Lorie Van Auken's Speech In Front Of The NYC Ballot Initiative

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Lorie Van Auken in New York City, expressing frustration at the 9/11 Commission's lack of passion for the facts. Mrs. Van Auken, one of the prime forces involved in lobbying for the original 9/11 Commission, addresses her disappointment with its honesty and calls for a new investigation.

Real courage

What a gutsy woman.


Lorie Van Auken is lots of

Lorie Van Auken is lots of things, pieces of heart, brightness, work, fortitude and plain and simple good will. She incorruptible, a one in a million type of lady. She's also strong, proven by dealing with vast pain, larger than most because it's compounded by millions of Americans who have also felt pain by the loss of her husband and all the victims. They were our fellow citizens. Most of them certainly were good and decent people, many even better. I imagine like the sort of person Mr. Van Auken was like while he was here with us.