Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Bill Douglas

In an interview recorded on January 17th, 2008, this episode of Visibility 9-11 welcomes 9-11 activist Bill Douglas.  Bill is one of the founders of the original 9-11 Visibility Project out of Kansas City and has written and lectured extensively about the 9-11 Cover-Up.

Bill has recently been helping to promote the new 9-11 truth novel, The Shell Game by Steve Alten, which comes highly recommended by Visibility 9-11.  If you missed the interview with Steve and his messages to the 9-11 Truth Movement, click here to learn why this is such an important book for our cause.

Music by Chris Jankoski.

The Book

The Shell Game

From Publishers Weekly
"Even die-hard conspiracy theorists will be dubious about the sinister government-led plots that form the shaky foundation of this political thriller. Alten, best-known for his gory novels featuring giant prehistoric sharks (Meg; The Trench), goes well beyond the already far-fetched idea that the Bush administration let the devastating 9/11 attacks happen to further the neoconservative agenda of reshaping the Middle East. In 2012, with centrist conservative David McKuin in the White House, the federal government plots to detonate a nuclear bomb in a U.S. city and blame Iran as a cover to take out that country's radical leadership. Standing in the plotters' way is Ace Futrell, an energy expert whose murdered wife was possibly targeted by U.S. intelligence. An awkward mix of actual and fictional political figures (Hillary Clinton is still in the Senate in 2012, having lost the 2008 election to McKuin) doesn't make this paranoid and superficial book more plausible."

Dear Publishers Weekly,




The above Publisher's Weekly hit on "The Shell Game" illustrates

The above Publisher's Weekly hit on "The Shell Game" illustrates EXACTLY why the 9/11 truth movement MUST get behind THE SHELL GAME !!

Normal corporate media that has supported Alten's "creature" novels in the past, are turning their backs on this, his most important novel, exposing 9/11 truth.


I commend your effort Bill

More of us could use your Zeal!

Thank You

I drove to Denver yesterday to view the showing of LOOSE CHANGE

For the Record:
I drove to Denver yesterday to view the showing of LOOSE CHANGE - FINAL CUT. I was able to talk with the three producers: Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, and Jason Bermas. They are all three just great guys and nothing more than just, great, neat, ordinary guys. Anyway, I asked all three what their thoughts were regarding "The Shell game." ALL three used the word "AWESOME!" They said they push the book 'all the time' and they understand the importance of getting "The Shell Game" high up on the best seller lists. They also said Steve Alten is a good guy with whom they speak with often.

By the way, "Loose Change -- Final Cut" is excellent.

I found this comment from Michael Ruppert to a previous post:

Steve's book is a gripping, fire-breathing, page-turning novel that the great Robert Ludlum would envy. Both books convey exactly the same message: that the world is running out of oil fast; that human civilization hangs in the balance; and that the US government used this crisis as a rationale for perpetrating the attacks of 9-11 and (very likely) attacks yet to come.

Why? The American people would never allow their sons and daughters to be used and sacrificed as bloody oil conquistadors unless we could call ourselves victims.-- We are victims, but not that kind.

Steve's absolute genius is in his ability to make the unpalatable irresistible. It lies also in his ability to separate research "ice cream" from research "bs". "Children", hucksters and some with more sinister motives have hijacked the so-called 9-11 "truth movement." That clear thinking is what makes "The Shell Game" slice through consciousness and reach the soul like a hot scalpel through butter. Steve takes us into a terrifying future as though he were reading a military GPS locator.

"The Shell Game" is a novel and a ticking time bomb for the psyche. It is the red pill from "The Matrix". Steve has brilliantly created a masterpiece that is going to rock the planet while entertaining and teaching millions at the same time. I applaud both his genius and also what I see as his divine inspiration.

Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil

-- Michael C. Ruppert