Brian Burchill from the Victoria 9/11 Truth is interviewed by Shaw TV

Brian Burchill from the Victoria 9/11 Truth is interviewed by Shaw TV. Visit for more info about the group.

Good Work Mr. Burchill and Huzza! Victoria 9/11 Truth

It is good to see local cable noticing 9/11 truth in their communities.

I noticed a few responses from Dr. Jason Colby that I run into when I screen films or talk to people

1. Bush's record of accomplishment proves he is incompetent: unable to plan such a dastardly deed.

Well, yes, but don`t you think there are others helping to run the country?

2. We do not know what jet fuel would do to a building.

Well, yes, we do using basic physics and common sense and yes, if you are asking for questions to be answered, we need to “pull the thumb out” and answer these questions.

Here is a quick equation I put on a board when I screen a film to a group of people
Approx. 100,000 tons of steel divided by approx. 10,000 gallons of jet fuel
= 1 gallon of jet fuel for every 10 tons of steel

Does it seem reasonable that a building should collapse with this in mind?

Finally we have to, under basic questions like these, provoke those who make such statements to be made aware that answering a question with “we don’t know” , especially by Doctors at a large Canadian University, constitutes an embarrassing lack of curiosity.

I think we have to keep asking people to use their own judgement and ask themselves, Does it seem reasonable?

Bill Polonsky
"The evidence is there no matter how much you don't want it to be."

Yes, that Dr. Colby is being much too tentative in his remarks.

No plane struck WTC-7 & it imploded in a controlled demolition. Pools of molten metal were found under all three WTC buildings in question, when jet fuel cannot reach anywhere near the temperature to do this. An airliner with a 125' wingspan disappeared through a 16' initial impact hole at the Pentagon...

It was an inside job! Case closed.

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Based on Dr. Colby's deep,

Based on Dr. Colby's deep, well researched and profound analysis, I would have to say that we would all immediately qualify for honorary doctorates. His ignorance of the commission itself and its history is truly astounding. A hurried rush to judgment? I don't think so. He needs to be reminded that it took over a year to form the commission itself. Sadly, I believe that it is ignorant so-called educated people like this who essentially poison society with their toxic parroting of regurgitated "mainstream talking points". There is just so much work to do...congrats Mr. Burchill for your appearance and eloquent interview.

all technical stuff

all technical stuff aside...

I very much appreciate the class and high level of professionalism that Vic911Truth brings to the table. This is what we need in Canada (and in the movement as a whole). Not confrontations, screaming, ranting and raving, Walmart hijackings etc. You have set a fine example for others to follow.

Congrats Vic911Truth ! ...Fraser Valley 9/11 Truth ...Civil Information!

Excellent video clip...Victoria 9/11 Truth

It's a great clip which portrays Burchill's inability to sit by when it's become clear to him that something's wrong with the OCT served up for mass consumption about 9/11!

It's a very professional presentation and dings any teflon coating that remains on the OCT! Thanks for posting the video clip!

...don't believe them!