Able Danger premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival?

Are the programmers at Tribeca committed to advancing a 911 agenda? They have developed a '911 Category' at the Festival this year and The film Able Danger has been entered to this year's festival and would be an obvious pick. It is a noir homage 911 conspiracy theory femme fatale driven noir thriller filmed in New York, Brooklyn, Tribeca and based around a New Yorker Patriot who runs a little cafe-bookstore-micropoublisher ( in Flatbush.

Able Danger played in Rotterdam to 3 sold out shows of 400 in attendance and the Q&A with the director went on until the movie theater had to shut it down.

Now you could say that the Dutch are just smarter than the Americans, but I don't think so.
I think this country and especially this city is hungry for this film. It could be a catalyst to the tipping point,

Able Danger Director Paul Krik reported to this blogger directly that,
"Tribeca would be the perfect backdrop for this film premiere, the Festival literally exists because of, and in response to, 911. The Festival itself is memorialized in controversy. "

Mr. Krik is referring of course to

For the record, the film title refers to project Able Danger. for more information on that, these two sources are most compelling;
Webster Tarpley's position

and a collection of Able Danger news clips that made it into mainstream media before Congressman Curt Weldon was publicly maligned and lost his seat ;

and here's the link to the website and the trailer, flash required.

Federal Bureau ????????????????????

Oh yea doesn't the FBI stand for the Federal Bureau of Israel.
Was lucky Larry part of this able danger? I bet Able Danger put those explosive in the buildings.
Oh Yea all those Israeli they caught after 911 with explosives, dancing, documenting and dressed up as Muslims. Were they all part of able danger?

I guarantee if you pull back the curtain and see who is pulling these strings of Able Danger it will be Neo Cons Like Pearle, Wolfowitz Abrams ,Kissinger etc.

The Dutch documentary ON AIPAC The Israel Lobby:

what nonsense

"the JOOOOOS did it" is a popular meme for discrediting legitimate 911 Truth movement research.

Thanks for the link to the AIPAC doc....

The Dutch AIPAC documentary is well worth the time.

It's clear, at the very least, there's a huge blind spot in U.S. foreign policy and AIPAC is a big reason. It's an intellectual fallacy to equate Anti-Semitism with Israel.

MOSSAD, is simply, another out of control intelligence agency that has complex relations with other foreign services such as the CIA and MI6. It's also clear, these agencies are corrupt beyond the imagination!

Mearsheimer's assertion Israel is a strategic liability merits consideration without prejudice.

John J. Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt's controversial work:

"The Israel Lobby"

...don't believe them!


Who is talking about JOOOOOS but you. dumb ass. There is a big diffrence between religion and criminals in our government.. Figure it out

Why the promotion of fiction

Why the promotion of fiction when the facts are available. It serves as a distraction. It's like watching the movie Flight 93 instead of watching 911 Press for Truth. The problem with so many Americans is that their brains have gone soft from watching too much fiction. Also, this movie looks to be an intimidation tactic for any truther. I doubt I will see this movie. Anyway, the real facts about the Able Danger program are out there.

Sander Hicks

This is another Sander Hicks promoted event. you know - the same Hicks who actively promotes Jim Fetzer.

i learned a looooong time ago, when Hicks single-handedly scuttled a 9/11 Truth event at Riverside Church in NYC ( with Scott Ritter speaking) - that Hicks is in the business of making us look bad.

The list of films to be screened won't be put on this website until March 25th.

Every Piece that Contributes to the Unraveling...

should be celebrated.


so is that character is supposed to be Sander Hicks?

has Sander ever really been picked up by the Feds, or was that part of the fiction?

wish they'd have stuck to non-fiction...