9/11 Truth Norway

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Open Letter to the Press

Dear Editor / Journalist,

We have now started 9/11 Truth Norway, and we ask you to consider the following argument for a re-opening of the issue in the Norwegian press.

The OCT Illusion
Many media professionals feel that the Official Conspiracy Theory (OCT) about September 11 stands firmly on solid ground. We will show that this is not the case, and that its support as well as the OCT itself is indeed an illusion.

Physically Impossible Stories about the Collapse of the Towers
OCT draws support from reports that clock the fall time of the Twin Towers at less than 15 seconds. This implies a slowdown compared to free-fall of no more than 5 seconds, or less than 5 hundredths per floor. Such a minute slowdown is utterly unlikely from just a fire, because it would mean that thousands of support points would have to fail at the same time, so that there were no resistance left against the collapse in the building structure.

Deliberate Political Foot-Dragging and Cover-Up With Shockingly Un-Scientific Methods
OCT is a political construct that allegedly draws firm support from commissions and scientific reports. In reality, authorities dragged their feet for a shocking 411 days before the launch of the investigation, and the reports about the tower collapses are still not concluded (December 2007). Those reports that are released, are science frauds of the worst kind: A 10,000 page NIST report on the collapse of the Twin Towers describes everything but the very collapse of the Twin Towers. NIST even admits this, they have described the planes and the resulting fires, but skipped the collapses as such, which were the core of NIST’s assignment. Total collapse was inevitable, is what they write instead. A thoroughly foot-dragged, announced-to-be-published paper about the current OCT explanation ’progressive collapse’, admits having made the serious and deliberate error of ignoring 1) all lateral acceleration of matter during the collapse, and 2) all impulsive action between the floors during the collapse. In other words: When all that usually keeps the floors, ceilings and walls of a skyscraper in place, is ignored entirely, then the scientist manages to do the maths and make it all tumble down in less than 15 seconds. This isn’t mathematics; this is magic and make-believe. The unifying approach of these horrifyingly rude reports seems to be to drown the reader in so much spam and such sensational omissions or methodical errors that the reader is left to blink and think that there must be something there that he did not get.

Trivialising and Psychologising the Debate in the Norwegian Press
The OCT is about our foremost ally’s official version of the events, and this becomes obvious when OCT is debated in the Norwegian press. The framing of the articles and the features is that the OCT skeptics are dim, paranoid and generally gullible. It’s taken for granted that the Official Conspiracy Theory is correct, while all who contradict it are tagged as conspiracy theorists. The debate is highly influenced by being taboo territory, where a certain politically crafted final solution already exists, one that everybody has to obey. A deeply serious debate on by far the most important political event since World War 2 – and with far-reaching consequences for our open and democratic societies – is thus made into a mock debate about a weird hobby on the Internet. And meanwhile the viewer and reader figures of the traditional media plummet, and the trust in politicians in many countries is at a record low. The societal role of the press is of old to reveal, and editors and journalists should truly be able to have a field day with this subject.

Opinion Polls and a Multitude of Views in the Media
Several countries have conducted opinion polls on people’s support or skepticism of the OCT. Depending on the wording of the question and when and where the polls are conducted, resulting figures are in the range of 30 to 80% for the OCT skeptics. We think such vast population groups must now also be taken seriously in Norwegian media, and the doubts many share about OCT definitively deserve some ink and a balanced coverage. Simply rejecting the skeptics as dim isn’t good enough; it’s time to change the record.


Lykke Til!

Lykke Til!

Norway, with a population of less than 5 million, is one of the worlds richest countries (oil wealth). It also has a well educated population with a social contract worth taking a look at. Money talks, however, so it will be interesting to see how this small country can influence others once it wakes up to the truth.