David Ray Griffin Speaks to Big Tucson Audience

David Ray Griffin addressed a crowd of about 180 people in Tucson on Thur., Feb. 21 in Tucson at St. Mark's Presbyterian Church before heading to Phoenix to speak to an even larger audience the next day. His Tucson lecture was centered on the concept of nationalistic faith and it's power to blind and suppress critical thinking. The lecture was full of detailed recitation of the contradictions that undermine the official account of 9-11. Griffin's newest book [9-11 Contradictions....] was discussed and he promised an updated "revisited" version of his best selling [A New Pearl Harbor]. Antigone Books was on hand to vend copies of Griffin's books and they sold out of [Debunking, 9-11 Debunking] before the book-signing was over. Not surprisingly, the event was ignored by the corporate mainstream media and by most of academia at the University of Arizona. We thank David Ray Griffin for giving us an exceptional lecture in Tucson and we are especially grateful for the support we (911TruthTucson) got from members of AE911Truth, WILPF, Raging Grannies, Veterans for Peace, and DFA. For those unable to see this particular David Ray Griffin lecture in person, you can still obtain a DVD version of it and other Griffin lectures produced by Ken Jenkins at:

Dr. David Ray Griffin is in

Dr. David Ray Griffin is in a class of his own.

His tireless efforts over the years, his ground breaking books and articles, his countless radio interviews -one of which Woke Up Richard Gage of AE911Truth.org are invaluable contributions to the momentum of the Truth Movement.

I cannot help but have the highest regard for this man.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

MP3 Audio Clip - David Ray Griffin

Tuesday February 19, 2008
Charles Goyette, recently honored as "Best Phoenix Talk Show Host", talks to David Ray Griffin about his new book 9/11 CONTRADICTIONS: An Open Letter to Congress and the Press. (Full interview sans breaks 12 Meg 43 Minutes)

* source = http://www.1100kfnx.com/index.php?/hosts/charlesgoyette/

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Another Awaking ...

Last Thursday night at DRG's lecture, I met a lady afterwards who was sitting in front of me during the lecture, she is new to 911 truth. Her journey to waking up recently is moving and a process that we have all gone thru. Today, I came across the podcast of her epiphany after attending DRG's lecture last Thursday evening, I will not post her site until I get permission, however, just her words are moving and encouragement to all of us that people are waking up :

"The other night I watched the movie, “Loose Change: Final Cut” on line -http://loosechange911.com/finalcut/ -- with tears in my eyes. Then I spent more time than I care to admit reading the conclusions of physicists, engineers, military personnel, former CIA and FBI members, philosophers, theologians. . . . Yes, even theologians. Primarily, David Ray Griffin.

Most people I am friends with are terribly concerned about the “Religious Right” and the people in this country whom I would call non-Christian Christians. Yet, an interesting point Griffin made Thursday night inside the packed Presbyterian church here in Tucson is that Christianity is not really our ‘national religion’: NATIONALISM is.

No doubt.

Just try to express even a slight curiosity about our government doing anything that we might call less than --what shall I say? --“generous”? And we are considered anti-American, unpatriotic, even a threat, and, these days, could be locked up for less. In spite of what we can see in just the last seven-plus years of this meanest/greediest/most secretive-of-all-administrations -- AND in spite of other instances in our history where we have committed crimes against our own in order to blame the atrocity on someone else so we can war against them. This is hard homework to study, folks, and flies smack in the face of ‘my country ‘tis of thee, sweet land of liberty, of thee I sing’!

We’d better start singing -- the truth of that day -- as we see it, as we suspect it, even as we dread to know it, before the rest of the bottom drops out of what and who we used to think we were in this country. I, for one, sometimes wonder if we ever were so ‘sweet’, in my lifetime. Please don’t come back at me with “We are the best country in the world!” Well, maybe so. But I don’t know that for sure; do you? I’ve bought the line for sixty-five years. And what if we are? Does that justify all these crimes against humanity? I’m not saying we’re ‘all bad’; I’m just saying, what do we have to do to ADMIT we are far from perfect, that we HAVE DONE and STILL DO atrocious things to humanity and this orb we call home? And for however much of it is left, the line, “Of the people, by the people, for the people”, lays a lot of responsibility in each of our laps.

If you watch “Loose Change” and still aren’t convinced that the Administration’s own “’official’ conspiracy theory” is full of holes, let alone outright lies [‘Bin Laden and other members of al-Qaeda planned and carried out the outrageous attack’ (an attack that the administration and military of the ‘greatest power in the world sat by and watched)], read what David Ray Griffin has to say in DEBUNKING 9/11 DEBUNKING (and/or his four other books on the subject plus a new one next month) and look at what some others have to say:



I had found the movie last Tuesday night, but I thought, “Jeez! Two hours?? I don’t know if I want to do this. . . .” so I stuck it in my dock, just in case I would decide to watch it.

Wednesday night, I did. Two hours with tears in my eyes -- AND some new information I had not known before (particularly disturbing: the WTC7 building, what it housed, when it was evacuated, when it imploded and by whom). Then, I wandered through YouTube and eventually to the two URLs cited above. All this information, coupled with the fact that Bush & Cronies -- even before elected (sic) -- were meeting and asking each other HOW – not when, but how -- they could invade Iraq, and one of them said, “We need a new Pearl Harbor”. . . .

I felt that day in 2001 that they were SOMEHOW behind it. Now, I have no doubt whatsoever.

Wednesday was a heavy night for me. I felt such a rock of sadness in my gut. . . . I wondered about my ongoing depression, a feeling of terminal sadness and anger that is nearly always present and often crippling: there are a lot of things to point to for cause, I know, but I wondered, how much of it has grown since 9/11? How much hurt lives inside when one is an unwitting part of such a massive, murderous lie? What happens to the human system that ‘knows’ one thing but is told and perhaps convinced to ‘believe’ another? How do we ‘let go’ without ignoring? And what do we do with the information to help heal ourselves and others? Or help atone for the lives of 3000 on 9/11, almost 4000 American-only soldiers in Iraq, possibly 100,000 Iraqis, not to mention how many have been displaced – and how many men and women made-warriors-by-lies who will never have access to that full ‘American dream’ everyone’s promised because they return home with half a body or half a brain?

That is some of the heaviness I feel. And it IS terribly depressing.

I went to hear One Great Voice in the Crowd Thursday night here in Tucson, by the name of David Ray Griffin. (Anyone who knows me well knows I can’t sit still for fifteen minutes without falling asleep. I listened to him for an hour and twenty minutes!)

I hope you will read him. And pass the word. If he comes to your town, don’t miss him, and do as my friend did and email everyone you know about his lecture. You probably won’t read about him in the papers except for ads that local sponsors pay for; reporters tell him that their papers forbid them to write about this ‘alternative’ conspiracy theory and forbid them to go to his lectures. God bless America? " -end Quote

This is good news.

Let us know if you get permission to post her site.

Wish her good journey on her voyage for Truth & Justice.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Nice post

joann. DRG is a very special guy. I have had the honor of meeting him and listening to him lecture. He is not only a good American but a great human being. How could you not be convinced that 9/11 was an inside job after hearing him speak. Lets pray the human race wakes up before it's too late. All other issues are insignificant next to 9/11 truth.

I'd like to hear her podcast?

It's a genuinely moving, inspirational post, Joann. I hope, you get persmission to post a link to her podcast?

Also, there is a positive side to the epiphany of 9/11 Truth!

Once, the discouraging realization our govenment may be culpable is fully accepted, it seems, there is a new vitalizing or galvanizing force that sweeps over a person!

I can personally attest I've learned more in the past year than since my college days. It may be true, I was among the dumbed down but I've fast-forwarded at a great clip since my moment of 9/11 Truth!

You can be glad to realize 9/11 Truth
...believe it!

The journey of cognitive dissonance

The podcast she created after hearing DRG is very personal with a photo and name, and was only meant for a small circle of friends. Today when I emailed her for permission, she was reluctant to publish such personal info of name and photo, however, happy to share her feelings. So we will have to settle for the words from her heart for now.

Remembering over two years ago when I was transforming the paradigm shift of cognitive dissonance from the old foundation to a new one, there was a tad bit of paranoia, now with both feet planted solid in the truth I have become jaded and harden to the possibilities that if there comes a time of a real police state, surely I will be one of the first to have my ass hauled off to some gulag, if that be the case I don't give a damn any more because I have lived a good life and have seen it all, and beside there will good company. Give me liberty or death... I want our country back.

I was there!

It was a great turnout, and I can't wait for both of his new books!

Also, I got to talk to him in person! :D

Give this man a medal!

I wish I could get him to come to Yale. I recently invited Jim Fetzer to give a talk to a few friends but his theories just don't add up. I wish someone would have told me ahead of time. Ray Griffin will go down in history as one of the 21st century biggest heroes.


Please be careful of Fetzer

It is always best to walk on solid ground on our investigations.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it