Ray McGovern And Cynthia McKinney

Source: mtrnews.com

Thanks for postng this

We had a great time with them.

No problem...

They are two of my favorite people. For those that are concerned about Ray's well being, he is being treated, and says he is doing ok. I told him he's not allowed to go anywhere for a good 40-50 years.

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Great interview

Thanks for doing this and posting it. Wonderful to see these two fine people talking sense and humanity. Truly inspirational, and more effective actually than speeches or articles, of which there are so many, because you can see people as they really are, speaking without a script. More of the same! Of course it helps if the people are well known, but the same thing can be done with "ordinary" people. It would be a good way to expand people's horizons, for them to see that it is good and reasonable to talk about stuff--instead of keeping their heads stuck in their mainstream media behinds as our oppressors wish. People need people to look at and say, "Hey, s/he's a lot like me, and s/he makes sense. Maybe I'll start speaking up too."


yep I agree

that's why there is this mini story that goes with the vid we did...