Protecting America – From the President by Paul Craig Roberts

Republicans have used the "war on terror" to create an unaccountable executive. To prevent the presidency from becoming a dictatorial office, it is crucial that Congress cease acquiescing in Bush's grab for powers. As the Founding Fathers warned us, the terrorists we have to fear are the ones in power in Washington.

The al-Qaeda terrorists, with whom Bush has been frightening us, have no power to destroy our liberties. Compared to the loss of liberty, a terrorist attack is nothing.

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Wednesday July 18, 2007
Reagan Treasury Official Paul Craig Roberts Talks to Air America Radio's Thom Hartman About Bush Possibly Seizing Power By Staging A National Emergency

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Let’s face it, 9/11 was the shock & awe for the NWO's ongoing

coup d’etat to subvert our U.S. Constitution & destroy our sovereignty! This is also known as high treason!

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Perfect summary

" 9/11 was the shock & awe for the NWO's ongoing coup d’etat to subvert our U.S. Constitution & destroy our sovereignty! This is also known as high treason! "

Perfect and succint summary of whats really going on. The NWO is International in scope with roots and decision-makers as far away as Riyadh, Tel-Aviv, Dubai (Haliburton's new HQ), Islamabad, London etc. Not just back in D.C.

They are (in their long-term plans) attempting to undermine the sovereignty of every nation on earth that does not bow to their will of empire.

We have to give them some pause. A long long pause. Like Forever.

Halliburton Moves Its Headquarters Abroad
Critics Pounce on News of War Contractor's Planned Move From Houston to Dubai

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

I'm glad Paul Craig Roberts is on our side!

"As Bush illegally spied a long time before word of it got out, blackmail might be the reason the Democrats have ignored their congressional election mandate and have not put a stop to Bush's illegal wars and unconstitutional police state measures"

The above quote my be closer to the truth than any of us realize? It may very well be the case that it's as much stick as carrot, the reasons Democrats have failed to respond since their mid-term victories?

The quote below opens my eyes further to news that didn't fit at the time:

"Bush pressured telecom companies to break the law in order to enable his illegal spying. In court documents, Joseph P. Nacchio, former CEO of Qwest Communications International, states that his firm was approached more than six months before the September 11, 2001, attacks and asked to participate in a spying operation that Qwest believed to be illegal. When Qwest refused, the Bush administration withdrew opportunities for contracts worth hundreds of millions of dollars. Nacchio himself was subsequently indicted for insider trading, sending the message to all telecom companies to cooperate with the Bush regime or else.."

These are eye-opening quotes...I'm glad Roberts is on our side!

Thanks for the link!

...don't believe them!

The rationale of the GOP is absurd

The Bush administration counterterrorism policies are all based on the idea that Bush is acting in good faith. There is little to no oversight as we see when AG Mukasey refuses to call torture torture. Is Bush honest? No. Thus, it makes no sense to believe that police state tactics are required to prevent terror attacks. 9/11 skeptics understand these flawed counterterrorism arguments better than most citizens because their views on 9/11 are not shaped by propaganda, authoritarianism, deceit and fearmongering.