Message to huffpo

If you read my previous post re huffpo, then this will make sense.

I really had the shits with these guys so I got on their grizzle circuit and sent them the following:

"Even when you host an article regarding the 9/11 false flag crime, you don't have the balls to allow free discussion on it.

None of my posts are ever abusive or wide-eyed anarchy. I just want to introduce discussion on this issue where its appropriate.

I entertain no hope that you'll make any changes, I just want you to know that the number of people who are ignorant of this crime [and your part in its cover-up] is diminishing.

There will be a 'Nuremburg'. Will you be in the dock?"

It won't make any difference, but I feel a bit better now. :-)

HuffPo is a weird site re: 9/11 truth

Years ago they didn’t allow any 9/11 truth; then for a while they did.

About a year ago, they would not post my messages about most top Democrats being in collusion with most top Republicans!? I gave up with HuffPo after that.

Consider mass emailing truth messages. More info here: