An Open Letter to The Economist Magazine

By Stephen Demetriou: The significance of molten metal in the basements of three completely separate, distinct collapse events...? Taken together with USGS findings of once-molten micro-spheres of molybdenum (pdf) (2726C) and iron (1500C), and RJLee's (pdf) study for the Deustche Bank damage assessment report, also finding once-molten micro-spheres of iron, but also boiled alumino-silicates (2750C) and vaporized lead (1740C), or Worchester Polytechnic Institutes fire investigatory study examining steel taken from the collapse site and finding "swiss cheese" like holes in inch thick steel flanges, with edges that curled like a scroll and thinned down to razor sharp edges...THIS taken with the maximum temperature of a controlled hydrocarbon burn in air of about 1200C, and the at least 118 eyewitness reports (pdf) of multiple, chaotic explosions throughout the buildings well prior to the collapse, carefully differentiated and categorized from the Oral Histories collected by the NYC Fire Commissioner's office... and the video and photographic documentation of explosive characteristics... and the seismic record of seismic events well in advance of the actual collapses... and the sulfidation of steel (FEMA), indicative of explosives residue, along with other residues common to variants of military type explosives... taken together there is some pretty hard, factual evidence behind the hypothesis that something other than damage, fire, and gravity completely collapsed those towers.

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Forgive me

for interjecting, but perhaps it would be useful to hire an insurance consultant to do an appraisal of the manner in which the WTC collapses were investigated from an insurance point of view. Was it a faked accident, or wasn't it? I'm sure a money bomb of some sort could raise the cash required.