Study Highlights Deep Seated Psychological Impact Of 9/11

Study Highlights Deep Seated Psychological Impact Of 9/11
Spectacular images of attacks have "changed the way people dream"

Steve Watson
Tuesday, Feb 19, 2008

A new study has revealed that the spectacular images broadcast around the world on september 11th 2001 have had a profound psychological impact upon people.

Researchers at Tufts University School of Medicine and the Newton Newton-Wellesley Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts have found that every single person they assessed during a study has more vivid and intense dreams since the attacks occurred.

Dr. Ernest Hartmann, author of the study told Reuters Health that he believes everyone who witnessed the attacks has experienced some sort of trauma, or emotional arousal.

After posting notices on the website of the Association of Professional Sleep Societies and the International Association for the Study of Dreams, Hartmann was contacted by 11 men and 33 women, aged 22-70, who had been recording their dreams for at least two years.

Each of the participants, none of whom lived in Manhattan, or had any relatives who died in the attacks, provided information about 20 consecutive dreams, 10 before 9/11 and 10 after 9/11.

The results revealed that the post 9/11 dreams featured more intense "central imagery" which is defined in the study as “an image that stands out by virtue of being especially powerful, vivid, bizarre, or detailed.”

The study points out that although these images were not specifically related to planes or buildings, there was an increase in dreams during which the dreamer was attacked.

In a statement Dr. Hartmann said that this is "very consistent with findings in people who have experienced trauma of various kinds."

The study has been published in the February issue of the journal SLEEP.

Other post 9/11 medical and psychological research that has previously revealed how the attacks have affected people.

A Mount Sinai Hospital School of Medicine study that found 200 pregnant women who survived or were nearby when the World Trade Center towers collapsed passed on "markers" of post-traumatic stress disorder to their unborn babies.

In addition a Columbia University study found that the women's babies generally were born earlier, weighed less and were smaller than infants delivered by other Manhattan women. They attributed the phenomenon to the toxic dust and fumes from the site, which included lead and poisonous hydrocarbons.

A University of California August 2002 study revealed that people continued to experience high levels of distress almost one year after the attacks. Other studies revealed similar results, even up to the present day in 2008.

Researchers within the 9/11 truth movement have previously suggested that attacks appeared to be engineered to maximize the psychological impact on Americans, while limiting the fatalities to a few thousand individuals.

There is a deep

There is a deep psychological trauma that people have experienced, and most people, have not come to terms with it in regards to 9/11.

I myself was one of those people who refused to look at any evidence concerning "holes" in the official story for around 4 years post 9/11, this despite being told of such anomalies by credible people (including a Vietnam naval veteran), who happens to be an lecturer at the Business school of a prominent University in Philadelphia.

I often leave 9/11 related comments on videos on YouTube, although usually I aim at Reuters, ABC, and CNN. There are literally hundreds of people, if not thousands, that read the comments and don't make any. All you have to do is provoke the "hhmm" reaction in these people.

Here’s a response I received today from one of my random comments:

“I liked your quote. I have some friends that are in total Denial when it comes to 9-11.
One friend says, "when I think about 9-11 I get a knot in my stomach".
He says, that he doesn't think there were explosives in the buildings and he also doesn't think the planes were remote controlled.
I pointed out the one that hit the Pentagon & the one that crashed in Pennsylvania, but he still says, nope he can't believe it.
Really it's like you say, just watch WTC 7 and you have most of all the answers right there, end of story.”

I ultimately found out about 9/11 Truth via E-Bay, someone sent me a copy of Painful Deceptions on DVD along with a book I had won. Frustrated, bored, angry and probably thinking that I needed a good laugh more than anything else, I watched the DVD. I think it's interesting that in a quiet way, the truth got out. I remember thinking even as I watched it, “OK lets have a laugh” I distinctly remember thinking about this no planes, space guided weapons. Remember that this was in 2005, some time before Fetzer, Wood et al. had gone off their collective coconuts and started spewing the bizarre.

Where had I heard the disinformation? I’m really not sure. It was there, subconsciously, along with the trauma of 9/11.

In his book “Propaganda”, Jacques Ellul elaborates on how propaganda and emotion can lead more effectively into non-action, than it can to action. It is to intensify existing beliefs through “terror or discouragement”, to prevent men from interfering. More so than Bernays, Ellul defines this methodology as “integration propaganda”.

In any case I think when we come across people, who are otherwise reasonable and intelligent, but psychologically incapacitated by 9/11, passing them articles, discretely (even anonymously), such as;

, will work more often than not.

I've said on this forum before, that the otherwise knowledgeable sometimes/quite often, can't be told anything; they have to find it out for themselves. It's a form of arrogance within intellectual communities; there is a juvenile, precocious intelligence about these people and a deep lack of wisdom. There is also a culture of neglecting intelligence when it doesn’t come from a given “acceptable” source (Cambridge is acceptable, Vermont Technical College is not). This is petty elitism no more and no less.

There are many that can never be convinced of anything but the official lie of 9/11, and will never think otherwise even if George Bush confesses. However there are many more people who can still read, think & decide for themselves.

We should hear more stories from people like you...

... who were opposed to 9/11 truth for some reason and other. Getting to know what "did the trick" to someone is valuable information.

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