Activist, Martial Law Expert on Dynamic Duo today, 4-6 pm CT Network 4 Call-in 8766-582-9933

My first-half-hour guest will be Bay Area activist Brad Newsham of , invited at listeners' request. Brad helped organize those amazing human impeachment signs made up of 1000-plus people on the beach.

During the rest of the show, I'll talk about martial law (and hopefully some 9/11 truth) with expert Harold Williams of Harold's wife supplied the following biography:

"He did 3 years in special forces in the late 60’s ( Studies and Observation Group). This was a black op’s group that worked in North Vietnam. Nearly all of them were wounded at least and most were killed. His last mission he refused to go because it was a suicide mission given to him by a temporary commanding officer on the aircraft carrier he was on in the Bay of Tonkin. He was then taken marched off the SEAL base in Cornado California with the clothes on his back. With no papers of any kind. A couple of years later the CIA came calling with a bag of money and passports. He worked for them for 3 years some of which was in 2 countries in Central America instigating Martial Law and then teaching troops how to enforce it. He is still technically in the military since to this day they will not give him his discharge papers.

He recently decided to write this book (How to Survive Martial Law) because he can see the same signs he saw in Central America. He knows how bloody and oppressive martial law is and feels an obligation to warn people to get ready. He saw the same resistance in San Salvador and complacency as he is seeing here. He knows what can and will happen. If is far worse than the average American can comprehend. The book is written with the average American citizen in mind. It is from the perspective of a highly trained combatant Harold Williams. He is not impressed with a arm citizenry because he can take a gun away from anyone in 2 sec. Harold knows how 2 good men can control a whole neighborhood of regular folks whether they have guns of not.

His biggest concern is for women and children because he has seen the piles of bodies. He knows both sides of the Martial Law issue. When you was young he bought into what the government told him. He says he was young and stupid back then.