Rick Renzi - Key 9/11/01 Eyewitness' Indicted for Fraud

AZ Congressman and state co-chair for John McCain's Arizona leadership team was also a key eyewitness who claims to have seen Flight 77 hit the Pentagon. Under the circumstances, his credibility seems to have gone down the toilet.

Feb 22, 2008

According to Friday's indictment of Renzi, the Arizona Republican "concealed his misappropriation and embezzlement by filing Federal Election Commission Form 3, Reports of Receipts and Disbursements, on or about Jan. 24, 2002, for the final quarter of 2001. During the period Dec. 11, 2001 through Dec. 31, 2001, Renzi claimed total receipts of $404,090.00, all of which he claimed to be loans from himself. In fact, as as Renzi well knew, more than $300,000.00 of those funds constituted insurance premiums that were neither the property of Renzi nor of Renzi and Company."

In total, Renzi allegedly steered $422,000 in embezzled funds to his campaign between Dec. 2001 and March 2002, according to the indictment. Beardall allegedly assisted Renzi in covering up the embezzlement from state insurance regulators in Florida and Virginia.



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Rick Renzi a law student - ''The plane came in at an incredibly steep angle with incredibly high speed,''... was driving by the Pentagon at the time of the crash about 9:40 a.m. The impact created a huge yellow and orange fireball, he added. Renzi, who was interviewed at the scene by FBI agents, said he stopped his car to watch and saw another plane following and turn off after the first craft's impact.



Link to BBC Interview w/ Rick Renzi on 9/11


No AA77

The article alleges that Rick Renzi claimed he saw AA77 crash into the Pentagon.
In fact he claimed he saw an aircraft fly into the Pentagon. Anyone with half a brain knows it would have been impossible to identify the aircraft.
What is interesting is that he claimed he saw a second aircraft following and turn off. This account tallies with the evidence from the alleged AA77 flight recorder that seems to prove that AA77 could not have been the aircraft that smashed the street lights and then hit the Pentagon ref: http://pilotsfor911truth.org/pentagon.html

True, none of the 'eyewitnesses' ever said they saw Flight 77

Most of they say they saw a 'plane', a 'jet' or a 'passenger jet'.

However, it is assumed and promoted by the M$M at the time, that of course, the 'eyewitnesses' saw 'Flight 77' and that there was no question, that people could have possibly seen anything else.

Even a month later in Renzi's BBC Interview, he says he saw a 'jet' but he apparently fully supports the Official Story and believes that Flight 77 is the plane he saw .

The funny part is that his story does not agree with the official version, since he claims that the plane dive bombed the Pentagon. Seems Rickie likes to dramatize things a bit.