AirAmerica host Richard Greene endorses NYC 911 Ballot Initiative

AirAmerica radio host Richard Greene offers support for the NYC 911 Initiative - Part 1/3;

Great Post

Richard Greene is spot on.
The last two posts are hopefully a sign the tables are starting to turn.

Part 2

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Maybe Richard Greene Can Penetrate Some Numb Skulls.


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MP3 Audio Clip - Richard Greene

Friday February 22, 2008
Air America's Richard Greene (Clout) talks to Les Jamieson about the NY 9/11 Ballot Initiative

(Clip - 2.6 Meg - 9 Minutes )

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Saturday February 16, 2008
Air America Radio Host Richard Greene replays statements by Keith Obermann, Robert Wexler and John Conyers regarding the Bush administration's attempt to gain immunity via legislation for the telecoms who have illegally listened to our phone calls and read our emails.

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Saturday February 16, 2008
Investigative American reporter Greg Palast tells Richard Greene who is funding Clinton, Obama and McCain. The proverbial men behind the curtains.

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Tuesday December 4, 2007
Richard Greene, Host of Air America's Clout, Discusses HR1955, Home Grown Terrorism Bill and Jane Harman

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Saturday August 25, 2007
Air America Host Richard Greene Speaks With David Ray Griffin

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Parts 2 and 3 are absolutely dead-on. It's very encouraging that people are beginning to understand --and discuss-- nuance in approach without being ostracized for their so-called "softness". Intelligence in dealing with another, as in dealing truthfully with one's self, is key --the event, let us remember, was designed and executed in part to appeal to that which is apolitical in human nature...

Let's hope Mainstream Media will be also be able to address the

following issues. Will AirAmerica host Richard Greene ever look into this?

SPEAKING OUT - Israeli Soldiers speak of 9/11

US Media Provides the Treasonous Ignorance Americans Need to Enable Another 9/11.

The CONSTITUTION is NOT going to "collapse" into pulverized dust no matter how much thermate/explosives or planes they throw at it

Listen to his show and call in

I did and we talked about the history of false flag attacks . . . . Richard believes in free speech.

Air America needs our voices...

I called into "Ring of Fire" with Mike Papantonio and he was more than willing to talk about PNAC and their plans for global domination prior to September 11th. It is worth having this number available to call in periodically when you are feeling strong or vocal.

Air America RAdio: (866) 303-2270

And email Richard Greene to tell him the importance of an informed public...

Or Air America in general...