'Incompetent' Criticism: 9/11, Phillip Shenon and the Biggest Lie in History

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I'll cut to the chase: the cover up of 9/11 was all about hiding incompetence; that is the opinion of Philip Shenon (NY Times) and the gaggle of book reviewers who promote his tome over at Big Media.

Let's make the crucial distinction up front:

It's not "incompetence"
if done intentionally.

This unthinkable concept has never made it up to the editors and reporters of America's well-paid professional journalism class. There can only be unintentional incompetence, and never purposeful malfeasance: never agency of treason.

Such myths would be comforting if there weren't a long and despicable history of such government crimes to draw upon -- something professional journalists are supposed to be aware of, yet never seem to write about.

"SHENON: It does appear that above Richard Clarke there wasn't much interest in the subject. The new President saw terrorism as sort of a Clinton Administration issue that they weren't interested in. Bush Administration was interested in missile defense, American relationship with Russia and China, rogue states like Korea and Iraq; they just couldn't [get] their arms around this concept of terrorism. And, many people would argue, we all paid a price
for that." -Philip Shenon Interview, February 23, 2008

To accept this official "incompetence theory" of 9/11 requires a suspension of disbelief that boggles the mind.

Several important developments:

September 2000: The Project for a New American Century writes favorably
about a "catastrophic and catalyzing event, like a new Pearl Harbor." This is signed by Rumsfeld, Cheney, Perle, Wolfowitz, Jeb Bush, Elliott Abrams and other Bushies.

May 8, 2001: Dick Cheney placed in charge of counterterrorism training. He has never been called to account for his actions in that role, specifically the numerous rescheduled war games running simultaneously during the actual 9/11 attacks.

June 1st 2001: "Air Piracy" regulations rewritten, evidently contributing to the slowdown of fighter response on 9/11, where Secretary of Defense "approval" is never granted to launch interceptors to defend New York or the Pentagon from air attack.

July 20, 2001: Bush and entourage moved out of high rise hotel because of alleged threat of suicide skyjacking in Genoa Italy. Presidential party sent to secure undisclosed location in response to assassination threat.

August 6, 2001: "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in US."

So many additional warnings made it to the top of the government that there is a farcical quality, a level of absurdity to the statements of white house officials that alleged serious journalists accept at face value. One cannot look at such a mountain of evidence of guilt, of complicity, and just pretend that conclusion does not exist. The Bush team have been notoriously suspicious, and they should be removed and investigated for complicity in the attacks. Inthe real world, the suspected perps aren't allowed to investigate themselves,or to control the release of incriminating evidence! The 9/11 farce has such a surreal quality, removed from the real world, that it's difficult to explain the gullibility of people like Shenon.

The book's reviews focus on Zelikow and Rice, two insiders that really should have waited through the 9/11 Commission proceedings in seperate cells, and not as spinmeisters for the official theory of the attacks. Much hay is made by Shenon that Zelikow and Rice are both liars, and not to be believed -- but this as presented as inconsequential. You see, the only thing they were hiding was incompetence. It's a very neat little package, and it has no bearing on the truth whatsoever.

Other fine writers have critiqued the "omissions and distortions" of the 9/11 Commission Report since the moment it was released in 2004. Let's recap some of what got nowhere near that report:

1) Sec. Transportation Norman Mineta's testimony contradicted Dick Cheney's
claim about the Vice President's actions that day. Clearly, the PEOC was monitoring "the plane coming into the pentagon" yet no orders to scramble interceptors, or to fire surface to air missiles in defense of the Pentagon are seen.

2) NORAD and FAA headquarters apparently obstructed fighter response, and did not directly issue scramble orders as threats were known.

3) Sec. Defense Rumsfeld was missiing in action during the entire crucial period of the 9/11 attacks. As the June 1st "Joint Chiefs of Staff Instruction" concerning "Air Piracy" required Secretary of Defense "approval" before launching any interceptors at all, this conspicuous lack of "approval"apparently aided and abetted the attacking aircraft, making Rumsfeld and his enablers a party to treason.

4) The head of Pakistani intelligence was linked in the press to wire transfers to alleged "lead hijacker" Mohammad Atta. Not one word explains these press reports.

