How the Towers were demolished and Whodunit

Here is a video I made about the WTC demolition.


And in this video I explain who did it.


The Bush regime has announced that Khalid Sheikh Mohammed is the "mastermind" of the 9/11 attacks, albeit on the basis of a 'confession' obtained after the Guantanamo Bay prisoner had received "waterboarding" treatment. Francesco Cossiga, former Italian President, has stated that it is well known in intelligence circles that the 9/11 attacks were planned and realised by Zionists, the Mossad, and the CIA (q.v. the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, November 30, 2007). In fact, the Bush regime is wrong and Cossiga is correct.

The material presented in these videos is mostly fact, part hypothesis. When one has facts, conspiracy theory becomes conspiracy fact. Interrogation of the real suspects would help us to clarify the remaining unknowns. On the other hand, the official 9/11 conspiracy theory has no facts in its favor. Planted passports, planted Korans, phony videos, 'confessions' obtained under duress or torture, unprecedented events that violate physical and natural law - these all count against the outrageous conspiracy theory featuring "suicidal Muslims" armed with box cutters. The true perpetrators could not have got away with it for years, were it not for their long-standing control of the mass media and their finely-honed skills in the art of getting close to so-called 'leaders' and obtaining leverage through bribery and blackmail.

I would love to see supporters of the official conspiracy theory produce corresponding videos or statements setting out their 'evidence'. It would go something like this:

We know it was suicidal Islamics who did it, because we found Satam al-Suqami's passport. And the reason that Suqami's passport was found in Vesey Street to the north when Suqami was on AA Flight 11 approaching from the north, is because he smashed through the Boeing 767's window with his box cutters, a few blocks prior to impact, and threw out his passport. Not, as the anti-Semites have suggested, because the person concocting the official conspiracy theory forgot which plane Suqami was supposed to be on.

And of course, bin Laden really did admit responsibility. The reason he looked like another man who was of a rather heavier build when he changed his mind and said he did it, is that he celebrated his success by spending some of his ill-gotten profits from speculating on airline stocks. He went to a few fast food outlets near to his cave, had a facelift, and then had a reversal when he realised it hadn't made him better looking.

Then there is Khalid Sheikh Mohammed's confession. He was very well treated at Guantanamo Bay - he got all the water he needed.

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Especially all the sources of testimony for molten metal.

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