Navy Vessel Made From Twin Towers, Military Remembers Sept. 11 with USS New York

Navy Vessel Made From Twin Towers

Military Remembers Sept. 11 with USS New York

If you still claim these Conspiracies are "Theories" then they are at least plausible theories which is a lot more than can be said about the 9-11 Commission report. The steel they whisked away from the site without official investigation contains not only the bodies of the people our government murdered, but also the thermate used to murder the bulk of them. Parading the USS New York out is merely a parade to show the sovereignty that lies between government and media while celebrating how little We The People matter at all. If anyone has a single shred of evidence to show that the WTC fell over due to plane impact or subsequent fire, please share it. If anyone can explain why building 7 fell over other than controlled demolition, we anxiously await your information, if anyone believes a plane hit the pentagon on 9-11, please show us ANY conclusive evidence or film of the plane from any of the 37 cameras that day. But unfortunately for us thinking people our ideas are burned at the steak like scientists and "witches" of old by people who operate on blind faith. Faith that a government for the people, by the people, and under god is protecting them if they are good, pay taxes, and pray. If they would just do a little research, educate themselves past the pittance of an education our government was paid to provide them they would see that with out a doubt when held to the light of science the explanations given by our government and people blamed for the events of 9-11 are absolutely impossible. Once exposed to a historical account of man we see that these deceptions have controlled the feeble minded since recorded history began. So call me a conspiracy theorist if you choose, yell it loud so that thinking people can easily identify you as the livestock you have allowed yourself to become.

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Absolutely pathetic!

Whose sick idea was this to make a ship out of a crime scene?

They should test it for thermate.

They should also test for

They should also test for the victims remains as it's abhorrently grotesque to have that machine of war as a reminder to a "battle cry" for more war. The way they illegally cleared the "crime scene", the collapses of the steel, after 9/11 by itself is a federal crime that no one has been held accountable for.

I suppose it's appropriate to have a warship made from the

remains of a false-flag attack that allowed the government to get more money to make more warships and wage more wars. Just one big sick cycle of death and destruction.

I hope it collapses

The neocons got just what they wanted all the way around.

The only...

good part of the article was the comment at the end. The truth is spreading, and nothing can stop it.
Americans are'nt stupid. They just put too much faith in a media , and the politicians that sold them out to corporate greed a very long time ago .

I agree.

Pls post your 911 comments on the ABC news forums. They seem to get through at least for a while.

Does not seem to have any overt form of censorship, at least for now, so we can get the word out.


The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

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