5) Approximately 200 Israeli agents were detained before and after the 9/11 attacks including several who were filming the first plane impact the first tower, and who then celebrated this event with such zeal that police were notified.

6) The claimed main source for the 9/11 Commission Report, Khalid Sheikh Mohammad, was reported killed in a gun battle in Pakistan before his alleged capture. No positive identification has ever proven that the US government holds the actual suspects it claims.

7) The crucial steel evidence from the World Trade Center buildings was illegally and feloniously shipped off to Asia as "scrap" when the forensic analysis is crucial to any understanding of what happened. Other anomalies like "vaporized steel", observed "pools of molten steel,"and "warping" which required excessivley high temperatures are unexplainable in the official "fire collapse" narrative.

8) The Venice Florida flight school (which allegedly "trained" Atta and others to fly) "Huffman Aviation" was linked to heroin trafficking from South America -- and no legal prosecutions ensued after the "largest drug bust in Central Florida history." Other aircraft have
since been caught trafficking tons of cocaine with links to both CIA front
companies and to the same Venice Florida airport.

Yeah, I could make these lists all day long. The top dog "investigative journalists" like Philip Shenon aren't interested. They are conspicuously uninterested in some of the most damning facts about 9/11. This leads me to distrust them, and to keep seeking information elsewhere.

Someone once said...

“These people are not incompetent, they wanted to go to war, they went to war; they wanted to make billions for their corporate friends, they managed to make billions for their corporate friends.” The person who said that is extremely good looking, and a nice guy to boot. :D

That being said, I think Shenon's information can still be "used" to a certain extent. People trust what is considered "mainstream". If they read from Shenon that Zelikow had closer ties to the White House (and especially hear that the families called for his resignation at the time of the commission), then that may open up people's minds to other things. Like what you have cited. I don't trust him either incidentally.

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MP3 Audio Clip - Jon Stewart & Philip Shenon

Tuesday February 12, 2008
Jon Stewart hosted the New York Times' Philip Shenon on Monday night to discuss his new book, The Commission: An Uncensored history of the 9/11 Commission and credits Philip Zelicow, 9/11 Commission Director, for the 9/11 Commission Report which he says "is in many ways the most definitive account Of 9/11" and "is easily the most beautifully written government document of our lifetimes, and Zelicow is largely responsible for that fact, but there's alot of things they missed . . . .barf ad nauseam."

* source = http://www.thedaleyshow.com

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Another Bill Maher, minus the vitriol

Knowing him only from YouTube clips and the Academy Awards, I had little idea before that the reputedly iconoclastic Stewart was such a suck-up to power. What a vacuous mush-brain he appears here.

Shenon says here, and I quote verbatim:

"It [the 9/11 Commission Report] is in many ways still the definitive account of 9/11."

That pretty much sums up what Shenon is about. The report isn't just good, it's "definitive". Yeah, there was some administration ass-covering going on (when isn't there?), but it got all the big things right, and in considerable detail too, Shenon would have us believe.

And Zelikow is a fine historian, exceptionally well-qualified. Doggone it, he shouldn't've taken those calls from Rice and Rove, because it gives off the impression that he's compromised. (Never mind that Zelikow wouldn't talk to hundreds of important witnesses.)

I'm going to save my money and not fatten the pocketbooks of Project Mockingbird agent Shenon and his similarly controlled New York publishing establishment.

Shocker !...........

A judge ruled in favor of Fox when it was sued by a few former employee's. They were fired for insisting on reporting the truth on steriods given to dairy cows which makes them produce more milk.
The steriods, come to find out were only tested for a month on rats, and it was sliped through the FDA.
The point of the story?
Pretty F**ked up huh?


As stated before, They've murdered a million people and stolen a trillion dollars (Make that more like three trillion now), so how's that for competence.

Like a fox

The old expressions "dumb like a fox" and "crazy like a fox" need to be updated to "incompetent like a fox."

Reported like a fox, of course, for that newspaper-of-record like a fox.

The only incompetent one is

Shenon. But what can you expect when he works for the NYT.


Oh, no, he's very competent at carrying out orders.

