Loose Change Final Cut on KBPI FM with Uncle Nasty

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This show was a blast. Uncle Nasty was a great guy, real balanced, and made for a great moderator. He's a big Ron Paul fan.

Virtually every caller agreed with us, and the one that didn't, "Chris", was adamant that the WTC was constructed with a "vertical concrete core." Naturally, we challenged him on this, the conversation gets somewhat heated, and Chris is dropped when he calls me a "fucking parrot" because I was not a structural engineer, even though I never claimed to be.

Frank Caliendo even did an introduction for our segment.

Check it out.

MP3 Audio Clip - Jason Bermas

Tuesday January 15, 2008
Loose Change's Jason Bermas Talks With NovaM Radio's Jeff Farias About The "Big Picture" Regarding The False Flag Attacks On September 11th That Ushered In The Disastrous Wars In The Middle East

* source = http://www.novamradio.com

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The Film

Please Watch, Purchase, Copy And Distribute Loose Change Final Cut

One need not be a "strcutural engineer" to see that the cores of

the towers were neither concrete nor hollow. Just look at a photo:


Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: http://www.911blogger.com/node/13321

As I like to say . . .

I'm not an aviation specialist but if after arriving at the departure gate I noticed that the airplane only had one wing . . . I wouldn't get onboard.


Well I tried to listen to this, but there is too little talk and too much assaultive heavy metal music to slog through.

I hope someone will post an edited version with just the interview segments.

My guess is that instead of 130 minutes, it will run about 20.

alexjonesfan, can you help me out?


Get winamp, it makes it easy to fast forward through the music and commercials. Just use the right arrow key. Great job to all. Keep educating others! We will win with persistance.

Uncle Nasty is Apparently a 911 Truth Advocate

Seemed to me he is on our side.

I agree about the music although there was one fairly decent Led Zeppelin song in there.

i am

Monday February 25, 2008
Uncle Nasty chats with the Loose Change Brothers (Sans Music - 10 Meg - 36 Minutes )

* source = http://www.loosechange911.com

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Great Job Dylan

Awesome! I never would have imagined you on KBPI with Uncle Nasty. I've been listening to him for years. And great job today with the event at the Gothic Theatre, it was a pleasure briefly meeting you, continued success.

I agree

Loose Change brothers are picking up steam. . .now all they need is expert opposition. Of course, that is not possible.