Fake Domestic Terror

Fake Domestic Terror

by Joe Crubaugh, February 19th, 2008.

The U.S. Federal Government is manufacturing a large portion of our country’s domestic terror threat.

Yes, it’s a pretty sick accusation. But, just read the real stories behind five years of Homeland Security Alerts. What makes the accusation so sickening is that it’s true.

Because it’s hard to imagine some of the things our public servants have been up to over the past few years, I often employ playground analogies to help wrap my brain around the tricks and treats, so picture this…


It's been a long time

since we've known that the government relied on FBI agents to direct terrorist events, either those that came to fruition, such as the first wtc bombing in 1993, or the long string of "sting" operations beginning with the blind shiek and ending with the latest pseudo-plot to bomb a fuel pipeline to JFK airport. It took THAT long for a semi-mainstream periodical to publish a story about it (Rolling Stone), and now people are picking up on it as the outrage, the new discovery. Meanwhile, we have voter fraud, but because it was happning to Ron Paul, it was buried. On today's edition of Democracy Now, someone voiced concerns about the Harlem vote, and a few other primaries, but this all started in New Hampshire, where there was actually a recount, but that wasn't mentioned. You really have to scratch your head. Is it the fluouride in the water? What takes people so long before something is deemed, not an imaginary conspiracy, but down and out fraud? And they can't even see that the small discrepancies that are evident are merely the tip of the ice berg, and are indicative of widespread endemic vote fraud throughout. You have to applaud people who are just getting it, but you also have to wonder what is in our drinking water that makes people so slow to catch on.

Some days

I really think that as a whole, a nation, we deserve what we're getting and are going to get. The magnitude of stupidity and apathy I see here disgusts me.

What a shame

The only "terrorists" I fear are members of our so-called government. I love America but I hate our government. Criminals all!!!!! From top to bottom. It's going to take some overwelming grass roots action to get things back where they belong. Lets see if the American people are up to it. Remember we have the real power. Lets use it.

Take a look ...

Rolling Stone Article on how the US Government....

..... (specifically the FBI) manufactures the faux "War on Terror".....


Occasionally, this magazine (the RFK Jr. expose on the Stolen election in '04 and the E. Howard Hunt JFK death-bed confession stories) does something that approaches journalism, what the MSM should do (of course, the rest of the MSM then ignores those stories). Other times, lIke Matt Taibbi's hit piece on 9/11 Truth, they couldn't be more of an embarrassment to themselves.

9/11 Truth ends the 9/11 Wars