I don't understand how

I don't understand how anyone can believe an "incompetence" cover-up explanation. 9/11 happened. We all saw it. Systems and individuals "failed." Kindasleazy's testimony before the Commission exposed her for all the world to see. Zelikow has been exposed for limiting the Commission's scope and for collusion with the White House. The nominal co-chairs have admitted their own incompetence in extracting relevant information. What incompetence is being covered up? Every one of the agencies and known players are hanging out there with their trousers around their ankles and have been since the morning of 9/11. Who wouldn't choose to be considered incompetent rather than criminally resonsible? But where's the cover-up? 9/11 happened.

US intelligence and the military always want the problems to be blamed on amorphous incompetence. It increases their budgets and keeps the highest perps protected. Every once in a while a recognized figure or two must be thrown under the bus, but they are often pardoned or rehabilitated later (such as in the lucrative radio careers of Ollie North and Gordon Liddy, or the return of Iran Contra scumbags to political influence).

Yet once again they run the incompetence flag up the pole and ask everyone to salute it. Do you wonder why no one seemed to care that Bush appears dumber than a box of rocks -- and why the "left" have spent so much time burnishing that image? Worked for Reagan, too.

A method to the (seeming) madness

There's good reason for this NY Times "reporter" and the colleagues who promote him to come out now with these tales of "incompetence."

Up until recently, Project Mockingbird (CIA control of the major MSM) etc. haven't wanted to challenge the 9/11 Commission or the Bush administration's handling of 9/11 at any level because it could've blown up into widespread voter demand for 9/11 reinvestigation.

But, now that Bush is leaving office in less than a year, it doesn't matter if he ends up painted as incompetent. (Bush and his cronies can, like Liberace, cry all the way to the bank.) The next, AIPAC-certified president can simply ascribe 9/11 anomalies to his/her predecessor's "incompetence," and who wants to "divert" the nation from "the critical issues it faces" by dwelling on a past administration's incompetence?

Whitewash of a Whitewash...

On a positive take, Shenon seems employed as a sort of whitewash of a whitewash. It signals a redoubling of efforts and infer the Empire must feel a need for an additional bandaid? The 9/11 Commission Report just didn't get the job done!

I suppose, the Empire throws Shenon's book out there to distract with detail in the hope the reader will miss the much larger picture of how the Bush regime so obviously stalled any investigation and only met with investigators together (Bush and Cheney) and without being sworn under oath! There's no stink here, please move along!

The Bush Regime borders on a surreal madness at times!

Whitewash of a Whitewash, Shenon...
...can't believe him!

Yes, allans, it is

a typical neocon machiavellian foreign policy establishment ploy, which will work for many. You agree, only finally to disagree. It's so transparent.

I would like to see a list of the criminals and their roles in the 9-11 plot. For example, it appears that Clarke was not one, because he was 1. demoted by Rice, probably in preparation for the 9-11 event; 2) he actually gave them a warning; how naive! Rice, however, is implicated, as of course is Cheney. Has anyone put together a scenario as to who are the guilty parties and why? I'd love to know.

The 9-11 Commission itself is really a document to justify a list a measures to become 9-law. The Commission continued its existence even after their report was issued, and pushed such a laundry list for Congress to put into law. Since their mandate was over, they must have been funded by someone else. Where was their funding coming from? It's highly irregular for such a commission to continue to exist after its mandate has come to an end.

IMO the conflict was somewhat staged

Clarke vs. Rice was likely intended to divide the public into the usual D vs. R cheerleading squads.

IMO the Juy 10 meeting is the smoking gun that shows that Rice, Tenet and Clarke are all full of it. This meeting also indicates that incompetence is simply not a plausible rationale. At best this meeting suggests Tenet, Clarke and Rice are guilty of criminal negligence.

a redoubling of efforts

I agree.

We Must Redouble Ours


Whitewash of a Black Heart

Jon Stewart even sucked-up to this book promo and let Shenon get away with more murder with a parting comment that the 911 report was "beautifully written".

