press inundate us with anti-Westerners remarks on the Iranian president. .°3a (c) °3b (c) °3c (c). Internet cables were cut in the Persian Gulf °4 (c). Signs of an imminent invasion of Iran or an act of intimidation?
Hundreds of thousands of Americans are asking for the truth on 911 and thanks to the Internet an international movement for the truth emerges °5 (c) °5b (c).
In Japan on January 11 the 2008, television viewers could see the president of a parliamentary committee intervening the prime minister, the Foreign Minister, Defense and Finances and noting that six years after the 11th of September 2001, there were no explanations on who had financed the attacks °6a (c) °6b (c) °6c (c).
But the movement of the 911 truth's progression starts to worry the Pentagon who has succeeded in passing a bill called " Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act of 2007".
When the H.R. 1955 is applied, a commission charged to identify the people, the groups and the ideas extremists, will be created °7a (c) °7b (c). Who will be on the list? Believers, dangerous extremists, defenders of civil freedoms, skeptics on the official version of the 9/11, those who denounce the wars, the torture and the Geneva Convention violations or whoever blocks a powerful lobby... °8a (c).
We all are concerned with the truth on the 9/11 because our freedom, our safety crumbles up as fast as the occupation of the Middle East increases.
Since the 11 of September 2001, the United States and Europe are on the foot of war. Antiterrorists and antidemocratic laws are voted which threaten our freedom. Do not let us be governed by the fear °9a (c)
Join the association http://www.reopen911.info/ to help this movement for the truth in France and in the world.
Written at Herblay the 10/02/2008 by mouv4x8@club-internet.

En Français
LE ONZE BOUGE chaque onze du mois partout dans le monde: février 2008.

Dernières nouvelles concernant le mouvement de la vérité sur les attentats du 11 septembre 2001.

Les Etats-Unis demandent plus d'hommes et de moyens à l'Europe pour la lutte antiterroriste en Afghanistan alors que la résistance afghane est de plus en plus forte contre les agresseurs°1 (c).
Nous allons payer pour la destruction de l'Afghanistan comme celle de l'Irak et de la Yougoslavie. Et bientôt une attaque contre l'Iran ? °2 (c) George Bush nous y prépare. La cinquième flotte américaine est prête. La presse nous "matraque" des propos anti-occidentaux du président Iranien.°3a (c) °3b (c) °3c (c). Des câbles d'internet ont été coupés dans le Golfe Persique °4 (c). Signe d'une invasion imminente en Iran ou acte d'intimidation?
Des centaines de milliers d'Américains demandent la vérité sur le 9/11 et grâce à l'internet un mouvement international pour la vérité émerge °5 (c) °5b (c).
Au Japon le 11 janvier 2008 les téléspectateurs ont pu voir le président d'une commission parlementaire intervenir auprès du 1er ministre , du ministre des Affaires Etrangères, de la Défense et des Finances pour constater que six ans après les attentats du 11 septembre, il n'y avait pas d'explications sur qui avait commandité les attentats °6a (c) °6b (c) °6c (c).
Mais l'avancée du mouvement de la vérité pour le 911 commence à inquiéter le Pentagone qui a réussi à passer un projet de loi appelé "loi de prévention contre la radicalisation violente et le terrorisme intérieur".
Quand le H.R. 1955 sera appliqué, une commission chargée d'identifier les gens, les groupes et les idées extrémistes, sera créée °7a (c) °7b (c). Qui sera sur la liste? Des croyants, des extrémistes dangereux des défenseurs des libertés civiles, des sceptiques sur la version officielle du 9/11, ceux qui dénoncent les guerres, la torture et les violations de la Convention de Genève ou quiconque entravant un groupe d'intérêt puissant ... °8a (c)
Nous sommes tous concernés par la vérité sur le 9/11 car notre liberté, notre sécurité s'effrite au fur et à mesure que l'occupation du Moyen-Orient s'accroît.
Depuis le 11 septembre 2001, les Etats-Unis et l'Europe sont sur le pied de guerre. Des lois antiterroristes et antidémocratiques sont votées qui menacent notre liberté. Ne nous laissons pas gouverner par la peur °9a (c).
Rejoignez l'association http://www.reopen911.info/ pour aider ce mouvement pour la vérité en France et dans le monde.
Fait à Herblay le 10/02/2008 par mouv4x8@club-internet.fr

°1 http://inventerre.canalblog.com/archives/armee/index.html
°2 http://bellaciao.org/fr/spip.php?article60778
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°9a http://www.commondreams.org/archive/2008/02/04/6824/

Excellent work, my French friend! (And yes, I too can't wait

for the day I no longer need to devote 95% of my free time & money to spreading 9/11 truth! I hope we don't have to spend the rest of our lives like members of the French Résistance in WWII.)

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

Great work, John!

Hi John -

Your tenacity will pay off!

Just remember it's a numbers game; take it one day at a time, one person at a time. No matter how lonely it is sometimes, you know (as we all know that are involved in this) that we are doing the right thing, the truly patriotic thing, speaking truth to power and working towards truth, accountability and justice for the 9/11 family members, the 9/11 first responders, the nearly 4,000 U.S. troops who have died for a lie (I'm sorry to say I don't know how many non-U.S. troops haved died), and the nearly 1.2 million Iraqis who have died for the lie that we were there to give them freedom.

One "thanks for what you're doing" by a total stranger that comes up to you to shake your hand, will make up for the previous 20 middle fingers and nasty remarks like, "freak", "idiot", "loser", "get a job" and some other pleasantries I won't type here . . . : )

At the end of the day, it's a great thing we're doing, in whatever way we're doing it.

Thanks John, for doing what you do!

Your American friend,