Berlin DVD Network: 40000 free 9/11 documentaries distributed last year - 12o locations
Since January 2007 about 40000 free DVDs with 9/11 documentaries were distributed in Berlin,
through a growing network of by now 120 cafes, bars, shops, galleries and social projects.
The project is financed by donations. There have been several screenings of the DVD at some
of the locations, one daily newspaper reported about the campaign and for this spring a music
festival is being planned.
There have been some attempts to attack the network, this month all shops received emails demanding
to stop distributing the DVD, claiming the documentaries promote antisemitism.
The campaign-website and the DVD trailer clearly reject these claims, distancing itself from
any connections to right wing or nationalistic groups.
Claims of antisemitism are frequently used to discredit any disclosure about 9/11.
Caution is important. A german right wing newspaper which openly
promotes hate against foreigners and for legal reasons more subtly also holocaust denial also
aggressively promotes and distributes "Loose Change".
The rightwing-newspaper is a major customer of a company that bought the distribution rights
for Loose Change through Mercury Media in London.
A german version of Loose Change, a professional production by a german activist with a
well known speaker had to be shelved after it had already premiered at a major Berlin theatre last summer,
All further screenings had to be cancelled.
A project of another group that already started to send out 6000 of planned 70000 DVDs by mail
fell apart after the right wing activities became appearent.