"The Shell Game" reviewed

"The Shell Game" by Steve Alten merits the gratitude of anyone desirous of 9/11 truth and a healthy environment for all. This informative, suspenseful, and timely story incorporates a vast amount of relevant factual information. It is not Islamophobic: "Becoming a Muslim does not convert one into a terrorist (far from it)," because "Islam is a religion struggling between two identities: moderation and extremism" (page 157). Several literary devices enable the author to interweave facts of contemporary history with the story line and thus inform as well as entertain the reader in agreeable fashion. One device is to include three quotations, long or short, at the beginning of each chapter, taken from a wide variety of source material. Another technique to help educate the reader comes from the presentation, intermittently, of authentic facts as quoted pages from a fictional book written by one of the main characters. Thirdly, the story itself unfolds within a matrix of factual detail grippingly enlivened by the story for vivid aasimilation. There is no question, in my opinion, that Dr. Alten has written this novel in service of humanity and democracy regardless of personal losses to reputation, income, and health. In the long run, I'm sure this book will take its place among pioneeting 9/11 truth literature. In the short run -- meaning now -- to purchase it at this time is a form of truth activism while the author is on book tour, receiving recognition, and being granted opportunities to speak out on behalf of not only his book but also the writings of other important authors in the movement. I have never met or communicated with the author, but I consider him an articulate, media-savvy spokesperson, a treasure worthy of appreciation and encouragement. If he financially breaks even or somehow excels expenses and risks, so much the better for other writers, aspiring or already accomplished, and for the movement in general. -- avid

My Revew from a couple of weeks ago...

By, Cheri Roberts-Piper MTR News

There has been a lot of controversy within the 9/11 Truth movement about this bold new novel, The Shell Game by, Steve Alten. Some people passionately support it while others chastise the author for not including or coming to the conclusion of Inside Job. While the Author sources and presents evidence of vast criminal activity by the US government in relation to the attacks on September 11th, 2001 he does seem more inclined towards the let it happen theory. This has some within the Truth movement questioning Alten’s agenda for writing the book and why they should support it.

To those that are disappointed or suspicious of this book I can only ask that you set aside your bias for a few hours and read the book with different eyes. Of course this book cannot stack up to the full story some would like to tell, but that is because the eyes of those storytellers are already open. To new eyes, this story and its easy delivery has the potential to raise many questions in many minds that had never questioned before. Imagine the blinds slowly opening upon a darkened room on a bright sunny morning. Rays of truths that splinter behind the minds awakening eye – an undeniable new and unstoppable day has arrived. That’s Powerful.

Steve Alten effectively interjects solid facts that relate to many 9/11 crimes (and other crimes) within this administration – as well as other levels of government, while telling what he calls a ‘cautionary tale’. Not only are these facts interspersed in the story, there are also multiple blistering quotes blatantly and heroically featured at the beginning of each chapter. The references to September 11th, 2001 are used as a foundation of ‘background precedents’ to help weave and move the story being told – which is the story of a coming Inside Job by way of a US government manufactured nuclear holocaust in LA. The attack needed in order to begin an attack against Iran as the presented perpetrator of the attack. . Sound familiar?

The Shell Game is an excellent book. Where I would normally describe a book this well formatted as an ‘easy read’, the gravity of the subject and the implications in the story are not easy. With three Heroines and a Hero this important political thriller is laid out in digestible chapters that quickly pull the reader deeper down the rabbit hole leading him/her to some potentially gut wrenching conclusions about what we don’t know.

*Well done Steve Alten. Congratulations on making the list, #31 and climbing.


By all means support and purchase the book if

you feel it is a good way to reach out to certain people.

Some people respond better to "works of fiction" better than others and the Shell Game may help open some eyes. There are many many different tools and Truth Assets we have at our disposable from tons of Non-Fiction books, Videos, Documents etc. as well as this new entry,

However I do not subcribe to the belief a single book, product or individual's voice alone can prevent another 911 nor be the critical breakthrough awakening the masses.

Its going to be a collective effort from a myriad of sources.

I myself will be getting the book and reading it but that does not mean a blanket wholesale endorsement of any campaign to purchase products. At least that's the impression I got, sad to say.

I hope sincerely Shell Game does well but on its own merits.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it