WEBSITE: http://gators911truth.org
YOUTUBE: http://youtube.com/Hsaive
FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=7719073279

quoting from p. 118 of "The Commission"

"The conspiracy theories about 9/11 began to circulate long before the ashes had stoped smoldering at ground zero. That was no surprise. After an event as horrifying and -- to the public -- unexpected as 9/11, the darkest theories about its cause did not seem beyond belief. But by the time the 9/11 commission opened its doors in 2003, many of the most outrageous, if well circulated, of the theories -- that the attacks were an inside job by the Bush Administration, that the Twin Towers were brought down by preplaced explosives, that the Pentagon was hit by a missile and not a plane -- had been well debunked."

p.s. re: whitewash of a whitewash

It might make sense to put together a list of the things that Shenon didn't discuss. For example, I haven't seen him refer to Building 7 yet. Has anyone else? In addition, did Shenon explore the funding and other financial angles at any length? I haven't seen that yet, either, and that would be especially curious given that Shenon was identified by Patrick Fitzgerald as having made a phone call to a charity after the attacks that effectively tipped them off that their funding and other operations were of investigative interest. Has that latter story been fleshed out anywhere?


= summarily dismissed.

I, too, have noted that quote on p. 118 with bemused disgust

I'm almost done reading the book, which has taken alot of effort on my part as I do not enjoy reading such obvious propaganda ("serious" non-fiction without footnotes? PLEASE!), especially when there are far more enlightening books to read.

When I finish reading the book I will post a blog on it here. Until then, I would point out the following:

Mr. Shenon's focus is on the commission, its inner workings and its findings. This allows him to limit himself to only writing about the subjects covered by the commission during its "investigation" and thus provides him with ready made cover for anything outside those parameters. This simple logic allows for an elegant (if unsatisfying to us) compartmentalization of subject material and provides him with an easy out when asked uncomfortable questions regarding the events of 9/11/01 not covered by the commission (e.g. WTC 7).

However, working within these contrived limitations, we still have plenty of fertile ground to plow and sow the seeds of truth. Three examples immediately come to mind, they are:

1) The 2 1/2 hours of commission testimony given by William Rodriguez.

2) The 3 1/2 hours of commission testimony given by Sibel Edmonds.

3) Shenon's complete cover-up of the well-documented facts regarding the FBI's involvement in the 1993 WTC bombing.

As the subtitle of the book is THE UNCENSORED HISTORY OF THE 9/11 INVESTIGATION we can rightly take him to task for these obvious and glaring omissions (I will be posting more in my future blog, btw). I would encourage anyone who has the opportunity to point out these three obvious examples of blatant censorship to do so.

Finally, as this book briefly made it well up the NYT's bestseller list (higher than THE SHELL GAME, I hasten to add), there should be numerous copies in bookstores in which we can place 9/11 truth information (The "11 remarkable facts" cards being my favorite, Deception Dollars a close second) to help spread the word and counter this obvious propaganda. It's great fun and I have yet to be ejected from Borders! (devilish grin)

Keep up the great work, brothers and sisters! If nothing else, books like Shenon's tell us that we are making serious progress and we can see the obvious propaganda pushback all around us.

The truth shall set us free. Love is the only way forward.

your upcoming blog entry

Looking forward to your blog entry, LeftWright. Go get 'em. Have fun.

Gullible like a fox

johndoraemi writes:

"The 9/11 farce has such a surreal quality, removed from the real world, that it's difficult to explain the gullibility of people like Shenon."

He's not gullible. He's an agent of the CIA and/or Mossad, as his employer, The New York Times, is institutionally an agent of both. His book is a disinformation piece, and segments of the MSM are under orders to promote it.

The gullible people here, as planned by these perpetrators, are news readers targeted to buy into this baloney, now assured that 9/11 was just another goof-up by that stumbling, bumbling Bush.

If that's true....

why did so many people fawn over it, like it was the latest greatest thing to happen? Truly, what good can come from the Times, which rails against the wall while their CIA agent on staff (Judith Miller) gets outed, and now they have a new one, Shenon. You know, btw, that the reporters at the Times are trained by the CFR. That's a fact. Training sessions run jointly by The New York Times Foundation and the CFR.

I'm not sure I get your point

I suspect that these MSM types are fawning over it because it superficially seems to let them off the hook: They don't have to defend the obviously indefensible Bush administration's 9/11 behavior anymore, but can use this book to worm out of examining the evidence that 9/11 was a false flag operation.

That, plus Project Mockingbird-type orders were presumably passed down that major media outlets are to promote this diversionary book and its author. (While never reviewing anything by or interviewing David Ray Griffin, for example. Yet another order passed down.)


he's afraid . . . he came out strong that week and then began retreating as illustrated by the audio clip above.